Fire TV Stick 4K Max hits new all-time low price of $39.99 — Regular 4K Firestick down to $24.99

It seems like Amazon has gone live with its Black Friday sales for Fire TV devices. Possibly the best deal of the bunch, considering just how much is packed into the device, is the brand new Fire TV Stick 4K Max on sale for $39.99 which is 33% off its regular price of $59.99. This is the first time it has ever been this low and is $5 less than the previous sale price from last month. Also on sale and also a great deal is the Fire TV Stick 4K for $24.99 which is 50% off its regular price of $49.99. This is also the new lowest price that it has ever been and is $5 less than the previous sale. If you’ve been waiting for a great sale to pick up either of these two new devices, this seems to be the time to do it because I don’t see these dropping any further between now and Amazon’s “official” start of Black Friday, which is at the end of this week.

  1. Craig S. says:

    Not interested. New Vega Linux-based operating system next year and Amazon’s clearly done with Android in the long run. So? It’s now a deadend for any current hardware, for me. Still wondering what they’re gonna do for Fire tablets? Go the ChromeOS route with Linux based Fire tablets…focus on Web Apps and virtualized Android runtimes?

    • Pawdog says:

      Well,if you need an excellent device at a great price you’re missing out on the best Amazon has ever made with the Max. The future of Fire OS may be cloudy but any affect it will have on the current devices has to be at least 2 years away.

      • I don’t think Vega, if it actually ever sees the light of day (and that’s a huge if), will affect current devices at all. There is no way in hell Amazon will update existing devices from Android to Vega because it would immediately break so many things. If Vega is ever used, it will be on a new model that never ran Android, so all Fire TVs up to that point will continue to work as they do today.

        • Craig S. says:

          Oh I know, Elias. But I also know how tech works and I see the writing on the wall, with Janko’s reporting. I’m simply not investing further into FireOS-Android based devices. They clearly have no real future beyond patches and I can’t see many new and amazing features rolled out for them either. It’s done, so I’m staying put for the time being with everything that I have (Fire TV, Echos and Tablets), until I see how Vega pans out.

  2. Steven Melton says:

    So definitely not the lowest price of all time as I got my 4k Max for $34.99 a few months ago.

    Also, Vega will definitely see the light of day as its already showing up on the new Echo Show 5’s. I agree, I don’t think they would retro it to work on older devices.

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