Fire TV Stick now $24.99 at Best Buy (Update: Staples sale also live) [Expired]

The Fire TV Stick sale at Best Buy is now live. If you can’t wait for your Amazon order to ship, you can get the device for $24.99 online and instore. The sale is expected to last throughout the week, but I don’t expect online stock to last long, so get in early. Staples is also supposed to offer the Fire TV Stick for $24 this week but, as of yet, their sale has not started.


The Staples sale is now live. The price on the website may still say $39, but it will be $24 once you start to checkout. Be warned, Staples seems to have significantly less stock (about 6 per store) than Best Buy (about 80 per store), so it may be worth paying the extra $0.99 at Best Buy in order to avoid delays. There is a limit of 5 at Best Buy and a limit of 2 at Staples.

  1. Y314K says:

    Staples price is now live. There is a limit of 2 per order.

  2. itbedave says:

    I ordered 4 more from for local pickup later today. I checked Staples website – and even though advertised at $24, when you get them in the cart, it only takes $9 off the price ($30 each) AND limits you to a total of 2 units. When selecting local pickup options, EVERY store in my surrounding area (about 10 stores) showed ONLY a stock of 6 units per store!

    So, if you are planning on getting one TODAY – I’d suggest ordering online on NOW for local pickup as chances are Staples stock will be quickly depleted today.

  3. NewlyRooted says:

    Thanks for the heads up..

    Snagged 2 @ bestbuy
    Store opens at 11am
    $53.xx store pickup
    Feels good man
    Great site. Btw

  4. Troks says:

    The option to order online and pickup at store is available. In Charlotte, NC Best Buy has 20 left Staples has 5.

  5. Bruce says:

    Picked one up at Best Buy here in the Portland area. The gal at the check-out said she’d sold a lot of them today.

  6. BillH says:

    I just got mine from staples for $24 today. Now I have 2 rooted fire tv and 1 fire tv stick. I would rather have a fire tv but for the $24 price, I couldn’t pass up the deal and it is nice to have a portable option. Now I gotta set this fire tv stick up though. Hopefully it is similar to the fire tv xbmc setup. You could check how many are available at your local staples, buy it online and just choose pickup option. Mine was available for pickup in 40 minutes after ordering. The weird thing is that I didn’t see any available inside the store even though the site said 6 was left but I got my online order though.

  7. Geoluv says:

    The Staples I went to in Greenpoint BK had like 30, probably more. I got two, waiting for sale to end to return the one I bought at BB on launch day for $40. All the staples and bbs in NYC got tons it seems. I’m thinking $24 is just gunna be the price from now on and after New Years it will be $19.99.

  8. ponghclub says:

    pick up one at stable at $24 and test it along with rooted fiveTV. It update to latest firmware and work very well. I sideload my apps to it most work(tvmc, videomix,….) except browser can not use remote to navigate…..

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