Fire TV Stick may receive update to Fire OS 5 tomorrow, October 22nd

Fire OS 5, the new version of the Fire TV operating system, has gotten off to a rough start. Numerous bugs have caused Amazon to divert all new Fire TVs into a massive internal bug testing pool to help Amazon’s engineers speed up the bug fixing effort. But Amazon may have a dilemma on their hands. The new Fire TV Stick bundle, which includes a voice remote, will begin arriving on customer’s doorsteps tomorrow, October 22nd. One of the key features advertised for the new bundle is the Alexa voice assistant. Since Alexa requires Fire OS 5, there’s no doubt these new bundles will come with Fire OS 5 pre-installed from the factory. Since the Fire TV Stick in this new bundle is identical to the one in the non-voice remote bundle that’s already in customer’s homes, it could mean Amazon will be forced to release Fire OS 5 tomorrow for all Fire TV Sticks. It appears Amazon has rightfully postponed their initial plans to release Fire OS 5 on existing devices, but the dealy may be capped by the new Fire TV Stick bundle’s release.

  1. Dan says:

    This could be messy if true.

  2. scofield says:

    i hope they wont force it on us and leave us with the choice if to update or nah

  3. HeffeD says:

    I think it’s a bit of a jump in logic to assume that Amazon will be forced to update units already in users hands, to coincide with the release of a new unit that advertises it comes with Alexa.

    Unless the unit they own also said that it came with Alexa, there’s no rush on Amazon’s part to update the OS of existing units…

  4. Ulises Rodriguez says:

    Since we all are still waiting for the FireOS-5 for our 2nd Gen. FireTV, I really don’t understand how could be possible the the Fire TV Stick may receive update to FireOS-5 Tomorrow??

    I say this because although Amazon is also correcting all the Bugs and problems that the FireOS-5 have brought on the New FireTV 2nd Gen, I always thought that amazon’s top priority was with the 2nd Gen. and not with the 1st!!

    • shwru980r says:

      I suspect there are many more fire tv stick customers than second generation customers.

        • Ulises Rodriguez says:

          Totally agree, I am aware that there are many more FireTV Sticks, than 2nd Gen. FireTV Units…

          However, as I said before, I always thought that Amazon first would solve all the problems that have the FireOS-5 of its 2nd Gen. FireTV units, to clean all the bad reviews and negative impressions that unfortunately had these New FireTV 2nd Gen. and also its WIFI Remote Control, after its launch…

  5. Scott says:

    I preordered a fire tv stick with voice remote, but not immediately when pre orders became available. I just received an email from amazon that says my fire tv stick with voice remote has been delayed until November. They gave me a $10 amazon credit. Maybe they wont ship any of them tomorrow at all?

  6. Gaz says:

    The New Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote has been put back until the November 13th on the UK Amazon website.
    So its a Friday the 13th release,so Doomed ;)

  7. Alex says:

    I read elsewhere that they enabled Bluetooth audio on the stick in the OS 5 developer’s preview. Has anyone had a chance to try it out?

  8. Ulises Rodriguez says:

    There is a newest version 5.0.3_user_532011220 for the Amazon Fire TV (2nd Generation)!!

    Some users at the XDA_Developers Forum are saying that Amazon Just released Fire TV 5.0.3 for the FireTV Today:

    I think that the information is true, because I just checked the FireTV update site at Amazon, and now says that there is a newest version 5.0.3_user_532011220 for the Amazon Fire TV (2nd Generation):

    I already have sent an Email to Elias, so he could rapidly update the AFTVNEWS site with this great news!…

    Elias, Please excuse, that I have posted this information twice, but I think that we all would like to know this important news…

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