Fire TV software update is now rolling out


A new software update for the Fire TV is beginning to roll out to devices. It appears the new update carries version number (550144920), which is quite a jump form the previous version, which was This is likely the update that will add the ability to launch apps and videos using Alexa, although one user is reporting the new commands are not working yet. It’s possible the feature will be remotely enabled once more devices receive the update.

This update might block rooting on the Fire TV 2 or blacklist FireStopper, the workaround version of FireStarter. So if that’s a concern for you, be sure you have updates blocked until we learn more. I haven’t received the update yet, but I will post a breakdown of what it adds and changes once I do. If you’ve received the update and have noticed something added or changed, be sure to let everyone know in the comments below.

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  1. Christopher Loughrey says:

    Any word on an Rbox root for the Fire Stick? I’m guessing he has abandoned the project?

    • Bob says:

      Seriously would really love to know this too. Any updates? Waiting on initial 5 release.

    • It's Showtime says:

      I can’t connect to Amazon FireTv 2 , as soon as I opened it it started updating . I have the firestopper APK file

    • It's Showtime says:

      I couldnt connect with new software using firestopper . So I unplugged modem , then router . Fire TV was showing weird IP Adress . Waited for router and modem to turn on . And it connected with new Anazon Software Update ✌️✌

    • Joe says:

      My Firestick upgraded to today and Kodi no longer works.

      I have installed Kodi again, but it still does not work.

      Any work arounds greatly appreciated, thank you

      • Diane says:

        Have you tried factory reset? I always upgrade firestick to the latest version first and then install kodi. Everything works fine!

      • John G Morris says:

        I also updated to the latest version. My Kodi works perfectly. I went to settings /about device and updated that way.

  2. Fo Realz says:

    I got the update and a message now shows up I can’t use my HBO NOW app unless I uninstall Kodi. “For security reasons the following apps must be uninstalled to use this app: Kodi”

    Edited by AFTVnews:

    I’m starting to think this comment is a troll comment meant to stir up concern with a false statement. A reader I trust with a Fire TV 1 that has received the update has told me that he does not receive the above security message when launching HBO Now with Kodi installed or running. He does not have an HBO Now subscription, so it’s possible the message only appears when playing content, but the app at least launches fine with Kodi present. Of Course, I will update with more info when I receive it, but for now, be skeptical about the above claim.

    • mjbxx says:

      Alarming to hear about as this may be how Amazon goes about finally killing Kodi on the Fire TV. Truly disappointed. Might be time to get the Nvidia Shield afterall.

    • Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

      This is bad news…

      But, Kodi still works on the FireTV with this newer v5.2.1.0 firmware installed?

    • Gareth Price says:

      Is this the start of third party companies putting pressure on Amazon?

    • Edgar R says:

      Anyone know if this happens with HBO Go? Think I’m going to stay with v5.0.5.1 for now. Updates disabled on all 3 of my FTV’s.

      • Nathan says:

        How do you disabled updates?

        • Tim says:

          I disabled the updates along time ago and they remotley push the update through. It added the apps to home page and does allow u to disable any of the stuff that came with amazon like pictures,music. Stuff like that we were doing to save on space. But Atleast my firestarter still works.I haven’t got this new update so who knows

    • George mollie says:

      I’m using the hbo now app on my fire TV after update but there is a pause button constantly on screen won’t go off no matter what i do or with any remote

  3. John B says:

    Saw the update applied this morning. Tried a couple open app commands and just got the normal search results.

  4. chris says:

    the update does not block firestopper however the home button detection is now totally broken

    • Cade Foster says:

      Yes, this is true. I didn’t realize at the time. I tried the home button on a newly updated Firestick and it didn’t work. Everything else works fine.

  5. Graham says:

    Running spmc on my fire tv, new update loaded…spmc still on homescreen and beast build working fine…nothing changed…

  6. Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

    Since there are rumors that Amazon was going to block KODI on the FireTV in next updates, I would like to know if anyone that has received the, have tested if Kodi is still working on the FireTV with this newer v5.2.1.0 firmware??

    I also would like to know if anyone have noticed something new or any enhancements on the FireTV1, FireTV2 and FireTV Stick?

  7. Ur mum says:

    Just read this and checked, the update was auto installed. Checked Kodi straight away and YES it still works, thank grown up bearded Jesus

  8. Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

    Some FireTV users that received this, have said that
    it looks like Amazon changed the font, that now it looks a bit like “Trebuchet”.

    Others users has noticed, that the remote got a new update too…

    • Joe D says:

      How would I know if the remote was updated?

      • Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

        I think that the latest FireTV2 Wifi-Remote update is 197 (and 352 for the Bluetooth Old Model for FireTV1), so you only have to go and check the remote firmware version at:

        Settings/Controllers and Bluetooth Devices/Amazon Fire TV Remotes

        The Wifi-Remote version 197 was the last one before the new update, so I presume that a new version should be 198 or above…

      • Martin Pritchard says:

        Settings -> Controllers and Bluetooth Devices -> Amazon Fire TV Remotes

        Mine hasn’t had an update, but it’s 1st Gen.

  9. Robert Hartzell says:

    Time to start blocking these updates for me. Firestopper home button detection doesn’t work now. Back to using Amazon’s ugly UI. :(

  10. Martin Pritchard says:

    Mouse Toggle 1.04 appears to lock out ADB, you’ll get “offline” until you remove or deactivate it, and it doesn’t work anyway. Same goes for Wukong Remote 1.9.0EN.

  11. John B says:

    Seeing version 217 on the voice remote. Not seeing any changes in voice command response. Anyone else seeing the promised updates?

  12. Mark says:

    I didn’t realize how many software updates puts out, they are as bad as apple.

    • Ted Burgular says:

      Updates are good. It means it’s an active project.

      Better than Android, where Google announces it’s fixed something, Nexus doesn’t get it for months, and other brands might never get it. As soon as you do get it Google announces it’s fixed something that’s broken in that update. Wash and repeat.

  13. IrishBiker says:

    Hmm unless its something huge in the update, think I’ll leave my boxes alone. It’s now a case, if it an’t broke….

  14. Duncan says:

    The update installed on my fire tv last night but not yet on my fire stick. There’s a major update to the parental controls, you can now specify lock levels for age rating, great! I’ve been hunting on how to do this for weeks. I’ve set my box to no-pin for u and pg content so that my kids can finally start using the box, I’ve not let them steam anything before because I didn’t want to be putting the pin in every time. I’ve also run up Kodi on my fire tv with the update with no problem. I’m really looking forward to the update for my stick just to get those parental controls!

  15. d3ad says:

    Anyone else having issues trying to run hbo go or hbo now with kodi/spmc installed on this new update??

  16. frvgl says:

    Is there a way to get the Mouse Function back on

  17. Mafaveli says:

    Any update on if this firmware is still rootable?

  18. ben says:

    will first gen fire tv get the update as well

  19. John B says:

    Guess aftvnews hasn’t tested this yet.

  20. TechyChris says:

    Are the AFTV News software update blocking methods still holding?

    I will stay blocked for as long as possible, figure I have 6-12 months of stability on my Gen 1 Fire TV’s. By then they will be nearly 3 years old and it will be time to look into a new media streaming box. I’m really tired of corporate politics and want to find a generic box not tied to any particular ecosystem. Just
    something than can run android/google apps without all the drama.

    • Cody says:

      Nvidia Shield Android TV, my friend.

      I had/have a Gen 1 too. Got sick of Amazon’s BS and made the switch about a month ago. Now, for as awesome as I once thought the Fire TV was, that’s how much I think it sucks now lol.

      *Inserts 128 GB SD card

      “Would you like this to become your internal storage, sir?”

      Ok maybe no “sir” but you get the point. My only storage concerns now are where to store this “Amazon commercial in a box”.

  21. Mike Agner says:

    I don’t see the new Fire TV skills that were mentioned for this new release on the Alexa website under ‘Whats New’. Perhaps these skills aren’t quite ready yet?

  22. Nate says:

    I can’t block updates after this update. Tried using command line and Debloater, no dice with either.

  23. Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

    Wurmzz, a FireTV user that has received the update, is having problems with Netflix and Amazon Videos:

    “I just got the update yesterday as well. Netflix doesn’t load properly anymore, gets stuck at 99%.
    Amazon videos don’t play they load the video and I just see like a screenshot of the video and it doesn’t play.
    I’ve lost all audio. Tried resetting, clearing cache, data, reinstalling Netflix etc.”

    I not have received this new update yet, but I am very worried and would like to know if anyone here has experienced the same weird behaviors with Netflix and Amazon Videos?

  24. G1x says:

    Mine firetv was updated on Thursday and ever since my Flirc has stopped working. Has anyone else seen the same?

    • John B says:

      Just a guess, check if your USB debugging setting got reset. Just got the Fire TV box last Monday and have flirc and a Harmony 650 being delivered tomorrow, so my guess is based on research.

    • John B says:

      Got Flirc yesterday, added it with no problems. It works fine, just need to do the home button workaround.

      • Fofer says:

        What’s the “home button workaround?”

      • drizzt09 says:

        yes… whats the home button workaround?
        I have the home button as an on screen button and that works… what i would like is sleep mode shortcut.
        I also have a flirc and 650

  25. Jack says:

    New update I am having amazon issues Netflix Issues stuck 99% and no audio like the person above.

    • DoctorGonzo says:

      Try clearing your cache and data under Amazon Video app. If that doesn’t solve your issues, try rebooting.

      • Jack says:

        reset to factory defaults still doing same thing. I called amazon their tech is suppose to be looking into this and getting back with me.

  26. magica says:

    Wukong/mouse toggle stopped working

  27. Daryl says:

    If it possible to install an specific firmware release? I have a fire tv that hasn’t been updated to os 5 and is NOT rooted. Is there a way to install 5.0.5 or below and run kingroot to root it? Or would I need to let it update to the latest and hope for a rooting method in the future?

    • AFTVnews says:

      No, there is no way to manually select which version is installed. There is a chance it will updated to 5.0.5 (which is rootable) instead of or the new Let it update and be ready to block updates once it finishes updating incase you get luck and it updates to 5.0.5. You want to make sure it doesn’t THEN download because the update is tiny and it will download very quickly.

      • Daryl says:

        I let it update and sure enough it updated first to 5.0.5. At which point I blocked the OTA servers and all is good. Thanks for the help.

  28. Vulcan195 says:

    A manufacturer that does not offer an option to disable automatic application of a firmware update should worry about a class action suit. I can think of no other product that does not offer an option to disable auto updates. Microsoft Windows; Abode Flash; Apple IOS; Samsung Smart TVs etc all offer this. It’s their legal way of ensuring that they are not held liable if an update breaks core functionality.

    Perhaps everyone here should take advantage of FireTV’s built-in ‘help desk call back’ feature to have them call … and then unload on them the fear of God that they better not screw up a perfectly fine box … else we may held them responsible … and may have to face any legal consequence.

    Companies get worried when consumers use the word ‘legal’ during a customer support call.

    Amazon should call Bono / U2 and seek advice on whether pushing updates without user content is a good thing.

  29. BranniganSlaw says:

    I noted since updating that Kodi doesn’t show up in my ‘Recent Apps’ section anymore. It’s still down in the ‘Apps’ section so it’s not a big deal – but wondering if this has happened to anyone else? Strange it hasn’t been mentioned above – which makes me thing maybe it’s just mine…

  30. Leon Hook says:

    You can still sideload apps on the new firmware. You just have to toggle the adb settings on the device again once updated. I uninstalled kodi and re-installed and it works fine for me. Also sideloaded a bunch of other apps to test and they all worked.

  31. Mdt says:

    just quickly, for those that are using remote mouse and sideloader with the latest firmware you will need to update the remotemouse app on your AFTV. If you don’t then for some reason both apps fail to work.

    I’m not sure if this occurred with the latest update, but has anyone noticed that the AFTV now shows up in your local wifi list?

    • Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

      Thanks Mdt for letting us know that we will need to update Remote-Mouse on our FireTV, if we want to use sideloader with the latest firmware.

      Since the most recent Remote Mouse for FireTV available in the Amazon Appstore is v1.08, I would like to know if there any newer version in the Google Play Store or Directly from the APP Developers?

      • Mdt says:

        The latest version of REMOTEMOUSE is 1.12. Just uninstall the old one and then install from AFTV, even though it states it is 1.08 it has been updated to 1.12.


        • Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

          Thanks Mdt for your fast reply!

          I finally found the “Remote Mouse for Fire TV” latest v1.12

          I bought a few months ago this APP from the Amazon Appstore, but if I do a search using my FireTV, it always says I have to buy it again!

          So, I had to install the “Remote Mouse for Fire TV” APP on my phone first, and then make a sideload to my FireTV, to be able to get the latest v1.12 from the Amazon Appstore.

          I do not know why, but often the Fire TV don’t automatically updates the installed APPs… Many times I’ve been forced to manually update the APPs or re-install (sideload) them again.

  32. vulcan195 says:

    I am waiting for the update. Meanwhile, can someone please confirm that FLIRC remote works? I use my Harmony (via FLIRC) remote 99% of the time. If the new firmware breaks FLIRC, its going to be a major PITA.

    For those who are not familiar with FLIRC, it is a USB dongle that connects to the Fire TV and allows use of an infrared remote. Besides the standard remote keys, it will also allow you to use PREV and NEXT feature (for instance to skip to next video while watching Youtube or CBS News etc.). The standard remote does not have PREV and NEXT buttons.

  33. neo says:

    Hi I am in a non Amazon Fire country (Sweden) but I have a Fire TV 1 bought from a private importer and Amazon and Fire TV is pretty big in a neighbouring country, Germany, but I have not gotten the last 2 updates..

    I bought it last fall and it has Fire OS 3 on it, I had it for a while and then updated it to the beta OS 5 thru the program.. OTA Beta, signed up on site etc..

    Then I waited a while and got the official Fire OS 5 OTA, 5.0.5 update sometime in late february and it all worked fine and as normal, popped up on my screen and updated it.

    But since then nothing, no and no any way to force it or download it manually and then to a usb memory etc..

    Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

  34. ComfortablNumb says:

    FireTv box (1st gen) received update 20th, running stock no KODI etc.. The Amazon screen saver no longer functions and Amazon Video seems to just randomly exit and go back to home screen. I’ve tried clearing cache and reboot both issues persist. Checked screensaver settings there still on the defaults start at 5 minutes, screen just goes black. Also FWIW it’s running wired connection, and no other network issues at the time of Amazon video stopping.

    I haven’t tried any other APPs long enough yet to see if there is any other issues.

    • TROJAN4EVR says:

      @ComfortablNumb screensaver works through the Photos app….Try clearing both cache and data in Photos under Manage Installed Applications.

    • TROJAN4EVR says:

      @ComfortablNumb do the same for the Amazon Video app…

    • Mark says:

      If you set your screen saver to to 10 minutes does the screen still go black (sleep) after just 5 minutes, like mine does since the latest update?
      I don’t think my issue is related to the screen saver, more likely that it’s the sleep timer.
      Unfortunately it looks like only an newer update can correct the sleep timer as there doesn’t appear to be a setting for it.

  35. ralph says:

    after update fire tv stick to a new version kodi not working anymore, impossible to open it, going back to main screen every try, also esfile-explorer not downloading files anymore, it still opening but not allowing download files or apks. do not upgrade

    • TROJAN4EVR says:

      Download esfile explorer from amazon app store if you don’t already have it…Launch Es file explorer and navigate to device> sdcard> Android> data> org.xbmc.kodi> files> .kodi> userdata> Database> Then select and delete AddonsXX.db file where “XX” can be either 19 or 20. Back out of es file explorer and then try to restart kodi.

    • TROJAN4EVR says:

      make sure you have adb debugging and install apps from unknown sources turned on…

      • Paul Sobel says:

        This still does not work. I sent a message to makers of ES Explorer, hopefully more people will too. I have tested this on two sticks that have the installed. One has Kodi and the other is new out of the box. Both, when you click on “Open in browser” after selecting the ARM file, it just kicks you out to the menu to select the app again. This happens with both KODI and Firestarter install process. I have done several sticks with the old OS and it works fine.

  36. Gorathorn says:

    Update blocking method 2 doesn’t work anymore after updating to

  37. MileHIGH303 says:

    Any word on root?

  38. Curly says:

    Got the update overnight. Kodi is working but now my smooth 60 fps live TV has gone to crap now and is down to 30 fp. Looks like they changed an mpeg2 codec or player or something. Also no longer can specifically pick the deinterlacing settings. Totally ruined it for me.

  39. Nik says:

    Got update on fire stick 1st gen. Screensaver goes to black, but whats most annoying is that, when stick goes to screensaver it ends the app that was working in the background, if it was on pause i have to start it again…
    This update brings bugs obviously

    • ComfortablNumb says:

      Yep, that’s exact same thing my stock 1st gen box is doing..the black screen saver and apps end. But also have the amazon video app just randomly closes. I ran a binge marathon on Netflix today for about 3 hours with no issues.

  40. N Lewis says:

    So yesterday I updated my 2nd Gen Fire TV to software version and noticed that voice search does not work anymore. Earlier when I pressed the voice search button on the remote I used to be able to voice search, with the latest update nothing happens if I press the button. I have also updated the Remote software as I got a prompt after the Fire TV upgrade reboot.
    I checked Youtube for 4K and initially it did not work as when I launched Youtube I just got a black screen and then an error on my TV saying incompatible signal. Rebooted TV and Fire TV, went into settings and changed resolution to HD from AUTO, then was able to launch Youtube in HD. Changed it to AUTO again and voila Youtube in full 4K !! and got a small prompt saying press the ‘three lines’ button to change to 30fps which when I did caused my screen to go blank so my TV only supports 60fps, thats good for me. So back to my original problem, any help on what is causing voice search to stop working btw not sure if this is related but I am using the FireTV outside US.

    • Fel says:

      Any other changes on the YouTube App beside 4K Support?

    • N Lewis says:

      Thought will provide an update to this.. voice search started working on its own about 3 days ago… nice feature with being able to do fun voice searches with Alexa… to answer the query posted by Fel – other changes I noticed are minor like the font change and the app store layout..

  41. John Grover says:

    No update for me (uk). Anyone from the uk have the update?

  42. Grant Christmas says:

    Update 26/95 12pm (UK model) today, I will begin testing

  43. I successfully rooted my fire tv stick after updating to using kingoroot apk and then disabled ota updates following the instructions from the guide on this website.

    • Mat says:

      My friend you are a genius!

      I was really hacked off that i couldn’t disable the updates and keep firestopper..really can’t stand the amazon UI.

      thanks so much :-)

  44. ML says:

    FYI – this update has broken some functionality for the Tablo app when using a hard wired connection. Switching to Wifi fixes the problem.

    Nuvyyo the company that makes the Tablo DVR is working with Amazon to get a fix pushed out.

  45. Jan says:

    Since the update to on my first generation FireTV, I often have no sound when turning on TV and AVR; I didn’t have this before and the only way I know to ‘fix’ this is to restart my FireTV. This is so extremely annoying that I’m close to ditching my FireTV.

    Does anyone else have this issue?

  46. G1x says:

    Fixed my Flirc issue by upgrading it to v3.8 firmware

  47. Julian says:

    Since the update my Samsung Smart TV won’t recognize my FTV Stick with Anynet+ (hdmi cec). Only after rebooting the FTV Stick with the stock Remote (hold Home + Play/Pause Button) it’s able to connect.
    Someone else with that Problem ?
    Are there any solutions ?

    • Geedub says:

      I am having that exact problem, pleased it isn’t just me! No fix heyond what you have suggested, toying with factory reset but I’m not hopeful and it’s a lot of hassle to put everything back. I’m pinning my hopes on a future update sorting it!

  48. Olly says:

    Since updating to on AFTV2, passthrough audio via HDMI for AC3/DTS does not work, just getting high pitch noise / loud white noise. Only workaround appears to be to disable passthrough, and then I only get stereo. I use Plex, and AFTV native app also does not support surround sound! Was working perfectly before this update!

    • Ted Burgular says:

      I can also confirm that Kodi passthrough has been broken with this update.

      • Olly says:

        I reinstalled Kodi 16.1 via adb (still works) over the top on my AFTV2 and passthrough started working again. My sequence: 1. disable passthrough, 2. restart AFTV2 (and play something in stereo – may not be important?), 3. reinstall Kodi, 4. change audio in Kodi back to passthrough (and play something to test it). I also switched HDMI ports during the process, just in case that is also important. Back up and running here :-)

  49. Rami says:

    I am in Saudi Arabia, I have aftv stick, I cannot get the last update till now.
    Do you advice me to try getting update or keeping my recent firmware
    If yes how.

  50. Kaldak says:

    I have a first-generation Fire TV stick and Fire TV and so far no update. Is this normal? I am in the United States, has anyone else not had an update yet?

  51. ComfortablNumb says:

    Looks like there is yet another new update, on my first gen box anyway, It downloaded this morning around 06:00. My screen saver is working once again, and Fire TV seems to crashing a lot less (which was new for me since the last update).

  52. Snapshot says:

    I have non-voice Fire TV stick, still on
    Manual update check finds no update. In the US.

    Is still rolling out? Or stopped, or newer version?

    • Jeff_C says:

      My Amazon Fire TV box (1st gen) updated to on Saturday 4th June 2016. My Fire TV Sick updated to the same a few days later. Strangely my other Ist gen Fire TV Box is still on which last updated 4th April 2016. This latter box is always the last of my three devices to get updates. I wonder if Amazon ‘pulled’ the original update for this box and have it in the queue to receive, which on the face of it fixes an issue with the screensaver not working.

  53. Jeff_C says:

    Somewhere along the line it seems one of the recent software updates has altered the optical audio output on first gen Fire TV boxes. I can no longer get 5.1 audio into my older AV amps (which only have optical inputs). Anyone else notice this? The AV amps report Dolby Digital, and Stereo (Front Left and Front Right speaker icons light up). Very disappointed about this.

  54. Rami says:

    At last the update arrived
    I left aftv stick for couple days without using it and now I found it already updated
    I did not see any changes

  55. drizzt09 says:

    my AFTV 4k box updated and now it has an issue with when it goes to sleep and I turn the TV on and wake box up my screen is black. i either have to swap HDMI ports or reboot box with power cord.

    my 1st gen AFTV stick got the update a week later and it got rid of kodi in recent and apps list. Still installed but skin and customization is gone.
    I reset to factory and started from scratch with Kodi. Got it back running but still not in recent or apps. I have to go into settings > apps > manage apps > kodi > launch” every time. Dont have this issue on the 4kbox. its still in my recents for easy launch. I have tried the dereg trick which solved this same issue on the last update… but not this time. PITA

    My wife doesnt like tech so this just makes it worse.

  56. Lisa C. says:

    I am so angry with this update! My Amazon Fire TV stick no longer works at all. To scroll up or down you now have to scroll side to side. It’s driving me crazy. Can’t open a single app. When I click to open one that stupid Alexa tells me button is not clickable!!! Grrrr. It worked totally fine before this, now I hate it.

  57. Charlie The Tuna says:

    After the update my remote does not work in Kodi at all. WTH what did they do?

  58. Joseph says:

    After the update my firestick is now blinking on and off. Is there a way to stop it.

  59. Brave Curmudgeon says:

    stick user

    took 5210 update as recommnded to kingo root via apk


    CANNOT push apk installs now


    How will I adblock?

    no cool

    if no solution I’m returning the stick


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