Fire TV Stick 2 better supports USB Ethernet Adapters with software update

It was quite surprising to discover that the Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 works with USB OTG cables out of the box without needing to be rooted. Some, including myself, questioned whether the functionality was accidentally left enabled, and if a future update would disable OTG cable support. The good news is the software update not only still works with USB OTG cables, but it actually better supports USB ethernet adapters connected through OTG cables.

The older software version allows you to connect the Fire TV Stick 2 to your network via ethernet by using a low power USB ethernet adapter coupled with an OTG cable. The only issue was that you could not manually configure the wired network because the network options came up blank when accessed.

With the new software update, and its new interface, you now have the option to manually configure the wired network settings when using a USB Ethernet adapter with the Fire TV Stick 2. The options available are identical to those found on the Fire TV 2, so you can manually enter an IP address, a gateway IP, subnet mask, and DNS values.

I did verify that external USB storage does still also work with this new software version via an OTG cable. You still can’t move apps to external USB storage on the Fire TV Stick 2 because the device still limits this to microSD cards, even though there is no microSD card slot. The Fire TV Stick 2 treats external card readers as USB storage, so that won’t work for app storage either.

Big thanks to Roberto for first discovering the manually configurable USB ethernet adapter and pointing it out in the comments of an earlier post!


If you’re looking to connect your Fire TV Stick to Ethernet, here is the easiest method.

  1. Greg says:

    Does anyone know if this setup also works with the Fire TV 2? Since the stock ethernet port is only 10/100 I would like to do this to have a gigabit connection through ethernet.

    • cdlenfert says:

      I haven’t seen that this setup gives you a gigabit connection. Where did you read that?

      • Greg says:

        Oh, i guess i was assuming since the usb port is 3.0 and usb gigabit ethernet use usb 3.0 it would work, but maybe it hasnt been tried yet.

        • xnamkcor says:

          “Oh, i guess i was assuming since the usb port is 3.0”.
          Where did you read that?

          “usb gigabit ethernet use usb 3.0”
          USB Gigabit Ethernet adapters use whatever they’ve been designed to use. There are plenty of USB 2.x Gigabit adapters on the market.

          “maybe it hasnt been tried yet.”
          I have a Fire TV Gen 1, and I was able to confirm a “1000mbps” speed “mode” via the terminal and networking commands, but the settings never stuck and I gave up. Keep in mind, the reported transmission speed “mode” is not an indicator of actual speed.

  2. cdlenfert says:

    This is AWESOME! Thanks for the update Roberto and Elias.

  3. Ujn Hunter says:

    Nice, now if only my OTG cable would show up… assuming it’s coming from China… as my original OTG Hub cable didn’t work with my Fire TV Stick 2, it won’t power on. Hoping that Ethernet solves my “buffer” issue that constantly happens when watching NHL games on my Fire TV Stick.

  4. CHRIS B says:

    Has anyone tried a combo ethernet/usb port on the Stick2? That way you can have ethernet and a usb drive plugged in at the same time?

  5. Chris B says:

    Just got my cable

    and tried the usb/nic combo I had been using with my nexus player

    It gave me the message about the USB/SD card message and I was able to connect to the network.

  6. Gail Welsh says:

    Hi do you no if i can use the OTG to put apps onto a usb or micro sim then send them to my sister? She has the fire stick 2 so the otg would be compatible! after reading your posts i seen you said you cant move apps onto exterior storage on fire stick. I dont want to buy it then find out its useless. Tnx Gx

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