Fire TV gains free Sports News & Highlights, Movie Trailers, and Cooking Videos in main interface

Amazon has added some new built-in free content to Fire TV devices. In various areas of the main Fire TV interface, you’ll now find new rows of videos labeled “Sports News & Highlights,” Food & Cooking From Fire TV,” and “Trending Trailers From IMDb.” The videos presented are ad-supported and range from short clips that are under a minute long to full-length TV episodes.

This new content is being played through Amazon’s Fire TV News app, although Amazon does a good job of hiding that fact, since you can’t actually browse or access this new free content through the News app. Instead, the content can only be started through the Home screen and the Free content screen, which is accessed through the Search screen. In addition to being on the Home screen and the Free screen, the new sports content can also be found on the Fire TV’s sports screen, which is also accessed through the Search screen. If you find yourself enjoying this content, you can use my Free Movies & TV Shows loader app to make getting to the Fire TV’s free content screen, where this content lives, more straightforward.

Once you start one of these free videos, the player interface is identical to the one used for on-demand content in the News app. Pressing right or left while a video is playing will immediately skip to the next or previous video in the list. To scroll through the list of videos without leaving the currently playing video you can press down and scroll the list horizontally across the bottom of the screen. If you find yourself wanting to fast-forward or rewind, either use the dedicated FF and RWND buttons on the remote or press the select button to bring up a progress bar.

Amazon appears to be sourcing this content from various places and doesn’t seem to be producing any of it in-house. Among the cooking videos, for example, are full episodes of the show Cook’s Country, which is a PBS series. Within the sports content, for example, are clips from the talk show Skip and Shannon: Undisputed, which is a Fox Sports series.

In addition to the three new sports, cooking, and movie trailer rows, Amazon will also be adding a new “MLB Highlights” row starting October 7th and lasting through the end of the World Series. Amazon says that row will feature “recaps, must-see plays, a variety of highlight compilations, and more.”

  1. Playmea says:

    Need to give you the ability to select favorite teams and such so you can curate the content that appears in the feed.

  2. Amazon keeps adding more content to Fire TV devices! Now you can easily access “Sports News & Highlights,” “Food & Cooking From Fire TV,” and “Trending Trailers From IMDb” right from your Home screen.

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