Fire TV Edition televisions can now change Picture and Sound settings with voice commands

Amazon has updated Fire TV Edition televisions with a few unique Alexa voice commands. It’s now possible to change the picture mode of the TV using your voice. This lets you quickly switch between Standard, Movie, Game, and other picture modes with a single voice command. Similarly, you can also now change between the various sound modes, like Music mode or Enhanced Bass mode, just as easily through voice commands. For a bit more fine tuning, TV equalizer sound settings can also be changed individually by voice.

To change the TV’s picture mode, just say “set the picture mode to [MODE NAME]” into the microphone on the voice remote. I believe this will also work by speaking to a paired Echo device, but I’m not certain. The picture modes available to switch between are Standard, Movie, Dynamic, Natural, Game, PC, and Custom. Each mode will set the different picture settings, like Backlight, Contrast, and Color, all at once. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to change individual picture settings by voice, so if you want to turn down just the Backlight a bit, you’ll still have to do that with your remote buttons.

If there are just one or two settings that you change often, like reducing the backlight at night and increasing it again during the day, one tip is to set the “Custom” picture mode to be your usual settings but with those one or two settings changed. For example, if you like a dimmer screen at night to be easier on your eyes, then reduce just the Backlight setting in the Custom mode. That way you can say “set the picture mode to custom” for “nigh mode” and then say “set the picture mode to standard” to go back to “day mode.”

For sound settings, you can change between Standard, Music, Movie, Clear Voice, Enhcaned Bass, and Custom sound modes by saying “change sound mode to [MODE NAME].” If switching between modes isn’t good enough, you can change the Bass or Treble settings individually by saying “increase/decrease bass/treble.” You can also jump to a specific value by saying “set bass/treble to [#]” where the number is between -25 and 25. You can also change the left and right speaker balance the same way. To reset these settings, just say “reset bass/treble/balance” or say “reset equalizer” to set them all back to their default settings.

These new voice options should be available already on 2020 and newer Fire TV Edition televisions. Older Fire TV Edition models will also receive these voice capabilities in the future.

  1. wlion1 says:

    One thing I cannot do is turn tv off the TV using voice command. I complains about other devices named Fire TV. I have contacted support and still the problem persists. I also linked the TV and Echo Dot 3rd gen together and still not working.

  2. Aryan Singh says:

    When is the new ui update for fire tv stick 2nd fen coming?

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