Fire TV gets a true fighting game the release of Garou: Mark of the Wolves


Something the Amazon Fire TV has been missing is a classic Street Fighter style fighting game. Sure, you’ve got some good scrolling fighting games like the Double Dragon Trilogy and Big Action Mega Fight, but nothing where it’s just you, an opponent, and the controller. Well, until now. The release of Garou: Mark of the Wovles brings the first console caliber classic fighting game to the Fire TV. This game was originally released during the fighting game renaissance on the Neo Geo, but you may recognize it better as the final game in the Fatal Fury series on the Dreamcast console. As you’d expect with most console games on the Fire TV, this game is not compatible with the Fire TV Stick and you’ll need a game controller to play.

  1. lou says:

    Finally a fighting. Hope more comes to the fire TV.

  2. D33h says:

    This can already be played on mame emulator I think.

  3. nate says:

    Any word if 2 play works?

    • william says:

      Not worth it. It graphics are cheap looking /pixelated…

      • Craig Purple says:

        CHEAP? my man, you commision pixel sprites. The graphics are simply gorgeous and took years to draw. This game dropped at the end of the nineties, running on harfldware released in 1992. It was and is, one of the most impressive projects SNK put their name to. Pixels for life : 3

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