Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube deals for Prime Day 2 are a disappointment

Amazon’s Prime Big Day Deals sales event officially kicked off today and lasts through tomorrow, but it’s quite disappointing as far as Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube discounts go. While there are several Prime-exclusive deals on Fire TV Smart TVs, of which many are all-time low prices, none of the stand-alone Fire TV Sticks or the Fire TV Cube have really gone on sale. The sale that started a week ago has simply continued on through the sales event without any of the prices changing and the new 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick 4K or 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick 4K Max have not gone on sale. If you can wait until Black Friday, you’ll probably see better discounts then, but if not, then here is a list of all the current Fire TV deals.

  1. Jeffers says:

    You should see the prices in the UK, they are terrible

  2. Craig S. says:

    I mean? Overall? There may be a good deal on specific Amazon hardware here and there… But mostly? Kinda lackluster overall, far as electronics/smart home go. Most of these deals have been going on, long before today. I bought a Fire Max 11 for $149 (which is amazing for this tablet) but not much else. Prime Days always feel like “Amazon trying to clean out the warehouse days” with only the deepest discounts reserved for their own Fire Tabs, Kindles, Echos, Blink/Ring doorbells/cameras and Fire TVs.

    • Agreed. More so, it’s just downright insulting when an existing sale price that has been available to everyone becomes a Prime-only price today without the price changing at all. I’m seeing that happen all over the place with Amazon devices today.

    • Lawrence Wolfe says:

      Craig S been waiting for someone to reply that bought the new 11 tablet my question for you if you don’t mind answering is , what do you think of the new 11 tablet I was thinking about buying one at this great price of $149.00 .also does it come with Google play? If it doesn’t there is a process of getting all the Google services on it and it is totally legal.I put Google on all my tablets and my grandbabies tablets. Google play is much better than what they load on there stuff already. Also you can’t beat Google maps for navigation as well as if you just need a map

  3. ben says:

    was hoping the new 4k max would be on slae maybe black friday

    • Lawrence Wolfe says:

      I purchased it the first day it was available, to replace my regular 4k and it is well worth the price,even the full price isn’t a bad deal compared to some of the name brand competitors. It is so much quicker and the color to me it seems brighter and clearer than the 4k model before the max.I’ve got my old 4k on one HDMI channel and my new 4k max on HDMI #2so I can toggle back and forth with both streaming the same show so I can really see the difference with the max being much better. I even ran a speed test using analiti speed test on both devices and the max always was faster. I am using windstreams kinetic fiber as my service and both streaming boxes running thru Wi-Fi on. Hope this helps with your decision to buy a 4k max .I personally would say go for it now instead of waiting for a sale then they might sale out and you’ll have to wait till there restocked. I personally think the price is great for what you are getting in upgrades from the older models.just food for thought.

  4. EJ says:

    They probably can’t justify going any lower on these loss leaders until Prime Video is 100% ad-supported.

    • Adam says:

      It could be that.

      Or it could be that their decision to raise the price of Prime no less than three dollars a month and create an ad supported tier to camouflage the steep price jump is consistent with the fake-event-sales-that-aren’t-sales strategy that Amazon has clearly embraced in demonstrating that they are quite comfortable in their market dominance and confident that their customers will take what they’re given. Heck, some of them might even look for ways to positively spin what Amazon is doing.

      Or it could be what you’re saying.

      Probably one or the other.

    • Leslie says:

      What do you mean, “totally AD supported”

      • Richard says:

        Amazon Prime will feature ads in between movies and shows in the near future (similar to Freevee currently). You’ll have the option of paying ~$2.99/month for ad free streaming.

  5. Razor2000nz says:

    The new 4k max is on sale in New Zealand at the moment for $65nzd which is $40usd

  6. DeanO says:

    Just bought the Fire Cube and Alexa remote for £139.00… 1gb download and wifi 6… has to be a worthy upgrade….

  7. U says:

    UK prices are terrible for sticks compared to other countries :(

  8. Kary says:

    I don’t see how you can say that about the Fire Cube. It’s at its lowest price ever, and well below any prior price.

  9. Dave says:

    This is the first prime event thar i didnt purchase anything

  10. Lawrence Wolfe says:

    The Luna controller is a steal at $39.99 that’s half price from there regular price of $69.99.If anyone was wanting that controller then you better grab it today cause I think I read somewhere that
    The controller and something else is a one day sale only. Compare what there charging for some of the game system controllers. Usually they start at around $69.99 to some of the other brands over $100.00 there crazy high.

  11. Leo Lima says:

    Whats your opinion between the old fire stick tv 4k max and the new gen fire stick 4k(no max)? I got the max version because the new os sideload and permission stuff limited what I wanted, and the 4k max has av1 support and similar or same cpu

  12. EmoBrianEno says:

    What are some good free apps to watch the end of the world?

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