Fire TV software update makes it easier than ever to get to your apps

Every Fire TV owner knows you can place your six favorite apps in the Fire TV’s navigation menu for quick and easy access. To get to any of your other apps, you’ve had to select the Apps icon in the navigation bar to load up a grid view of all of your apps. Amazon has recently pushed a very welcomed software update to Fire TV devices that now lists all your apps in a horizontally scrollable list in the empty space below the Apps icon, eliminating the need to load the app grid.

When you highlighted the Apps icon in the Fire TV’s navigation bar, you used to just see the two buttons for your apps and the appstore appear in the preview space below. Those two buttons are still present, but above them is now a horizontally scrolling list of all of your apps, starting with your 7th app since your first six are in the navigation bar. Just press down once and you can scroll through the rest of your apps without leaving the Fire TV home screen. While this is a small change, it’ll save you a lot of time in the long run by no longer needing to wait for the app grid to load to access the rest of your apps.

  1. nvidiashieldguy says:

    A most welcome change indeed. I mean, I’m still going to stick with my customer launcher and or app drawer, but this is a pretty nifty update.

  2. hdmkv says:

    Is the issue w/thumbnails missing from sideloaded apps fixed?

  3. Erik says:

    Haha, two months ago I commented right here that exactly this feature is missing and bang, there it is!

  4. The Brain says:

    Glad that they are bringing back this feature that was present in the old- old-interface, a bunch of years ago.

  5. Jerry says:

    Check the log for one or more errors on kodi. Is their a direct link to rectify this?

  6. Georgie says:

    Loads of updates this last week on my Cube3 in the UK but not this update.

  7. Peter Corkhill says:

    Not a big fan of fire tv, many times I have to put in a code in from my phone. This happens many times from the same networks.

  8. Shug says:

    Will this update be coming to all the other fire tv streaming devices, like Firesticks and Fire Cubes?

  9. Naykingantiwan Allen says:

    Yall can updates the softwear on them please

  10. Naykingantiwan Allen says:

    I get throw the government

  11. Aredub says:

    Now if I could just figure out why the thumbnail for Hulu doesn’t show up in my list of applications loaded. I can go to manage applications in settings and see Hulu there. From there I can delete the data and cache, and even launch the application, but I can’t press the thumbnail from the home screen or from the grid of my loaded apps to open Hulu.

  12. MrAnhell says:

    I feel amazon will eventually disable sideloading and developer options and when they do….they’ll lose 70% of their customers.

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