Fire TV Screensaver gains Date and Clock display option

The Amazon Fire TV screensaver hasn’t changed much over the years, but it is now gaining a new option that a lot of people have been wanting for a long time. A new setting to display the date and time in the upper right corner of the screen has started appearing on select Fire TV devices. While it’s a pretty minor change, it’s a welcomed addition, especially for those who like to keep their TVs on all the time.

This new option can be found in the latest version of the Fire TV’s screensaver app, but it’s only being made available on some people’s devices at this time. It’s not clear right now if this new option is just being activated slowly over time or if it is an experimental feature that is only being activated for a small portion of devices. That’s because, for many people, having the latest software version is not enough for the new Date and Clock option to be available. If this is an experimental feature, it may never be released to everyone.

If you want to check for the new option, head to your Fire TV’s Settings area and look under Screensaver options in the Display & Sounds menu. If the new option is available to you, you’ll find it near the bottom, just below the “Start Time” setting.

If you want to keep your screensaver on for longer than the 15-20 minutes that the Fire TV allows by default, it’s possible to set both a custom screensaver timer and a custom sleep timer by following this guide. Setting a very large custom sleep timer will essentially keep the screensaver displayed forever without the screen going black, as it does by default.

  1. clocks says:

    I wish they could use higher compression pictures, so that the screen saver would not use >5% of the device’s limited storage.

  2. TechyChris says:

    This is an improvement but why not an option to have the time visible on the home screen like Android TV? The system clock must be keeping track of time since we set up our zip codes and time zones, it can’t be that complicated.
    I never use the screen saver so this option is of little use to me.

  3. DavidA says:

    Working with Fire TV Cube 2nd generation in UK.

  4. Ck says:

    Please do something about the screensaver starting when watching twitch tv on the fire stick.

  5. Ralin says:

    Stopped working as of 2/12 2021.
    It must be account specific because all of my sticks linked to the account worked and then stopped working.

    Such a shame too, looks like it’s back to chromecast and their ambient mode.

  6. Sashi kiran Maddali says:

    Wish they included world clock screensaver like Roku

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