Fire TV gains a new way to get to the Appstore from the main navigation menu

Amazon has added a new shortcut to the Appstore on Fire TV devices that can be accessed from the main navigation menu. Previously, when you highlighted the Apps icon in the navigation menu, the peak area below simply instructed you to select the icon to view your apps. The peak area now has two buttons, one for “My Apps” to view all of your apps, and one for the “Appstore.” The new Appstore button takes you to the same screen as the actual Appstore app on the device, but now you don’t have to load your list of apps just to open the Appstore. The “My Apps” button is pointlessly redundant, in my opinion, since it just loads your list of apps, which you’ve always been able to access by selecting the Apps icon in the navigation menu. There’s no reason to highlight the Apps icon and then take the extra step to go down to the “My Apps” button when you can just select the Apps icon that you already have highlighted. The “My Apps” button should really be a shortcut to the “App Library” section of the Appstore, where all of your apps (installed or not) can be viewed.

  1. Gabriel Leontine says:

    I just wish Amazon would bring AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support to the Sticks. Even Roku Express has such a function.

  2. TechyChris says:

    Uggh, another extra step. I Hope they change it back.

    • It’s not an extra step. You can still open your list of apps by selecting the app icon. The buttons below are just new alternative options.

      • TechyChris says:

        So, this is interesting. When this feature first appeared, and I would scroll to the Apps Icon (but NOT hit the select button on my remote), the two choices were presented: My Apps and Appstore (as shown in the screenshot above). This process could be replicated even after putting my Fire Cube to sleep.
        Then the next time I scrolled to the Apps Icon then hit the select button which the presented the two choices (My Apps / Appstore) THEN I specifically selected “My Apps” AND hit the select button AGAIN which, of course took me to My Apps. BUT the two choices are now GONE even after putting my Cube to sleep. Now anytime I select the Apps Icon from the top favorites row it takes me directly to My Apps (just like before) the Appstore Choice is gone. I have repeated this process on all three of my Cubes to confirm.
        No biggie but very curious.

  3. Simon says:

    do this require an OS update?

    • This is a component update, meaning it’s just an update to the launcher, which can be done without updating the entire OS. If you don’t have it yet, it’ll probably be updated silently in the background over the next few days.

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