Fire TV Stick 4K is not getting Fire OS 7 with the New Interface Update

Many Fire TV Stick 4K owners were holding out hope that the new Fire TV interface update that started rolling out to their devices last week would bring with it an update from Fire OS 6 to Fire OS 7. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. When the new interface arrives on a Fire TV Stick 4K, it moves it from software version to version, which keeps it on Fire OS 6.

The new Fire TV interface is independent of the Fire OS version on the device and does not require an upgrade to Fire OS 7, the latest version of Amazon’s operating system, to be compatible with the device. Fire OS 5, like on the 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick, Fire OS 6, like on the aforementioned Fire TV Stick 4K, and Fire OS 7 devices, like on the 2nd-gen Fire TV Cube and 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick, are all compatible with the new Fire TV interface. Based on the updates that have already reached devices, it seems safe to say that the new interface update will not change the base version of Fire OS that is currently on the device.

Fire OS version on the Fire TV Stick 4K after the New Interface Update

While there are numerous Fire TV models running Fire OS 5 and numerous Fire TV models running Fire OS 6, it seems like the Fire TV Stick 4K was the main one people were expecting to be upgraded to Fire OS 7. That’s likely because it is the only stand-alone model in Amazon’s current Fire TV lineup that is not running Fire OS 7. Amazon has given no indication that the Fire TV Stick 4K, or any Fire OS 6 device for that matter, will ever be updated to Fire OS 7. Furthermore, we continue to see brand new Fire TV Edition television models being released with Fire OS 6, as recently as last month, so Amazon is clearly not treating Fire OS 6 as an outdated operating system.

Unlike other Android device manufacturers, Amazon does not use the base OS version as a determining factor for which features the device will receive. For the most part, Amazon maintains the same feature set across all Fire TV devices, regardless of whether they are running Fire OS 5, 6, or 7. Because of this, there is little benefit, with regard to Amazon’s own features, to upgrading from one version of Fire OS to another.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about 3rd-party apps and services. As we saw recently when NBC Sports ended support for Fire TV devices running Fire OS 5, non-Amazon apps and services do often base their support on the underlying version of Android, as is common practice among most Android app developers. Fire OS 5 is based on Android 5.1 Lollipop, which debuted in 2015. Fire OS 6 is based on Android 7.1 Nougat, which debuted in 2016. Fire OS 7 is based on Android 9 Pie, which debuted in 2018. Thankfully, the instances of a major app or service ending support for an older version of Fire OS are few and far between. I also don’t know of any app or service that stopped supporting Fire OS 6.

The primary benefit of upgrading a device from one version of Fire OS to a newer version, as I see it, is increasing the device’s lifespan by staving off abandonment from 3rd party apps and services. For the most part, upgrading the version of Fire OS on a Fire TV device would not add significant new features or capabilities. The biggest exception to that, which I’m aware of, is support for Dolby Atmos audio in Netflix, which is currently only supported on Fire OS 7 devices. It’s assumed that if the Fire TV Stick 4K is updated to Fire OS 7, it will gain Dolby Atmos support in Netflix, which would be a significant perk. That said, it’s also safe to assume that an upgrade to Fire OS 7 would also hurt overall performance a little, due to increased system requirements that inherently come with newer versions of Android.

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  1. Gene says:

    Do you have a list of compatible devices that are receiving the update?

    • Bonnie says:

      I had a update on my tv last night and it changed all of my interface and I hate it. Is their anyway to go back to my old interface ?

      • Rockyk says:

        You will have to restore your stick. Once restored there is a 3rd party app you can install to block the update. FreeTech on YT has a video on it. When the stick reboots. You have to stop it from obtaining the new update. I personally turn off all automatic updates. I installed the program and using the old interface on my 4K. Good luck.

        • paul furrer says:

          Rocky, you cannot go back unless you have rooted ur device…yes you can do a factory Reset, but that will Not reverse changes to the updated operating system, it only wipes user data and apps.. if you have done a system update, it has changed ur system version…this change cannot be undone by a Reset.. to change this requires Root and then you can reflash any previous version operating system…

      • paul says:

        Unfortunately , no…you cannot roll back an OS update to the previous on an unrooted firestick..this is sad becuz newer updates dont always make things better..if ur firestick IS rooted, which is a tough job to do, then you Could reflash the previous OS and go back

      • Roman says:

        FireOS 7 has a nice feature which allows to control the volume of the connected bluetooth device (e.g. headphone, speaker, etc.) via remote control. FireOS 6 is not capable to do this.

  2. 666 says:

    “…it’s also safe to assume that an upgrade to Fire OS 7 would also hurt overall performance a little, due to increased system requirements that inherently come with newer versions of Android.”

    This is the opposite of what I’ve always heard. Newer android version means additional optimization, faster performance. Benchmarks of the newer Sticks running Fire OS 7 with the same hardware and less RAM seem to show that. Concerning the Fire Stick 4K running Fire OS 6 while the cheaper Stick 3 and Stick Lite run Fire OS 7, it’s a simply indefensible measure by Amazon so let’s not waste time trying to justify the unjustifiable. No update to Fire OS 7 can only be accepted with the release of a new 4K Stick, yesterday.

    • Google certainly loves to boast about newer versions of Android being more optimized, but, in my experience, I’ve never had an Android device get faster with a newer OS. That’s not to say that it’s not possible, so who knows which way the Fire TV Stick 4k would go.

      As for the new Sticks being faster on Fire OS 7 with similar hardware to the Fire TV Stick 4K on Fire OS 6, I still chock that up to them pushing a quarter of the pixels.

      Regardless, even if there is a slight performance hit with Fire OS 7 on the Fire TV Stick 4K, I think it’s worth it for the extra longevity it would add.

      • Prabhakara says:

        After update, prime video plays hdr10plus. So 4k stick ticks all except Atmos. Kindly post about it once you get any updates from Amazon. We really need it for Netflix. Thank you

    • J says:

      this depends specifically on what OS version we’re talking about.

      In my experience with a dozen old Android devices, every new OS above Android 6 will consume more battery/power and be slightly slower.

  3. ben says:

    I have a cube 2 and know that will get the update, but my other one is a stick. under about it just says fire stick 2 on about page i got it in 2020 since it doesnt say 4k by fire stick like in the pic im assuming i will get the update right? i know you said sticks are getting it later. also will this update fix the issue with apk apps not displaying the logo. the steps to fix it with the ap fixer are way to complicated for me lol

  4. Nicholas Cannon says:

    Patiently waiting for the new interface on my 4 sticks

  5. hdmkv says:

    Stick 4K doesn’t have an official way to add adoptable storage. Seems like the newer sticks do as they’re on Fire OS 7?

  6. ben says:

    fire stick 2had a big update but it wasnt the new interface

  7. max says:

    “That said, it’s also safe to assume that an upgrade to Fire OS 7 would also hurt overall performance a little, due to increased system requirements that inherently come with newer versions of Android.”

    But aren’t all new 2020/2021-FireTV-sticks using the same SoC?
    And they do have Fire OS 7.

  8. Jose says:

    New versions might also break things.
    In my older FireTV 1st Gen I was able to install Zoom but in the FireTV 4K I can’t get the sound to work.

    Yet, I wonder if with FireOS 7 it would work again.

    • JFC says:

      The good news is it’s relatively easy to install and use a new/different default launcher on the 4K sticks — like the Wolf launcher — without having to root or otherwise do complicated mods to your device.Its a way to take back control of the content you get and see on your home screen.

    • Bob G says:

      Just updated my 4K today and lost sound. Where oh where can I get my sound back. Kind of stupid that an upgrade causes a loss in function.

  9. Adam O'Donnell says:

    We don’t really use the Amazon content very much so I’m really hoping it skips all of my Fire Stick 4Ks.

  10. aross1976 says:

    This is the WOSRT POS , “update” EVER!
    is there a way to roll it back?
    Because I am going RMA all my sticks if this POS can not be rolled back to the old launcher,can we block updates still with ABD commands on the 4k stick?

    Because this is PURE TRASH ,it makes my recast TOTALLY USEABLE now!

    before I could just press down on the d pad while watching a live channels and see what else was on on all the other OTA channels at a glance while still watching the current channel, now I don’t know WTF it(pressing down) does, it changes the channel or goes to some app or something, THIS SUCKS!
    it was so easy to see what else was on before without interrupting what I was watching, now it nearly impossible to do anything
    whoever thought this was a good idea should be FIRED, IMMEDIATLEY , like out of a canon and into the sun

    the live channels are all F’dup , this is TOTALLY UNUSEABLE
    oh and did I mention it SUCKS!

    • hdmkv says:

      Tell us how you really feel! ;) :D I’m not a fan of the new UI/UX, but don’t hate it. Will now install Wolf launcher.

      • aross1976 says:

        But do you use a fire TV recast?
        the biggest downgrade of this update to me is the OTA channel navigation

        I mean don’t get me wrong the rest is pretty bad too but I can live with it I guess, it’s the awful redesign of the OTA channel navigation that I absolutely can not not accept , especially living in a multigenerational household ,
        this garbage is not going to fly
        I managed to block the updates on the other 2 sticks before they got the update thank god
        but for how long will I be able to stay there until something breaks like my Alexa camera integration or Alexa recast integration , both of which I had trouble with before and one because of an outdated FW version

    • DN says:

      I agree completely! It keeps dropping my wifi! Confirmed it’s not my internet!!!! BS CRAP UI!!!

  11. Keith says:

    Not that I want the new update but imo that’s BS. They didn’t release a 4K stick so if you wanted a low priced but capable device, that was your only choice. If they released a 4K stick in 2019 or 2020, this would sort of makes sense, but they didn’t.
    Again, I only care about it on principle. I doubt the new update would bring much with it.

  12. Mario L. says:

    1 out of 4 of my 4K Sticks got the newer interface update today, so it shouldn’t have gotten the update?

    • Mario L. says:

      Okay read article again and understand. Basically 4k sticks are getting newer interface, but not getting newer OS 7 update.

  13. Volker says:

    I really don’t (actually) care if the new interface is based an Fire OS 6 or 7.
    But, what i’m concerned about is that the 4K stick will not get the (family) profile options :-(

  14. TechyChris says:

    I’m glad I made the decision to go with Cube Gen 2’s last fall when Amazon was practically giving away the 4k sticks. After the Prime Day Deals, The codes from AFTV News and my trade ins, I think I was down to $10 a stick.
    Something told me they were not getting the OS update and I based my purchases on that. Went with the more expensive but sure thing.

  15. ScoobyDoo says:

    4k stick owner. Why is this update taking so long to roll out?

    You would think if someone is willing to go to the lengths of checking for an update they would allow it to be downloaded, as it is someone on top of this and waiting for it. Then just randomize the people who are waiting for the Auto Update.

    Putting out PR about your new interface and then not allowing people to download it on request is just stupid.

  16. Dave says:

    My newest 4k stick got the update, the others, not yet.

  17. Sam says:

    Where’s the update/fix on the 4K stick for Dolby Atmos???
    Have been expecting the fix for months!!!
    Where’s the Dolby Atmos???

  18. metalaxe101 says:

    What I think is that if OS 7 was to be upgraded on the 4k it would have mean Atmos for Netflix would work.. Why would Amazon allow their competition app to work perfectly..that will just stifle their Prime Video membership as Atmos work with Prime Video. Just my two cents.. I own a 4k stick and was disappointed that it would not be updated to Fire OS7 also I still on Version Sigh. Still waiting on

  19. Ren says:

    I still haven’t received the update but my other 4k stick did.

  20. Bob says:

    I have an Amazon 4K Firestick. I have attempted to update it to the latest firmware to no avail, even though the new firmware was released over a week ago? I have done a lot of reading on this. Is my understanding correct that my Firestick is in some kind of Queue, and when Amazon gets around to my device someday it will be updated? i.e. I just have to wait. I cannot update it manually?
    I was hoping for a fix for the the 4K Firestick “bottleneck” for Amazon Music Ultra HD to allow full Ultra HD streaming to my AVR.
    Currently the 4K Firestick only allows 16 bit streaming, when much of the content on Amazon music is 24bit. After all, it is Amazon Music to Amazon 4K Firestick? Why is there a bottleneck??? Based on the information here, it sounds as though I should be less than hopeful that Amazon has rectified this problem in this new Firestick firmware update. It would seem that Amazon does not publish the fixes and new features for their updates for consumers like EVERY OTHER COMPANY DOES. ???? If they do, can someone point me to that information? Thanks.

  21. JC says:

    I’ve gone back to using my first gen Xiaomi Mi box. For one with my epson projector had no audio out to get better sound on external speaker but mi box does. 2nd they did a few big updates, I think even went from android 6 to 9, maybe 10 will have to check. It went to the vertical interface of android tv, which I wasn’t a real fan to the newer google tv style which is more back to the horizontal interface. The response speed is also improved, less crashes, etc. It also has full size usb and that also supports usb external audio. The price of the Firestick is the best but the value of the mi box is better than any other.

  22. Freda Montgomery says:

    I have three 4K fire sticks and one of them just updated and I am not happy about it , I also have a fire recast and an echo show 5 , my problem now besides not be able to get to my DVR as easily as I could is the fast forward option no longer works !! Is there any way to go back to the factory settings that I bought it with , I thought updates were supposed to be upgrades , either way I am not happy with the new layout or the recast DVR operation . Would love to have a fix for this issue!!

  23. aw says:

    F*** you Amazon. Next purchase > NV shield, very expensive purchase but works without any hassle

  24. Steve says:

    My 4k stick only just updated to OS ‍♂️

  25. oasis_001 says:

    Always happens with a major UI update to any streaming service. Change is not always welcome and the ones that comment early are mostly unhappy with the result. Long time HULU user and I remember the amount of disgust voiced when the UI was updated a few years back. Tell those same HULU users a few years later that you will change the UI back and they would voice the same amount of disgust.

  26. oasis_001 says:


    Doesn’t the 1st Gen Fire Cube run Fire OS 6 and it supports ATMOS on Netflix? Lack of ATMOS with Netflix on the FTV4K Stick still feels like an arbitrary decision on either parties part and not a hardware or OS level limitation.

  27. Patrick says:

    Still no update to my fire tv stick 4k.
    I still have the

    • oasis_001 says:

      It will come eventually. I have four (4) FTV4K devices. One (1) received the update to a few days back. Still have three (3) devices on

  28. Volker says:

    I got the new interface yesterday.
    I think it’s not tooo bad. I like to have 6 Apps sticked in the middle.

    What i don’t like:

    1. PROFILES: I want to have Kid-Profiles. I also want to have a mandatory to choose a profile after startup (best would be to have it also after the screensaver). Therefore PIN-protected profiles are also neccassary.

    2. ROW ORDER: Last seen is in row 4 – why? I want to choose the order of the rows (like Google TV has).

    3. WATCHLIST: Why is it hidden “behind” the search? I want to have it as a main point…

    I hope there will be minor updates in (near) future, which fix my issues.

  29. Patrick Kelly says:

    Still no update on my fire tv stick 4k
    I’m trying to be patient but it’s tough when I read where people have more then one device updated while I haven’t had my one 4k stick updated yet.

  30. john says:

    i have 2 fiesticks that i bought around the same time , both are 4k , one of them got the update and the other did not , i went to my fire tv and it says it is up to date already ,

  31. Adam O'Donnell says:

    2 out of the 5 4k sticks in my house have been updated. It’s fine. I mean, the thing we use 90% of the time is the row of 6 icons that are now like the smallest thing on the screen. But whatever. I thought my wife would have a bigger problem with it, but the first time she turned it on she the top suggested thing was Black Panther from Disney+ and she just watched it. :) I asked why she said, “eh, I didn’t have anything better to watch.” So, clearly it works in the way that Amazon wants. :) And, I guess since it seems like all the suggested ones along the top are all for content we already subscribe to then I’m fine with it.

  32. Patrick Kelly says:

    Still no update to me fire tv stick 4k. I had a small update last night and again just now but it remains on Version.

    • Bob says:

      mine just updated tonight….but it still does not play my Amazon HD Ultra Music at full Hi-Res to my Marantz AVR. I know that the FireStick is the bottleneck….Amazon Music is an Amazon App…You sould think that they could solve that Issue!!! LOL!…
      I think that the new interface/HOme Screen is good so far…It is definitely faster to check my preferences….

  33. Me says:

    My 4K stick upgraded to and now I have no sound in any apps, not even the clicking noise of the interface.

  34. Bob G says:

    Just updated my 4K today and lost sound. Where oh where can I get my sound back. Kind of stupid that an upgrade causes a loss in function.

    • Alexandru Popovici says:

      Do you solve the sound issue? I have the same problem when ingo to audio settings all are grayed out and i can t select anything

  35. Patrick Kelly says:

    I finally got the update tonight but during the programing of my remote I accidentally hit something so even though I got the update my remote won’t work. I have tried everything to try to get it to work but to no avail. I did get the remote app on my phone but my girlfriend is pissed the remote isn’t working. I don’t know what to do next

  36. letour_001 says:

    The first sentence of your last paragraph in this article rears it head again. The HULU app is currently adding HDR support to some of the HULU Original content in their catalog. Looks great on a supported TCL Roku set. But, no HDR support on the current version of the FTV4K stick. HULU is limiting HDR support to devices with Fire OS 7 or later.

    Frustrating that a device quite capable of 4K HDR, Dolby Vision and Dolby ATMOS support on most major streaming apps (Disney+, HBO Max, Prime Video, Apple TV+) is being hobbled by an OS version issue with HULU for HDR support and Netflix for Dolby ATMOS support.

  37. Gaggudada says:

    I have a new replacement Fire stick from Amazon 4K. There are no developer options to turn on/off. I asked Amazon and she said not more third party apps allowed. Wondering how to install IPTV Smarters Pro then to watch IPTV which i just signed up for.
    Please help

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