Fire TV on sale at Best Buy and Staples for $84 — UPDATE: Amazon matches sale [Expired]

The Amazon Fire TV has just gone on sale for $84 at Best Buy and Staples. It’s unlikely Amazon will match these sale prices, like they have in the past, due to the $50 off promotion they’re currently running. Best Buy and Staples are still your best bet at getting a rootable Fire TV. If you go into a physical store, you can use my serial number decoder to determine rootability before purchasing. These sales are expected to last until February 21st.


Looks like Amazon has matched the $84 price after all.

  1. canarychild says:

    It appears that Amazon is matching the $84 price. Does anyone know if you can combine the $50 promotion with the sale price at Amazon?

  2. young says:

    Is there a way to find out about these sales before they happen. They seem to happen with some regularity and the fact that they always happen at staples and bestbuy at the same time indicates someone knows well in advance.

  3. feegus says:

    You telling me that some peeps are getting the Fire TV for $34?!

  4. LAhockeyfan says:

    I bought an Amazon Fire TV for $34 (plus tax ) using the $50 off discount code by subscribing to three months of Sling TV.

    On a side note it appears there are buffering issues with the Amazon Fire TV Sling app. As soon as I logged into my account the app just kept displaying a buffering signal. Doesn’t happen when using the Sling TV app for the Roku or on my iPhone.

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