Fire TV Stick can run XBMC / Kodi and Sideload Apps

Reports are starting to stream in from the lucky few who have already received their Fire TV Sticks. XBMC / Kodi, and any other app for that matter, can be sideload onto the Fire TV Stick in the exact same way you can on the Fire TV. First impressions seem to indicate that the Fire TV Stick runs XBMC / Kodi beautifully. THECOACH0742 over at the Fire TV subreddit says a 40GB high bitrate 1080p movie file “started playing instantly over wifi with no frame drops or skipping.”

  1. Juan says:

    Now that’s what I wanted to read can’t wait for mine to arrive

  2. R4fo says:

    That’s great news!!

  3. brennan says:

    i am having a hard time installing xbmc on my fire tv stick
    i can get my amazon fire tv stick it to connect using adbfire but i have to use a different ip address that is showing on the about screen on my amazon fire tv stick so instead of (which is the ipaddress on my fire tv stick) i used and it connects. then when i try to install xbmc apk from desktop via abdfire the green status bar just loads and loads and loads. i left it going all night last night and i still did not get a successful this morning.

    when i enter this different ip address in the command prompt (via adt bundle- sdk- platform tools) it will connect but then when i type check devices it says offline so i cant install the xbmc apk

    ive also tried installing spmc and cannot get it to show up on my amazon fire tv stick even after syncing and looking for it on the cloud

  4. Jeff says:

    I also ran into the same issue using adbfire on my Mac, but was able to connect to Fire Stick’s IP. I switched to Windows OS, downloaded adbfire and xbmc (Gotham 13.2), typed in the device’s IP, turned on ADB server, and installed xbmc apk. After completion, a dialogue pops up saying it’s complete. It took only a minute or so for the installation of xbmc apk. Anyways, I think you have something else going on. You need to make proper connection with Fire Tv Stick’s IP.

    In other news, the Amazon Fire Stick does not live up to my standards when running XBMC. I get a lot of stutter when streaming both SD and HD content…even with TV processing turned off. It is watchable, but just an annoyance that I cannot stand. For $25 at Best Buy, I just had to try it.

    Back to the Ouya (which too is running off wifi) for now, onto the Chromebox in the near future.

  5. Thently says:

    Us this app

    side load XBMC then ES file explorer.

    Last side load the newest AmazonApps apk hint it will download as a zip just change .zip to .apk it will install. The app store install shows all apps on menu not just the stupid stuff they want you to see.

  6. Thently says:

    To make things easy for everyone

    ES File link

    Amazon Apps Link

    XBMC (Media Player)

    I spent about 4 hours tracking all this down so your welcome :P

  7. dljkones8053 says:

    If you not running a 5ghz wireless forget it as 2.4ghz does not cut it way to slow for HD but that is mho. No issue on 5ghz wireless.


  8. Timothy lewis says:

    My fire tv stick does not play or stream any films, videos, or music at anytime I have received a defective device and I am exstremely unsatisfised

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