Fire TV Stick Lite & Fire TV Stick 3 support being grouped with Echo speakers for an Alexa Home Theater System

The Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite and 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick are the latest Fire TV models to add support for being grouped with Amazon Echo speakers to form an Alexa Home Theater System. Using Echo speakers for improved Fire TV audio was first introduced with the release of the Echo Studio last year, thanks to its Dolby Atmos capabilities. The feature has since expanded to also include compatibility with the 1st & 2nd-gen Echo Plus, 2nd & 3rd-gen Echo, 3rd-gen Echo Dot (with or without clock), and the Echo Sub. All of these Echo speakers can be grouped, in the Alexa app, to the Fire TV Stick 4K, both 1st & 2nd-gen Fire TV Cubes, the 3rd-gen Fire TV, and now the two new 2020 Firesticks. Grouping the devices together into a Home Theater System allows the Fire TV’s audio to automatically and wirelessly use the smart speakers instead of your TV speakers. Instructions for how to do so can be found here.

  1. Aemdi says:

    Would really be worth mentioning already here that this “home theater” setup is just stereo, no 5.1 surround and then of course also no atmos setup.
    Especially after mentioning dolby atmos (which requires at least 5.x.2) in the text.
    (I was already excited, about like wireless surround. And then realized it’s just stereo (called home theater lol) after watching the linked video)

    • Eve says:

      same here :-(

    • Sorry for not clarifying, however, it is more than just stereo when using a pair of Echo Studios. I only mention Dolby Atmos in reference to the Echo Studio, which does have an upward-firing speaker built in, needed for Atmos, a front-firing speaker, and a pair of side-firing speakers. No, it’s certainly not real surround sound that you get from speakers placed around you, but a pair of Echo Studios do provide better surround sound than you get with many soundbars that are advertised as surround sound. But, yes, I should have clarified that you can’t place Echos all around to fill out a traditional 5.1 speaker surround sound setup.

      • Ians325 says:

        Thanks for answer the question about 5.1 as I’ve often wonder about you simulate the back speakers with more echo studio speakers. Would you to do a tutorial on getting google stadia working on fire tv gen. do you know if rbox is rooting Fire OS (656638420) for the 2nd fire tv

  2. Matt says:

    i hooked up two echo 3s set up for this. however youtube is choppy with audio when i start video. every other app i tried works fine.

  3. Calvin says:

    Any chance the Echo Flex or Auto could be added as a pure audio out solution?

    Reason: I have a yard projector that is 30-35 feet from my speaker input. I plug in my Amazon Fire Stick into the projector and would love the the Echo Flex or Auto to allow their audio out to be available.

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