Fire TV Stick 4K Max supports Sideloading, Downloader app, and Kodi just fine

With each new Fire TV model, the question is always asked if Amazon has done anything to deter sideloading apps. The new Fire TV Stick 4K Max is no different, but, rest assured, that it’s all business as usual. The latest Firestick does support sideloading just fine. You can use my Downloader app on it just fine and I’ve used it to install Kodi without any issues.

  1. Mark_Venture says:

    Does audio passthru in Kodi work properly with DTS, etc? Or does it convert everything to DD+ like the previous stick?

    • Phil Hale says:

      This is the question many of us want to know the answer to – can you get Kodi to passthru Dolby Atmos / DTS:X bitstream to an AVR (typically mkv’s sourced from blu-ray rips) just like the Shield? Or does it have the same limitations as the current 4K Stick? Thanks in advance to anyone who can test/answer this.

  2. Liz says:

    The one thing g it does though is when sideloading xciptv,analiti and Peacock the picture of the app in the aps section is black,no picture

    • Austin Compton says:

      Still? Yeah I just sideloaded and saw why I don’t like the new generations. The 4K from 2018 still runs just as good.

    • Tom says:

      Did you see the fix for this on troypoint or techdoctoruk’s sites? Both very helpful.

      • Austin Compton says:

        I did not but ill look into it. The point being not so much as the fix but the issue should be resolved on the companies end. Ill look into the fix but also Im not a fan of the Unknown Source switches its only needed one time on the 2018 version and switched on from each source from the newer software devices.

      • Austin Compton says:

        Those are not fixes they are alternatives. I have a launcher installed thats not on the list but it’s still an eye sore to see the missing icons in the recently used apps bar. Thank you but i’d like to see Amazon fix this issue.

  3. Lynn says:

    Just bought firestick 4K max. Can’t get website to load using downloaded. Checked everything multiple times, internet good, signal. Had no problem with previous stick. Do I just need to send it back and get the previous version of firestick? Help please. Thank you

    • Lynn says:

      Above. Should read using downloader app

    • Frankster says:

      I have this problem too I can’t even download downloader as it says failre to download there is a problem! Checked everything and all seems fine and i can download other apps.. did u manage to fix?

  4. Frankster says:

    I’ve just bought the firestick and when downloading downloader app it just says failure to download dowloader please try again! Does anyone else have this problem and are there any fixes?

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