Fire TV interface update for the Echo Show 15 has arrived

Amazon announced in September that the Echo Show 15 would be receiving an update that turned it into a full-fledged Fire TV. With only a few weeks left in the year, the Fire TV update is now rolling out to Amazon’s largest Echo smart display, bringing the two product lines closer together than they’ve ever been.

The Echo Show 15 software update that adds the Fire TV interface carries Fire OS version number (PS7500.3991N/3991). You can check for the update by swiping down from the top of the Echo Show 15, selecting Settings, selecting Device Options, and then tapping the option to check for updates. Once the update installs, you still need to manually choose to update to the Fire TV experience through a prompt that appears on the Echo Show 15 home screen.

Once the new Fire TV interface is up and running, you’ll be guided through a quick setup process where you can select from a list of popular Fire TV apps to install all at once, if you’d like. You’ll also be given a chance to pair a Fire TV Remote if you want to use that to control the Fire TV interface instead of the touchscreen.

Many large streaming services have updated their apps to support touchscreen interaction on the Fire TV, but for apps that haven’t, you’ll have to use an on-screen virtual remote. The virtual remote sits on top of the open app and can be moved around if you find it is covering a crucial part of the app. The virtual remote, while perfectly adequate, does get quite cumbersome to use for extended periods of time. If you have a stand-alone Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Cube in addition to the Echo Show 15, this would be the perfect time to upgrade to the Alexa Voice Remote Pro so that you can then use your old regular Fire TV remote with the Echo Show 15.

Launching the new Fire TV interface is done by simply tapping a small round Fire TV icon in the upper right corner of the Echo Show 15 home screen. It opens quickly and is very snappy because the Echo Show 15 is about as powerful as the 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube. The Fire TV interface that Amazon ported over to the Echo Show 15 is the same one used for car rear seat entertainment screens that come with built-in Fire TVs. Any Fire TV owner will feel right at home using it, but it, technically, more closely resembles the layout of the slightly older Fire TV interface. For example, your apps are listed in the first row below the navigation menu, as opposed to being in the navigation menu itself, like on modern stand-alone Fire TVs.

I’ll be diving into the nuances of this new Fire TV interface for the Echo Show 15 in the coming days. Let me know in the comments below if there is something specific you’d like to know about the update.

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  1. Alex says:

    Is using this as a Google Photos frame a decent possibility now?

    • Mich says:

      I really like the echo show experience, does this mean i end up losing it?

      • The Fire TV UI is not a replacement for the original UI. It’s an alternative. You can switch between them and it still defaults to the original UI when left idle.

        • Adam Gibson says:

          No true totaly messed up you tube access and display trying to figure out how to undo it.

        • Morgan says:

          False. I’m pretty pissed atm trying to use YouTube.

          • Victor says:

            Am in the UK. Is this US only upgrade to get FireTV or one need to setup VPN to Geo-bypass for FireTV updates?

        • Lucas H says:

          Yup, horrible horrible youtube experience now which is what we mainly used it for. You have to use the on screen remote for youtube instead of the touchscreen. not institutive, cumbersome, basically a useless, expensive paper weight hanging on a wall.
          How an update can go that far backwards in functionality is beyond me. I am a software engineer and if I ever worked on something like that I would have raised a million flags saying “hey so uhh yeah customers are going to hate this”

    • Anthony Rossetti says:

      I just uploaded my photos to Amazon photos
      the most annoying thing about this device is that the photo frame mode does not persist, I set it to photo frame and then come back and it’s not on photo frame anymore, is there a way to make it persist?
      is this what you mean, are you asking if we can use another method for it it to display our photos, like from our Google photos instead of Amazon photos, like with an Android TV screen saver app being sideloded or something?

      • Alex says:

        I’ve been wanting one of these if it could be used as a photo frame with Google Photos instead of Amazon Photos. So I was wondering if that is now possible with this latest update.

        • Anthony Rossetti says:

          They are not going to natively support Google photos because they are bitter rivals obviously but now you could probably be able to sideload an android TV screen saver app that uses Google photos.
          Amazon photos kinda sucks and the interface is a PITA to use but at least you could just upload the photos you want to Amazon photos, which is what I ended up doing but like I said the only issue with this is that photo frame mode on the show absolutely sucks.
          and it just ignores your wishes, you set it to photo frame mode come back 10 min later and it’s off of photo frame mode and back to regular show home screen mode or whatever that crappy normal thing it does is called.
          Maybe I am doing something wrong here or maybe there is a a trick to make it stay in photo frame mode but I haven’t been able to figure it out yet.
          All I know is that is extremely annoying that it won’t stay set to photo frame

    • Nicole Petrey says:

      Touch screen will not allow me to log back into hulu after software update. I select hulu and the get started or log in screen comes up but log in box brings up a screen at the top that sames touch screen has limited functionality. There is nothing I can do with the virtual remote to log back into Hulu

      • Kathi George says:

        Same issue! CRAZY. I am already paying for Hulu, not going to sign up again. Won’t allow me to log in, either on my iPad or on the show. Hoping for a fix ASAP!

    • Jimbo says:

      Totally screwed up Youtube interface, no option to OPT OUT of new software. AWFUL!!!

  2. LB says:

    Hey Elias are you sure it’s OS My OS is and I don’t have the FireTV interface available?

    • Frank Schottischerman says:

      Mine is (ps7554/3036) and full power cycle didn’t prompt updates or firetv setup. I get waves of updates but surely not regressive ones unless it’s nuking Show os and changing to coincidentally similar firetv os version?

      • FRANK ENGELMAN says:

        I am seeing the Fire TV icon, but couldn’t play any videos with

        Are you in the US?

        What was your technique to get the raves of upgrades to (ps7554/3036)

        • LB says:

          Mine was already at when this article was posted thus the reason, I am unsure how the is when mine is already and I do not have the feature?

          • Jay says:

            Same with me. and no Fire TV

          • Jay says:


            So, I own 2 Echo Show 15 devices. One I keep packed away for use as a slide show picture frame at trade shows. As I commented previously, the one I use in my office is on and no Fire TV.

            I just connected the spare unit, and it updated the software to and when it was done in updated to with Fire TV.

            I tried doing a factory reset on the one with and it did not make a difference. It went right to

    • Richard says:

      Half the apps can’t be downloaded to the device. None of the main uk catch-up apps work

    • Yeah, I’m sure. Mine had a update and after that was installed I saw the Fire TV setup message. Since then it has updated to (PS7501/4103) and it says there are no more updates.

  3. Kir says:

    Can third party apps be installed ?

    e.g. “Internet Radio” application for your country, “SmartNest Tube”, etc.

  4. frank engelman says:

    In the Device Options- “Check for software updates” you will get (PS7500.3991N/3991) offer

    After that when you see the Fire TV icon you will get an offer to do another update to

    After that, when I tap the Fire TV icon, I get my normal Fire TV screen with my current videos

    But, I don’t see how to add a Fire TV remote

    • FRANK ENGELMAN says:

      After I did a power off/on I was given a “Setup your Fire TV experience” – get started with a chance to pair an Alexa Voice Remote 3rd gen

      I’m going to remote pro to see if that will work

    • Randy says:

      Go to settings. Click “get started with fire tv remote” You can purchase or pair an existing remote. But is says the remote is $9.99, but comes up as $29.99 once it is in your shopping cart,

  5. George Yo says:

    Echo Show 15 not allowing Recast to work, after fire tv update…..

    Simple commands to show my recordings, tune to “CBS” no longer working.

    Is there a way to go back?? or to fix this. I have updated to (PS7501/413)

    • Anthony Rossetti says:

      My recast has never worked right on any echo show device I have since I got my recast day one.

      It is really weird, I can ask Alexa to tune to certain channels and she does it, either by network name or by channel number name and it works but with certain other channels it won’t work, however with my 3rd gen echo dots paired to 4k fire TV sticks it works fine, for example “Alexa, tune to ABC” works on the 3rd gen dot/fire TV stick 4k paired but not on my echo show 5, 8 or 15.

      Also asking her to to tune to 5 doesn’t work on the shows either but works on the dot/stick, it has been this way for years now, since I got the recast.
      I reported the issue many times and they did nothing to fix it.

      I found a work around though, I set up a routine and have say to Alexa as the action, if you type in say to Alexa, Alexa tune to five dot one or five point one, I forget how I had to word it now, then it works.

      I say “put on five” to trigger the routine, using “tune to” doesn’t work
      and you have to word the channel right in the say to Alexa part or it won’t work either, I had to do a lot of trial and error to get it working
      but I only had to set up a routine for like 3 or 4 channels, the rest like FOX for example just work the way are supposed to like they do on the dot/stick pairs.

      I think it was 7, NBC, ABC and CBS that didn’t work
      I don’t think I have ever tried “show me my recording” form a show though so I can’t say if that is a new issue.

    • George says:

      Talked to Amazon and it is a “bug” and they are working on it.
      No time frame when it will get fixed other then they said it was on the priority list.

      • Joser says:

        Thanks for the update. Hopefully it works soon. That’s how we watch TV in the kitchen

        • Lee Stover says:

          The fire tv on the Echo Show 15 is a joke. It won’t allow 3rd party apps and you can’t see how much memory you have left. I’m disappointed.

    • Len Mullen says:

      Amazon sucks

      • Doc Wadder says:

        Wow, way to contribute something useful to the conversation.

        • Len Mullen says:

          Echo Show 15, Len’s 2nd Echo Dot, Echo Show 8, Echo Show (2nd Gen), Echo Show 5, Echo Show (2nd Gen), Echo Auto, Echo Dot (3rd generation), Echo Connect, Echo Show, Echo Show, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Show, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Dot

          Amazon has not supported the Recast since launch. Now it is cancelled with no replacement and Amazon broke Recast support on the Show 15. Amazon has never delivered promised Sling TV support on older Shows and implementation on the Show 15 is abysmal.

          I do not want to touch the screen or a remote while I am up to my elbows in dishes. I want to say, “Alexa, tune to 4.2,” which I could do until this update.

          Amazon dumped an unfinished and (obviously) untested OS on the Show 15 and will not allow us to roll back to the product we purchased.

          Amazon sucks just sums all of that up succinctly. As a bonus people who have endured other Amazon pain — like disabling side loading on the new FireTV app — can interpret the phrase as they see fit. My guess is that most were nodding in agreement when they read my simple complaint.

        • Anthony Rossetti says:

          He’s right you know,
          they deliberately reach inside our homes and break things and offer no compensation, not even so much as a courtesy credit.
          They used to be pretty good but lately they are getting just as bad as Google, breaking things and removing features and getting cheap AF now too.
          they would at least offer courtesy credit in the past now they offer nothing.
          Just like Google who sell no working paid apps in their app store and refuse to offer a refund and tell you to contact non responding developers.
          Someone needs to sue on of these big tech giants and set precedent that they can not remove features (through software “updates”) that you paid for when you purchased the device.
          All these companies should also be forced by law to allow you to downgrade (at your own risk) your device to lower FW’s too
          Amazon at least had some decent US based support before but now it’s all low skill 3rd worlders who barely speak English who jut read from a script and refuse to deviate from it at all, just like Google.

    • Richard Bloomfield says:

      The recast was one of my biggest reasons I purchased the Echo Show 15 for my kitchen. Now I have lost that ability. I ended up ordering a Tablo OTA DVR to get my local channels back in the Echo Show 15. The Tablo works great on the Echo Show 15 but its app still requires the remote, no touchscreen controls. More cost but now I can watch the local OTA channels while I’m in the kitchen.

      • Jeff W says:

        I was lucky on this front. I use my kitchen show 15 to put on the CBS morning news while preparing breakfast and lunch. I also have Paramount Plus, primarily for their originals. Since P+ streams my local CBS station I can still get what I need, but it’s definitely a few extra steps. All in all, I’m pretty disappointed with the FireTV update to the Show 15.

  6. Jeff says:

    I have 3 ECHO SHOW 15’s that are up-to-date, yet Only one of them had a message announcing the Fire TV upgrade. I didn’t even do anything on the working unit and the message to upgrade showed up regardless. My other two units red the same Fire OS version, but I can’t get them to upgrade. Cycled power, when to Device Options…no new downloads available. I wonder if they may be pushing out the upgrade in a staggered fashion for purpose of saving bandwidth and/or Beta testing.

  7. Robert says:

    Just received updates works great also with remote

  8. Anthony Rossetti says:

    ” It opens quickly and is very snappy because the Echo Show 15 is about as powerful as the 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube”

    Wow could have fooled me, the interface is so slow and laggy especially for smart home control.

  9. Ali says:

    It would not bring up a keyboard so I could type my sign in info for DirectTv Stream App. This makes no sense!?!

  10. Randy says:

    I downloaded the update. Now I can’t play any video on amazon prime. Tried rebooting, but nothing. So far I definitely don’t like the update.

  11. Jay says:

    Purchase the remote via the settings in the Echo Show 15. The remote is $9.99 if purchased through the 15, otherwise it’s $29.99. You can only get 1 remote for that price through the 15.

  12. Anthony Rossetti says:

    I am wondering if we could pair an old gen 1 fire stick remote to this now.
    And also if the micro USB on the back of the device would be able to be used with an OTG adapter to plug in accessories like an air mouse, keyboard, flash drives, etc?
    if so I wonder if USB drives would be able to be formatted as internal sotrage

    • JonnyHa says:

      I said Alexa, Karaoke and it opened a huge library of karaoke songs and there’s an option to attach a mic. Not quite what you asked but you could sing a few songs until you get a proper answer

      • Anthony Rossetti says:

        Not sure how much more clear I can make it,
        I asked if the micro USB port on the back of the echo show 15 can be used to connect peripherals like you can connect peripherals on a fire TV stick with an OTG plus power cable.
        but of course you would not need an OTG plus power cable since the show 15 is not powered from that micro USB port.
        I asked if you can connect an external USB flash drive if it could be formatted as internal storage as it can on some fire TV models

  13. Russell Odom says:

    Mine shows with no fire tv or available updates

  14. Redsharpie says:

    Does anyone know if the new pro remote volume controls work on the Show 15? I jumped at the $9.99 offer but did not rush shipping. The Show 15 is on the opposite side of the kitchen so I’d like to keep the remote closer to the cooking area and adjust the volume without yelling at the robot and confusing the other Dots around the house within earshot.

  15. Nicole Petrey says:

    Touch screen will not allow me to log back into hulu after software update. I select hulu and the get started or log in screen comes up but log in box brings up a screen at the top that sames touch screen has limited functionality. There is nothing I can do with the virtual remote to log back into Hulu

  16. Kris says:

    I do not like the Echo Show 15 update at all! I liked how easy it was to watch videos on the previous version. Now I have to use a remote for Netflix instead of touch screen?! Ugh. AND of all the apps, I can’t get Prime Video to work. I tap on “start” and it goes back to that same screen. I’ve tried restarting it, unplugging it, changing wifi, etc. I’m very annoyed. I just want to watch my Hallmark movie while washing dishes! Is there a way to go back to the previous version, minus fire TV?

  17. Deloris P. says:

    Wondering if the Echo Show 15 can be used with a Home Theater group to stream audio to Echo speakers over WiFi when watching video through Fire TV interface? If so, Atmos streaming support with Echo Studio(s)?

  18. Holly Zielsdorff says:

    I would like to know if I can watch OTA channels by connecting my antenna to the device,like I can with my fire TV.

    I like my fire TV for that reason, but if that is included perhaps I could combine the echo show and TV into one device

  19. Christine says:

    How do you turn off the remote and go back to touch screen? Obvi the person that came out with this update doesnt have a toddler that likes the touch screen.

  20. Jeff Breinholt says:

    This completely ruins the usability of the echo show 15 because now everything defaults to using the fire TV interface which requires a remote that you don’t have and don’t want to use because you shouldn’t have to.

    “Don’t worry, you can use the touch screen to emulate a remote” (says an idiot).

    Seriously? Something that required zero screen touches requires me to touch an icon to bring up a “virtual remote” and then press arrow keys 50 times to make various selections.

    This isn’t even half baked.
    I’m threading what I’m going to find when I try to view recipes now…

  21. Frank Engelman says:

    Amazon Prime Video is now working for me in the US

    Software vs 7.5.01 (PS7501/4103)

  22. Doug says:

    I have is is the correct as new is is 7.5.00

  23. Ant says:

    Did they roll back the ability to update, I’m not getting the option. Currently running Fire OS (PS7555/3177)

    • Russell Odom says:

      I’m guessing this is what happened. Would by nice if they would issue some kind of statement for this mess

    • Robert B says:

      The new update is a lower version number then what was already on some devices. One of mine was on and can’t get the update. I had one that hadn’t been turned on for awhile it wasn’t on and was able to update to the fire tv interface.

  24. Joe says:

    This latest FireTV forced upgrade has me looking to return my new Echo Show 15. Why should I need to use a remote with a touchscreen device? I contacted support and they are now aware of the situation. If enough people complain they’ll fix it.

    • Lucas H says:

      Agreed, I have had it too long so it is out of the return window but I immediately thought “I want this returned”!
      It is now a pile of junk. I also let them know via review and they did call me and said they would document it with the team.
      They will blame youtube I am sure even though they probably didn’t work with the youtube developers to say “We are switching to your firetv version, want to get an update out?”

  25. Victor says:

    Upgraded my Echo Show 15 yesterday (UK) and was a very smooth process. Can play Prime Video without any issue and everything works absolutely fine.

    I bought the ES15 on a deal few months ago after the FireTV announcement, thought we in UK and rest of the World would have to wait for this upgrade (I even listed my ES15 for sale on Ebay) but BOOM, I have my unit uipgraded and looking like a decent piece of kit with FireTv on it.

    Little disappointed on BBC iPlayer and Apple TV showing as “Unavailable” is that same for everyone?

    Sideloading is another drawback and I’ve noticed some other apps also showing not able to download (like DirectTV and FuboTV), otherwise, loving it and can finally hang it up in my Kitchen where it belong.

    Cheers all

  26. Lucas H says:

    Be sure to leave reviews about how bad this update is on the echo show on amazon. Youtube is essentially useless now. Used to be able to just use the touchscreen now you have to use an onscreen or physical remote. Not intuitive, a pain to type letters. It is a horrible user experience now. Please leave reviews on amazon about this – I did and they called me and said they would give the complaint to the engineering team. We need more people making them aware of how bad the UI just became.

  27. Sandy says:

    Still no fire tv option on my echo show 15. Unable to update to correct version as version that shows is higher than the fire tv version!
    Please help


  29. Randy Shrey says:

    My Echo Show 15 has presently has OS version with no Fire TV capability. I’m trying to get it. The Fire TV update is OS version Normally, updates have a higher update number, but this update has a lower number, which is odd. I’m wondering if this is why my Echo Show 15 hasn’t grabbed the version to make the Fire TV capability available, because it won’t revert to a lower OS number. Any help is most welcome!

  30. Simon says:

    Very disappointed that we have no BBC iplayer or All4

  31. Trent says:

    The requirement to use the virtual remote for Netflix and YouTube makes using these apps very cumbersome. Was so much simpler through touch.

    I haven’t found a way to turn off the virtual remote, which there appears to none.

    Next I’ll be searching for a way to revert to prior version.

  32. nelu says:

    Va salut, am stick Amazon și odată cu actualizarea nu mai pot accesa, s-au nu mai pot descarca din surse necunoscute că înainte de actualizare, cum procedez ?

  33. Jan S says:

    Still on (PS7554/3036) .. (Europe, Germany)

  34. B says:

    I hate and want it removed I enjoy touchscreen that’s why I purchased it. If I wanted a TV in my kitchen I would have bought one. I’ve been trying to remove and it will not let me. I am returning it.

  35. Chris D says:

    It should be noted that with this update Amazon essentially bricked the FireTV Recast. You can no longer access the Recast units on either the show 10 or 15, eliminating the ability to stream OTA broadcasts. Nor can you access the DVR function on the Shows. It appears the only way to access what was once free local OTA is to purchase a service like youtubeTV, which is a 70$ monthly cost. Nice job Amazon! I want my money back on the Recast.

    • Doc Wadder says:

      If you read the comments, Amazon has already acknowledged that this is a priority bug. No need for hysterical reactions.

  36. Victor says:

    Is it just me or the release removed Developer Tools option for everyone? Can be everyone cuz i’ve seen someone demo adding Kodi to the device and saw him click Developer Tools option… anyone else lost this after upgrade to 7.5.01 (UK)


    • Randy Shrey says:

      I haven’t seen Developer Tool Options, so I don’t see how anyone was or is able to install 3rd party apps on the ES15. If anyone figures out how to add 3rd party apps, please let me know.
      I did find where you can see the amount of memory it allots you. After installing a couple of apps, I think you have something like 11GB remaining, which is a lot more than your standard firestick.

  37. Tonya says:

    This update is aweful. My kid likes to scroll through YouTube with her finger, she’s autistic and knows how to navigate it and find her cartoons this update messed up her whole world it’s very annoying.

    • Wes says:

      Hi, Tonya. Sorry to hear that You can still get to a touch interface using Amazon Silk, the web browser. “Alexa, Open Silk”, and then navigate to YouTube. Set a bookmark for your daughter, and you should be good to go.

  38. Damian Hedley says:

    The loss of touchscreen interaction on multiple apps is pretty frustrating. So for, the update had been a disappointment.

  39. Valerie says:

    I wanted the echo show to be completely voice controlled. I was able to say Alexa, next episode and use the screen like a tablet. Now it is not responding unless the virtual remote or the fire stick remote is used. Why would I be excited about buying another device that I still have to press a button on? Of course there’s the fire cube, yet again another expense I didn’t need before. This has taken a step back not forward. I was excited about the the new interface and addition of network apps, until it just became another tv screen. I feel ripped off. I can’t be the only one. Anyone know how I can get the new update off?

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