Fire TV Reddit app ReddTV rejected by Amazon — APK made available to sideload

Amazon has not been shy to reject apps made for the Fire TV that stray too far from their vision of an Android powered streaming device. That’s why it comes at no surprise that ReddTV, a Reddit client made specifically for the Fire TV, was rejected from Amazon’s Fire TV appstore. The app allows you to browse Reddit, vote on posts, and read comments all with the Fire TV’s remote. It even integrates with OneTube, if installed, to seamlessly play YouTube videos posted to Reddit.

Amazon’s issue with the app seems to stem from the adult content found on Reddit. The developer of the app says Amazon’s reason for rejecting the app was that “the content is not appropriate for Fire TV.” As a result, the developer has made the apps APK file available on their website for anyone to download and sideload onto a Fire TV. Give the app a try, and if you like it, buy the developer a beer by donating through their website.

  1. Pablo says:

    Holy shit this is awesome!

  2. porkie says:

    Amazon should reject apps that have adult content since they are a family friendly company. There should be no issues with any app that they reject, cause why would they accept apps that are direct competition to their product? That would be stupid for Amazon to just accept any app that people want to make. Sure people work hard to make apps, but Amazon did not tell anyone to make the app so it should be totally fine if they reject the app. That would be like me sculpting a statue to put in the middle of town without being asked to do so then getting mad when the city said I could not put my statue in the middle of town. Try making apps with no adult content, do not have free movies and TV shows or a launcher, and I am sure Amazon would be more than happy to accept the app.

    • Bob says:

      Amazon is a family friendly company that contains x rated movies, anal beads and dildos? And the rest of your nonsense response has absolutely nothing to do with this topic. I don’t know what you are smoking, but you need to lay off it for a while.

    • Fhd says:

      What the hell are you trying to say?

      No one even seems mad.

    • Charles says:

      …and who would be interested in such apps?

    • ssbsts says:

      what the hell is the point of your post? who said anyone was mad?

  3. porkie says:

    Yes they do sell those items, but most little kids are not gonna be using the amazon website, cause most kids do not have credit or debit cards so why would they even get on the website, but they can get ahold f the Fire TV remote and open apps. I never said anyone was mad, I said it should not be a problem that Amazon denies apps from the Fire TV. Also, there is nothing wrong with porn or sex toys, they are totally legal to buy, but there is something wrong with adult content on a family themed device. Walmart also sells sexual items like vibrators and cock rings, and they are as family friendly as it gets, but they are a business too. You might wanna go back and read old post because there is an article on here where he is angry about Amazon not accepting his apps. He even says he is upset about it. My comment has everything to do with the article, cause people act like if they make an app for the Fire TV that it should autmatically be accepted as a default app on the Amazon store, but just because someone takes the time t make something does not mean Amazon has to accept it. There is a reason why apps like SPMC/Kodi are nt default Fire TV apps. Instead of them getting upset with Amazon for not accepting the apps they made, maybe they can do something better like creating a database of rejected Fire TV apps. I am even willing to help them. I am sure they would not need my help though cause they are intelligent guys, but here is my idea, this is already a well known site within the Fire TV community, so why not have a section on here that list apps that have been rejected by Amazon and links so that people can download them. These guys are already making apps, so after making a section for rejected apps maybe one of them can make a little app for rejected Fire TV apps that way we can have an app store with apps that Amazon did not wanna accept. Just a thought.

  4. tuxen says:

    That is so much BS. FireTV already have great parental controls which restrict kids fom running certain apps for the exact same reason violence and hardcore sex. Each kid can even have their own profile. So that can not be the reason why Amazon rejected it. As usual its likely all about content control. Just like the firestick are able to run firetv apps that Amazon do not approve just fine. (I even heard fucked up rumors amongst the ignorant that it might destroy your firestick because games can be more demanding lol) Or Apps/Games that can not be downloaded if you live in a ‘unapproved’ country. Greedy and dirty just like any other major company.

  5. haha says:

    Maybe it was rejected for it’s ugly interface. Step up the 10ft UIs guys.

  6. machus says:

    The link to the apk is broken.

    Is it still available?

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