Fire TV software update 5.0.5 with Alexa begins rolling out to 1st-gen devices


The day so many of us have been waiting for has finally arrived. The Fire OS 5 software update is finally beginning to roll out to 1st-gen Fire TVs. The update carries version number 5.0.5 (537174420). So far, I’ve only received confirmation that 1st-gen Fire TVs are receiving this update, but It’s likely older Fire TV Sticks that shipped with non-voice remotes will also receive this update. It’s unclear if this update will also arrive on 2nd-gen Fire TVs. If you have a 2nd-gen Fire TV that you wish to root, be sure you’re blocking updates until we know whether this version is rootable or not.

This is the update that adds Alexa to older devices and brings those devices up to Android version 5.1 Lollipop. As always, there is no way to force the update on your device. You can force an update check, but if it’s not your device’s turn to update, then all you can do is wait. Amazon rolls the update out slowly over the course of a couple weeks so some devices will be updated early while others won’t receive the update for a while. Let us know in the comments once you receive the update, which device you have, and what new features you’ve noticed.


fire-os-5-0-5-sfotware-update-screenshot2/2/2016 5:52pm Here is a screenshot for those asking for it in the comments. It is from a 1st-gen Fire TV. Big thanks to Gary C. for providing it.
2/3/2016 8:00am I’ve received confirmation that older Fire TV Sticks are indeed also receiving this software update. Additionally, the update adds better support for Amazon’s add-on subscription service, as well as a new consolidated “Your Videos” section.

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  1. Peter says:

    Any info on if devices running the developer preview will receive the update?

    • Emanon305 says:

      Im not sure how to apply to the thread in general but what i’ve noticed with the new update is that you can see third party apps under the application tab of the home screen. So you don’t need to use llama to create shortcuts :)

  2. Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

    1000Thanks Elias for the Great News!!

    Since the current version on the FireTV2 is 5.0.4 (536116920)… I would like to know what’s new in this v5.0.5 and if the FireTV 2nd Gen will Receive this latest update?

    • AFTVnews says:

      Once I receive the update, I’ll dissect it as usual and try to uncover all the changes. Stay tuned.

      • Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

        Thanks Elias!

        I was just a little anxious to know whether Amazon had included something new in this new v5.0.5 update.

        • AFTVnews says:

          I’m still gathering info (since I don’t have the update myself yet) but looks like Amazon added a new “Your Videos” section to the launcher that merges Prime Video, Watchlist, Video Library, Subscriptions, and more into one area. I’ll have a post up with more detail tonight or tomorrow morning. It’s now the new first section after “Home” and seems to be where most people will spend their time since it basically houses all the “free/included” content that you don’t have to pay extra for.

      • Bmadger says:

        Any info on whether this update is the promised one to allow the new game controller to work with fire stick w/ voice & older fire tvs?

        • thevoiceover says:

          I had the preview and was using the game controller 2 and it worked fine, so I assume this will work fine (voice and all)

  3. Freemz says:


    Will this affect Kodi on first gen Fire TV’s & Fire TV Sticks?

    • AFTVnews says:

      It shouldn’t, but we’ll know for sure once more people receive the update.

      • Freemz says:

        Thank you, I hope it wont.
        One other thing, I use to have the Kodi icon on the home page but over the last few days it has gone and all I get is either the Ikono TV icon (still takes me to Kodi) or a black icon with a rocket image, I tried redoing it via adbfire but it no longer works, this is the same on a few others I have checked. Any ideas?

        • Deco says:

          Same thing has happened to me in the last week also with my Fire TV.
          Using Ikono TV to launch Kodi under recent apps, but icon has changed back to Ikono TV, even after updating again via adbfire.

          Wonder what changed, don’t thing there were any recent updates?

          I believe Kodi shows now under the app menu of FireTV OS5, but still not under Recent.

          • atone says:

            The issue regarding Kodi Icon not showing and ikonoTV is showing instead is an issue I also experienced this week on my rooted 1st gen AFTV. I fixed it by renaming the thumbnail and preview PNG files located in \SDcard\.imagecache\\org.ikonotv.smarttv.
            I used ES File Explorer to navigate to the proper folder and renamed it to the same name that ikonotv image files were being named. Renaming PNG files was done on a Windows PC and transferred back to the Firetv via my home network using ESfileExplorer. Kodi image is now showing up after numerous restarts. (A guide to navigate to imagecache folder is here:
            note: this issue is completely independent of the the FireTV 5 update topic of this thread.

          • atone says:

            Just clarifying, I renamed the PNG image files (not the folder name).

          • atone says:

            I think ikonotv app is adapting to us changing the PNG icon by downloading new image files with different descriptions of the PNG file & now downloading a 3rd image file that also needs replacement. Images seem to be deleted after I use Clean Master for cleaning AFTV space. So I’m finding the problem recurring daily. If I keep replacing with 3 kodiPNG files then it is fixed temporarily. No idea if there is a permanent fix :(.

          • atone says:

            I think ikonotv app is adapting to us changing the PNG icon by downloading new image files with different descriptions of the PNG file & now downloading a 3rd image file that also needs replacement. Images seem to be deleted after I use Clean Master for cleaning AFTV space. So I’m finding the problem recurring daily. If I keep replacing with 3 kodiPNG files then it is fixed temporarily. No idea if there is a permanent fix for ikonotv icon replacement…(maybe we should start using a different app to replace icon instead of ikonotv).

        • barrmy says:

          had this issue, and used FireTV Utility (search xda) to just repush the icons and it fixed it across all my devices

          • Deco says:

            Thanks barrmy, the FireTV Utility fixed it for me too.
            All we need now is a way to have the Kodi shortcut in recent items with FireTV OS 5

        • Train says:

          I just got the Alexa update on my fire stick and it won’t control Kodi it tells me remote is not clickable

    • Bob says:

      No kodi still works

  4. Ayman says:

    still Latest Software Version:

    info Amazon:

  5. Keith says:

    Yes!Thanks for the good news, Elias!

  6. clocks says:

    I’d be interested if there are any speed/performance differences, expecially on the stick.

  7. Matze.B says:

    Someone has ‘hot’ screenshots of 5.0.5?

  8. Geo says:

    +1 for the screenshot.
    Also has anyone updated from the developer preview ?

  9. Johnny says:

    2 First Gen Fire TV’s and neither have received the update yet. Still waiting

  10. tom42 says:

    Will there be a path for rooted gen1 users that keeps root

  11. Lo says:

    Will definitely wait a few days before updating to this version, can’t risk any bugs without the ability to downgrade. Once they fix the issues that had with dolby digital not knowing when to turn on and off we are good. Also i hope pass through audio is working on Kodi as well.

    • atone says:

      These things also concerned me if I updated my rooted ftv to a new rooted ftv 5.0 version. I need passthrough to an old AV system for Netflix using spdif toslink.

      • Frank Lin says:

        Same here – Does anyone know if 5.1 over toslink/spdif in netflix is maintained with this update?

        • VonMagum says:

          5.1 over toslink/spdif still works here on my Fire TV Stick with Voice Control.

          I’m hoping they improved performance a bit as Kodi was stuttering (more like an audio cut-out for a fraction of a second once in awhile when the CPU meters pegged for no apparent reason as they regularly do even when nothing is playing in Kodi so I assume Amazon prioritizes background crap over the main application. I’ve been contemplating a 4K Fire TV just to fix it as it’s unacceptable for a song to “skip/stutter” (worse sounding than a record skip) and I know it’s CPU related as it does it far more often if I have it transcode DTS to Dolby Digital or something else that uses more CPU power (e.g. external visualizer). I’ll have to test more to find out, but I’m not holding my breath. Even my old modified Gen1 Apple TV with an added Broadcom card runnnig OpenElec and 15.2 Isengard never stutters like that so clearly a FireTV Stick should be able to play without running out of CPU power. Amazon needs to keep priority on the App and not them checking for ads or other meta data or whatever they’re doing in the background.

          I can also verify that Miracast still doesn’t work with my Lumia 640 Windows 8.1 Phone with the update (nothing detected even when the Fire TV is in “Mirroring Mode”.

          I also discovered that to get 5.1 sound out of Netflix on that upstairs system (which is a high-end audio only system I used an old outboard Dolby decoder to put some self-powered surrounds in for TV use and the occasional movie and/or music surround album), my “add-on” HDMI switcher must be set to “5.1” even when it’s just using SPDF (2.0 works for all SPDiF 5.1 on Prime and Kodi, but Netflix wants to “detect” “5.1” first and it can’t tell SPDIF from stereo, apparently). This applies to the older updates as well.

  12. Matze.B says:

    Thanks for the screenshot!

  13. Chris Loughrey says:

    When will Rbox’s pre-rooted version come out? I notice the last firmware on this site was an old September 2015 update. Why no recent updates? I want this update for kodi on home screen but want to retain root.

  14. Joe says:

    I’m in no rush to update. Will wait till the early adopters identify any bugs ;)

  15. Audioguy says:

    Got the update. Seems to have broken the Llama/Classic TV. Also the HD home run native app no longer works.

    • Mitchell Poole says:

      Llama was known to not work with 5.x update based on experience with new devices. 5.x does now show sideloaded apps in the Apps area but use FireStarter as an alternate desktop launcher for a better environment.

  16. theracer378 says:

    Nothing yet for the 1st gen Fire Stick :(

  17. shaun says:

    any news on whether firestarter and kodi are still fine ?

  18. Chimera says:

    I hope there’s a way to manually request the update soon, I want to get one of my sticks updated and tested before the 2 “main” ones get force-updated and stuff stops working for my wife!

  19. Dave says:

    I installed the developer preview version (5.0.3) on both my 1st gen Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Will I still get 5.0.5 automatically?

  20. atone says:

    thanks for the great info on new 1st gen update. I will wait for any bug fixes for eg. passthrough of dolby digital via spdif toslink before updating. And after a rooted version is made available.

  21. Geo says:

    I’m thinking of rolling back to FireOS3, since I’m on the developer preview, in hopes that I will get new update.

    Does anyone think that this is a good idea?

    • AFTVnews says:

      The only disadvantage is that you’ll need to factory reset when you rollback. I don’t think it will speed up your chance of getting the official 5.0.5, but it can’t hurt, as long as you’re fine with losing all your settings and data.

  22. ben says:

    will i get update if i did the preview

  23. Mitch says:

    has anyone actually gotten the update?

  24. peter says:

    Does this update allow the fire stick to connect to bluetooth speakers?

  25. Karine-Johanne Charlot says:

    I’m using the 1st gen Fire TV stick, still on since i got it in december.

    Are there any issues when upgrading from outside the intended markets ? I’m using it from France. Would you recommend using a proxy / uk DNS ?

  26. Ali says:

    I did request to revert back? It is almost one day and nothing came yet…

  27. Marshall says:

    My kodi audio passthrough worked fine on 5.0.4, updated to 5.0.5 and now I only get white noise. This is over HDMI on a Fire TV 2.

  28. Ayman says:

    almost 7 Day and nothing came yet

  29. soulclaimed says:

    anyone know when uk will get the 5.0.5 update amazon customer services wouldn’t or couldn’t tell me

  30. Recon says:

    No update yet on both of my 1st gen devices. Starting to get impatient!

  31. HeyRadar says:

    It’s been 8 days now. And still no update yet for my Fire TV 2 nor my Sticks. Did they cancel it?

  32. Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

    I have just received the 5.0.5 (537174420) update today on my 2nd Gen. FireTV Box!

    However still no update for my 1st Gen FireTV Box nor my FireTV Sticks…

    Since it’s been 8 days now, and I am getting very impatient!

    I really don’t understand why it takes such a long time to arrive this new update to the 1st. Gen. FireTV units!

  33. barrmy says:

    Just got the update on 1st gen aftv, no kodi (isenguard) icon in apps..ugh..does anyone on 1st gen have the icon in apps like the 2nd gen on 5.0.4?

  34. Guido says:

    Update arrived in Germany today. Until now only on Fire TV Stick (1.Gen). Fire TV (1 .Gen) finds no update.

  35. Beato says:

    Received and update my fire last night tv 1GEN to Android 5.0.

  36. Harry says:

    Me too… 5.0.5 on 1st Gen. In the Netherlands

  37. Oracle says:

    My first generation Fire TV received the 5.0.5 update today in the United States.

  38. Jony says:

    really really really…. I don’t understand Why it Takes such a long Time to Arrive this New Update???

  39. Wolfman says:

    Well i’ve installed the update on my Gen 1 Box and i’m disappointed to find the CBS All Access app in still incompatible. I hoping the move to 5.05 was going to sort this.

    • Travis says:

      Same issue here. Does that app not work at all on 5.0.5, or is it a problem only with 1st gen devices?

      • Drew says:

        Same here. Wondering if I have to get a new Fire TV to get this app

        • Ted says:

          I don’t think you’ll need a new device. Amazon handles device compatibility a little bit differently than Google. Based on my own experience, they test the apps for device compatibility based on the current software release posted on the official Fire TV software update page. Right now, that still shows the pre-5.0 release for the first-gen Fire TV. Thus, CBS probably can’t yet get the app approved for the first-gen Fire TV since it won’t install on the test devices. The Fire TV Stick is a different story now, since the voice remote version is already on a 5.0 build. Even though the update page shows both, I think they’re exclusively using 5.0 on the Stick for testing. This is all just my best guess, of course, but it seems to make sense based on what I’ve seen. I’m currently holding an update to my app until the software update page reflects 5.0 across the board. I’d expect it to pass testing on all 3 devices at that time. I’m pretty sure CBS will do something similar.

  40. Lee says:

    Hi guys, got update (5.0.5) on my first gen firestick. It broke an early version of firestarter I had installed, however the Kodi icon is in the app section, it’s 15.1, I’m about to do a factory reset and put on 15.2 and firestarter v3.1, will let yous know of any issues I have.

    • Lee says:

      Just installed firestarter v3.1 and still getting screen error and double click to start Kodi doesn’t work. Kodi icon is in apps section, I added it to favourites but can’t see a favourites section…

  41. Sonic22 says:

    Got the update on only 1 of the 5 boxes. Works great. No lag kodi 15.2 works the same no issues. Not all alexa features available on box. All settings stayed debug and non author apps content manager off,. Did see a great performance in prime video downloads

  42. patt says:

    those of who who have the beta preview how did you update?

  43. Geo says:

    …and still nothing…:(

  44. Dan says:

    I got the update, but my Ikono shortcut does not launch Kodi anymore even though the Kodi logo is still there. Clicking Ikonotv actually launches IkonoTV.

    I tried recreating the event in Llama, but it does not work (still launches Ikono). I can still run Kodi from Manage Installed Apps.

  45. Liam says:

    So this is probably the slowest update yet… I use to get them within a few days after they were announced. 16 days later still nothing…

    Guess I’m just being impatient but there is an app I would like but requires OS 5. Please hurry Amazon.

  46. Emanon305 says:

    What I’ve noticed with the new update is that you can see third party apps under the application tab of the home screen. So you don’t need to use llama to create shortcuts :)

  47. Horie Bull Remoat says:

    I got the update (5.0.5) on 1st Gen AFTV stick.
    I cannot get KODI to show up in Apps. :( I did a factory reset and I am now using Jasper 16.0. I only have ESfilemanager and KODI installed. I do not have llama installed and nothing else other than those two apps.
    Anyone have any advice to show KODI in apps?

  48. João Deiró says:

    Got the update and it seems to have bricked my AFTV.

    It installed normally, but it doesn’t start up, I am stuck on a black screen after the Amazon logo.

    Is there something I can do?

  49. ab says:

    Wow this is a crazy slow update neither of my fire TVs have updated, and I’ve checked religiously lol

  50. cb says:

    Is the 5.0.5 update listed under yet? The newest ROM listed for the FireTV stick is – that’s not it, right? Which version is that, actually?

    Do I read the news correctly that BT Audio support comes to the Stick with 5.0.5? There has been a lot of confusion about that since it was first announced with a previous update, but the announcement was then corrected shortly after stating that only the larger box gets BT audio support.

  51. Horie Bull Remoat says:

    Anyone else having sore eyes after this update? Kinda like the screen is flickering???

    I am using a FIRETV Stick with 5.0.5

  52. Justin says:

    Mine just updated yesterday and I dont have sound from tv speakers or stereo, and cant watch any prime videos! Customer support was not much help, did 2 factory resets with no luck! stated they will get back to me in 3 days, have to run it by their team!

  53. deez says:

    Got 5.0.5 today on Fire TV ,.. Firestarter works kodi isengard works but I can get adbfire to connect via mac nor window even with Doption on and adb on… going to try via usb but tried to root it with towel root but that did not work either on 53717442 …anyone any luck?

  54. Jim Ellis says:

    Some strange issues since the software upgrade:

    1) intermittent random visual white noise whilst watching a show. White noise lasts a second – then cuts back… no telling when it will occur

    2) Audio on some shows/films doesnt play – but isnt consistant across all content

    3) Radio streaming doesn’t always play audio – I can see it playing – but not audio coming out

    All was fine before the software update.

  55. Christoph says:

    i think i bricked my firetv
    i wanted to replace kingroot with supersu and used supersu me
    now the firetv is stuck onthe logo, no adb, no remote commands, no rbox boot menu

    what can i do?

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