Fire TV software history page has been updated


I finally got around to updating my Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV Stick Software Update History page. There you can find information on what changes (that we know of) each software version made, as well as links to all of my posts related to each software version. It also tells you which software versions are rootable for each device. For any modders out there interested in making a custom ROM for the Fire TV, I’ve also included links to all the stock software images that I’ve managed to capture. Note that the page includes options at the top that allow you to hide information you’re not interested in so it’s easier to skim, and your view options are saved in the page’s URL for bookmarking purposes. I have not included Fire OS 3 update information yet, but I’ll do that soon. You can get to the page by using the menu bar, or by remembering the short URL or

  1. Stephan says:


    how to restore internal adb client for firestarter 3.2.3 on firetv
    The workaround for doesn´t work for me at one Firetv1 and one firetv2

  2. Nate says:

    Thank you!!

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