Fire TV Remote app will regain remote app launching with new interface later this week

Earlier this week, I wrote about the Fire TV Remote app losing the ability to remotely launch apps when devices receive the new Fire TV interface with the software update. Amazon spokesperson Jonathan Richardson just reached out to let me know that an update to the Fire TV Remote app, “due out later this week,” will restore the ability to remotely launch apps. Even better, the updated app will allow you to remotely rearrange the order that your apps are in, and that rearrangement will be mirrored on your Fire TV’s “YOUR APPS & GAMES” section. So if you have a lot of apps and/or games installed on your Fire TV, you’ll be able to use the Fire TV Remote app to more easily arrange the apps exactly how you’d like, without having to tediously do it with the Fire TV remote. Big thanks to Jonathon for paying attention to this community of Fire TV owners and taking the time to let us know about the good news.

  1. ChrisBC says:

    Is there any way to remove (or hide) ones that you don’t want showing? Having to flip thru them all to get the ones I use is a bit of a pain…

  2. Neogeo71 says:

    just put the ones you want at the front, this way they will always be there.

  3. irshad says:

    Hi elias,

    Anyway to change sideloadable apps icon as they look quite bad in the recent menu. Like kodi for example

    Let me know,

  4. clocks says:

    Elias – can you pull some strings and talk those Amazon guys into letting us sort our Prime Watchlists via the website, similar to what Netflix has been doing for about 10 years now? lol

  5. Derrick says:

    Any word about fixing the ios app problem with it only staying connected for a few seconds?

  6. Pupe says:


    I know this question doesn’t belong here but today I check my amazon fire tv has used up all internal storage for no apparent reason. The sum of data of all apps doesn’t add to fill all storage and my remote keeps updating I don’t know why, because I have blocked system updates. Does this has happened to any of you?

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