Fire TV Edition TVs purchased on Amazon can now be picked up and returned in-store at Best Buy

Amazon and Best Buy partnered up a few years ago to sell Fire TV Edition televisions. That partnership is expanding a bit because you can now purchase select Fire TV Edition televisions from Amazon and pick them up in-store at your local Best Buy as quickly as the same day. You can even return those picked-up TVs at Best Buy if you’d like. This arrangement is exclusive to Fire TV Edition TVs and Best Buy specifically, so you can’t pick up other items in-store.

This in-store pickup program seems to currently be limited to the U.S., but we could eventually see it extended to Canada, where Best Buy also sells Fire TV Edition TVs, or offered internationally, where Amazon has teamed up with other local retailers for Fire TV Edition TV sales. The Fire TV Edition television models that are available for in-store pickup at Best Buy are listed here. They currently include the following TVs:

When placing an order for a Fire TV Edition TV on Amazon, the option to pick up the order at Best Buy will appear during checkout if the TV qualifies and is available near your shipping address. Once an in-store pickup order is placed, you’ll receive an email informing you that the TV is ready to be picked up, which usually occurs the same day as long as the order is placed past a certain cutoff time.

You’ll then have 5 days to pick up the order. If you change your mind and no longer want the TV or can’t pick it up in time, the TV will simply be refunded after the 5 day pickup period has passed. When you go to pick up the TV, you’ll just need to provide your Amazon order number and a photo ID. If you later want to return the TV, you can take it back to the Best Buy store that you picked it up from.

An unfortunate reality when buying something as large and delicate as a modern TV is damage in transit caused by the delivery company. Look through the reviews of any TV, not just Fire TV Edition TVs, and you’ll see that a large percentage of 1-star reviews are due to the TV arriving damaged. Taking advantage of this new in-store pickup option is a good way to avoid delivery damage and it will likely be a much quicker way to get the TV home. The option to return the TV to the store also removes the hassle of shipping it back, should an issue arise.

  1. Gene says:

    Personally I wouldn’t recommend buying one at all. As much as I like the idea of the integration and having a single device the brands are horrible. I’ve had to replace my Insignia twice due to it freezing up and coming on by itself and the Toshiba model has problems with the screen blacking out. Brands like this make Amazon look real bad even if they’re not Amazon branded.

    • If the TV is turning on by itself, it probably has to do with your Alexa settings. Certain Alexa capabilities, like announcements, can turn the TV on. Go into the Alexa app, select the TV from your list of devices, and disable communication features if you don’t want them to turn the TV on.

      • Angel Forest says:

        To ANY potential buyers, Gene is Right & VERY WRONG!!!! It’s the crappy Insignia brand that has the problems….NOT, I REPEAT, the TOSHIBA model. They look almost identical but the insignia brand is made by a worthless Chinese company called Compal….terrible company!!!

        The TOSHIBA is made w/ both TOSHIBA & Hisense (various parts). And 2015, TOSHIBA gave compel two years to try and manufacture a TV with Compal and due to TOSHIBA‘s high standards, they jerked the contract from compel and now it’s a joint venture between TOSHIBA in high sense. If you look at high in budget televisions, Hisense has an excellent, excellent reputation.

        Gene is making it sound like he bought an insignia, had problems which is likely true, and then Balt add TOSHIBA which, despite its similarities, it is a totally different manufacture television. He’s not being completely honest about the difference between the two brands. I agree that the insignia version is horrible while the TOSHIBA version must meet TOSHIBA’s HIGH Standards!!!!

        Insignia has been around a VERY FEW YEARS while TOSHIBA has been around since 1875….that’s the 1800s. Tell me “Einstein Gene”….How does one of the top two best Japan manufactures (Sony is the other) Stay in business for almost 150 years if they’re not doing something right? And yes, we all know that nobody made televisions in the 1800s but TOSHIBA has been doing it since the middle of the 20th century some almost 75 years. Get your story straight Gene like the other 5 star reviews & quit judging similar products – ostensibly like U probably do people (a STRONG indication of a RACIST!)!!! Just because two people or two televisions look-alike doesn’t mean all R bad… or that they’re identical! It’s people like you that confuse people and leave worthless, highly in accurate reviews! it’s people like you that leave Halle and accurate reviews! I’m an industry insider and I happen to know all of this for a fact and if you do a little research, you’d find that these two televisions, despite their exterior similarities, are two different manufactured televisions one is manufactured cheaply in China while the other one is designed In Japan with many Toshiba parts and assembled in a nearby country, not China. What a misleading fool U R!!!!

        • Jonathon Edinburg says:

          Thanks to “JOEY” for an actual HONEST REVIEW…. here’s somebody that knows the difference and doesn’t judge a piece of equipment solely, I repeat, solely on at six terrier aesthetic it appearance and blindly claims that both brands are bad. I bet the price of a television that Gene never owned the TOSHIBA model but opted to buy the much cheaper insignia model. You’ve heard the expression you get what you pay for? Why, pray tell, do you think iInsignia model is some $50-$100 cheaper U moron. Thumbs up to Joey & Angel!!!

  2. Joey says:

    I have my Toshiba 50 inch tv for 2 years. No problems at all. Definetly worth it. Thanks

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