Fire TV on sale for $84 at Amazon, RadioShack, Best Buy, & Staples [Expired]


The Fire TV has just gone on sale for $84 at Amazon, RadioShack, Best Buy, and Staples. This sale is expected to last until January 31st. If you’re in the market for a rootable Fire TV, you’re better off buying from a retailer like Best Buy since most of the Fire TVs shipped out by Amazon lately have been unrootable. Buying from a retailer with a physical store in your area comes with the added advantage of easy returns if the unit you receive is not rootable. Remember, you can enter the serial number printed on the outside of the box into my Serial Number Decoder to get a pretty good guess at whether the Fire TV is rootable.

  1. Doomsday says:

    Hey, cool. I just ordered another one and the order is still processing. I’m just on live chat with a rep trying to get the $15 back as we speak. Thanks AFTVNews!

  2. Asadani says:

    AFTVNews. Please update your serial decoder to remove the series 2 as those with the very old firmware has to be updated to the latest version. The ethernet removal trick does not work on those series. I’ve gone through 10 units this weekend and all the units with Series 3 work with the ethernet removal trick.

    Another point to note here is there is no longer the incremental update. It updates to latest. So don’t hold your breath like earlier hoping for an increment. There is an extensive thread on XDA.

    Example Get the Series 3 such as. 70900305xxxxx. Don’t get the 2 Series. Hope this helps someone.

  3. Kai says:

    it was 59.94 at radio shack around dec 15th
    it’s great for root

  4. Snorkel says:

    Just picked up two at best buy and both had a rootable version.

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