Fire TV HD Antenna bundle is now cheaper and actually not a bad deal anymore


When Amazon first introduced the Fire TV + HD Antenna bundle back in December, it seemed to be mostly ignored by customers. Amazon has since modified the bundle slightly and it’s actually not that bad of a deal anymore. The bundle includes a standard Fire TV 2 in retail packaging, an HD Antenna, and an HDMI cable, just as it always has. The difference now though, is they’ve dropped the bunndles regular price from $124.99 to $109.99, which is actually currently on sale for $94.99, and now include the 35 mile HD antenna instead of the 50 mile antenna they originally included. So, for $10 more than the price of just the Fire TV 2, you get an HDMI cable and an HD antenna. If you factor out the $5.49 you would pay for the HDMI cable, you’re essentially getting a very well reviewed HD antenna for less than $5. That’s a great buy if you were thinking of picking up the HDMI cable anyway, and frankly, it’s always nice to have a spare HDMI cable laying around. Next time you’re in the market for a Fire TV 2, you may want to seriously consider the HD antenna bundle. The current sale will end Saturday, and Amazon is still shipping rootable units, so act fast if you’re looking to buy a Fire TV 2 of any kind.

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  1. Adi says:

    well you can buy the same quality antenna from newegg for $6
    i’m using it for the last 3 years now

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