Fire TV Stick 4K Max finally has the option to disable HDR entirely

High dynamic range, or HDR, video is great. Well, until it isn’t. Sometimes you just want to turn it off entirely for one reason or another, so, it has been frustrating for many people that Fire TVs have only had the option to force HDR on all the time or let the device decide when to turn it on with an adaptive option. That has finally changed with the Fire TV Stick 4K Max because it’s now the first Fire TV model to include a third “Disable HDR” option. The device is running the newest version of Fire OS that I’ve seen yet, v7.2.5.5, so there is hope that this new HDR option will trickle down to older Fire TV models with a future update.

  1. ricklar says:

    The Cube(2) is currently on FireOS (PS7242/2896)

    — is that secondary number “2896” signify a security update patch or hot fix? Notice that primary number “7242” won’t change, and if it did then the OS had a major change, but every fews months the secondary number will be changed and my assumption is that a security patch was pushed to the device.

    • No, it is not a security patch number. More like a hotfix number. Think of the second number as a “sub-version” value to differentiate different builds of the main update indicated by the first number. So it’s like v7.2.4.2-A and v7.2.4.2-B and v7.2.4.2-C etc… but instead of A, B, C, it’s a 4 digit number.

  2. Adam R says:

    Huge news, and it’s made an immediate impact with my 2015 LG OLED. Watching animated Disney+ movies (or really dark movies with HDR) completely washed out the picture and made the colors totally inaccurate. I got mine today, turned off HDR and immediately watched the intro to Beauty and the Beast where it was horrible before. Complete night and day difference, so I would certainly tell anyone with a 5+ year old OLED that doesn’t have HDR 10 to get this and turn it off!

    • Eric says:

      Adam, did the disney+ feed still say it was pushing the hdr to you? Did you have Atmos feed with it, or did it fall to 5.1 audio?

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