Fire TV & Fire TV Gaming Edition are 25% Off at Staples with printable in-store coupon [Expired]


If you’re in the market for a 2nd-gen Fire TV or 2nd-gen Fire TV Gaming Edition, then there’s no reason to wait for Black Friday if you’ve got a Staples near you. Staples has a printable in-store only coupon that will take 25% off any regularly priced item which will work for any Fire TV device they sell. This coupon brings the Fire TV price down to $74.99 and the Gaming Edition down to $104.99, which are the same exact prices we’re expecting to see on Black Friday. Head over to Staples’ Coupon Page and click the tiny blue “Select to print” link near the top of the page and then click the “PRINT NOW” button that appears at the bottom. Alternately, you should be able to simply ask the cashier to enter in-store coupon code 11445 at the cash register. If your Staples is out of stock of Fire TVs, some have had success using the coupon to place an in-store order for the device. The coupon will also work for the Fire TV Stick, bringing the price down to $29.99 for the non-voice bundle, but Staples, Best Buy, and Amazon will be selling the Fire TV Stick for $24.99 starting November 26th, so you’re better off waiting.

  1. Tim says:

    Just picked up an AFTV2! Had to come back and say thanks for saving me the trouble of waking up early on Thanksgiving! Keep these deal posts coming.

  2. natebetween says:

    So….it would seem that for someone who wants the voice remote for the AFTV2 (e.g. someone who bought the gaming edition without remote), then it would be cheaper to buy a Fire TV Stick Voice Remote bundle and “throw away” the stick, since remote is currently $30 on Amazon. Good deal if you can get the bundle for $24.99. Great deal if you can apply additional coupons, or discounted gift cards!

    This is what I’m thinking of doing. (Of course, I’ll keep the stick, but I’m mainly only interested in the remote).

    I know there are a couple of differences you outlined in your previous post about the different remotes, but they are so subtle that I don’t care if my buttons are hard or soft plastic. I just miss having a remote on my gaming bundle. (Got a gaming bundle for the bedroom for the wireless listening and my wife was super excited to be able to sleep while I watch my shows!)

  3. Michael says:

    The Staples coupon page doesn’t appear to be working properly. I get this message: “[an error occurred while processing this directive].” And there’s no option to select or print a coupon.

    • Michael says:

      Awesome – thank you!

      • Me Too says:

        No problem, just picked mine up and it worked. Last one in the store.

        Thanks for the heads up Elias! Wasn’t going to buy one yet since my first grn serves my needs. But with the deal and the timing of he deal and rooting I figured it would be a good time.

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