Fire TV Stick Lite is on sale for $11.99 for Prime Day — New Lowest Price Ever!

Prime Day isn’t technically until tomorrow, but Amazon has already put many devices on sale. Included among them is the Fire TV Stick Lite for $11.99. At 60% off the regular price of $29.99, this is an amazingly low price and I don’t say that lightly. The lowest price the Firestick Lite has been before this sale was $17.99, so this knocks another $6 off an already great price. That said, I highly recommend spending an extra $5 and getting the regular Fire TV Stick for $16.99 instead of the Lite. While the two Sticks are identical, the remote of the regular Fire TV Stick has TV power and volume controls, while the remote of the Lite does not. It might seem like a small addition, but it is well worth the extra $5 for the convenience. Also worth mentioning is that the Fire TV Stick Lite with the older remote is also on sale for $11.99. The older remote is identical to the newer one except it doesn’t have the app shortcut buttons on the bottom, so the choice is yours whether you see those buttons as useful or as useless clutter.

  1. AuburnJohn says:

    Elias, do you know the details for Amazon’s Accident Protection Plan, specifically if it covers the FireTV remote? There isn’t much detail on the purchase page, and it says the details are sent after purchase. I’m not one to normally get those plans, but given the way we burn through remotes, I’d actually consider getting a 3 year plan for $5 if I can get 1 replacement remote.

    • Here’s a link (PDF) to the terms and conditions of the protection plan with a bit more detail:

      I don’t have any experience with it myself, but I imagine that they won’t simply send out a new remote. I expect they’ll insist that the entire Fire TV is replaced if the remote stops working. Remember, these protection plans aren’t through Amazon. They’re through Square Trade, so it’s just a generic electronics extended warranty that you’re buying from a 3rd-party through Amazon’s site.

  2. fassfa says:

    What’s up with the echo sub never going on sale for prime day?

    • Beats me. The Echo Studio as well is rarely on sale. I kind of get the Echo Sub not being on sale much since it’s a bit of a niche device, but the Echo Studio seems like it would be regularly on sale along with the other Echo models, but it’s not.

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