Fire TV Stick 4K Max is now just $29.99 with Promo Code for some customers — New Lowest Price Ever!

Qualifying Amazon customers can buy the Fire TV Stick 4K Max for $29.99 when you enter promo code AddFTV at checkout. At 45% off the regular price of $54.99, this is the new lowest price that Amazon’s most powerful Firestick has ever been, even beating out the Black Friday price of $34.99. If you’ve been considering the Fire TV Stick 4K Max and are among the lucky people that the code works for, do not hesitate to snatch this deal because it likely won’t get beat for a long time. The Fire TV Stick 4K Max is a beast of a device with CPU and GPU performance beating out the original Fire TV Stick 4K, which isn’t a weak device by any means, by 25% and 50%, respectively. It also launches apps about 35% faster than any other Firestick and boots up much more quickly as well. Only the Fire TV Cube, which is also on sale for a great price, is faster than it, but not by much. Learn all about what makes the Fire TV Stick 4K Max so great here. If you use a Prime Visa Card or a Prime Store Card you will get an increased 10% cashback as well, dropping the final cost to $26.99. There’s no way to know why some people qualify for this promo code but others don’t and there’s no way to know how long it will last, so definitely grab a Fire TV Stick 4K Max at this great price if you can.


Amazon has now changed the promo code AddFTV to only give $20 off instead of $25 off. It seems as though giving $25 off on the Fire TV Stick 4K Max was a mistake that has now been corrected. With the correction, the Fire TV Stick 4K Max is now $34.99 at checkout and ends up costing $31.49 when you factor in the 10% cashback bonus you receive if you use a Prime Visa Card or Prime Store Card.

  1. TechyChris says:

    So now I have a decision to make as I was going to order the Cube today.
    Factoring in my 20% discount and tax in my state:
    Final cost for a 4k Max – $25.49 / Final cost for a Cube – $59.49
    I have 3 Cubes already that are used on a regular basis. This fourth Fire TV would be for a basement playroom that is used maybe once a month. Plus, I don’t want to purchase a new FTV for at least a few years.
    Which would be the smarter purchase?

    • TechyChris says:

      When it’s too good to be true it usually is.
      The coupon code works for me BUT
      Amazon will NOT allow me to stack my still eligible 20% off Trade-In discount. I just finished chat support, they told me one or the other, NOT BOTH!

      • TechyChris says:

        ***FINAL UPDATE***
        I placed the order for the 4k Max.
        At $29.99, a very good price (total for me $31.49 including tax)
        Amazon rep did call me back and told me they could NOT stack the additional eligible 20% trade-In discount even though they acknowledged it was still active on my account. It’s OK, (it would have saved me an additional $6).
        Still a great deal, Thanks Elias!!!

        • TechyChris says:

          ***FINAL – FINAL UPDATE***
          I really thought I was done commenting the last time. But…
          Elias, in case you see this, Amazon Customer Support just sent me another email requesting a screen shot of the website I used detailing the special price promo. I did NOT reply, nor did I tell the original chat support where I got the code from other than “a website”.
          Anyway, thanks again Elias for the money saving info. My order went through as described above, not sure why Amazon is so interested now, after the fact.

  2. Joe says:

    while you can’t use the 20% with this, it added an additional $5 off to it, so i got it for $26.

  3. Jack says:

    ‘AddFTV’ worked for me with a sweet $25 discount. Thanks to Elias’ sharp eye I’m all set for the time being with the latest Cube and now this. Both were purchased with large discounts highlighted by this website.

  4. Scott says:

    That code was only good for $20 discount in my account from the 54.99 original price so I passed on the not-so-great deal.

  5. John P Grabouski says:

    Save $20 on your purchase of Fire TV Stick 4K Max. Use promo code ADDFTV at checkout to apply $20 discount from original list price. Cannot be combined with other offers. is listed on my listing for this item.

    When completing purchase and checking out, I show the $20 discount but not $25. Not sure why. Still a great deal and thanks Elias for posting this on your site. Guess $5 difference doesnt make a difference to me, so I will be purchasing regardless. THanks again.

  6. Edward says:

    Looks like it is not working anymore

  7. P McCabe says:

    Works $20.00 off March 30, 2022

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