Fire TV Edition televisions are codenamed “Margo/Rita” and confirmed to have “AFTRS” build name

I just started digging deeper into the guts of the Fire TV software update and discovered that it’s the first version of Fire OS to include support for the upcoming Fire TV Edition televisions from Westinghouse, Seiki, and Element. Additionally, I can now definitively confirm that the “AFTRS” build name, which I found traces of earlier this month and guessed was a Fire TV Edition television under testing, is in fact the build name for those TVs.

Since I like keeping track of Fire TV codenames, I dug around for new ones in the update and found that the Fire TV Edition televisions are codenamed “Margo” and/or “Rita.” Most of the code referred to the TVs under the “Margo” codename, but there were a few places that used “Rita.” It’s a little odd to find two codenames, but perhaps one is the codename for the Fire TV Edition project as a whole, which I’m guessing to be “Rita,” and the other is the codename for the specific hardware being released later this year, which I’m guessing is “Margo.”

  1. William McElroy says:

    Lol amazon has a sense of humor sounds like margarita!

  2. Chad says:

    I won’t buy one, now that amazon in deregistering firetv and fiire tv sticks. Suppose they deregister my fire edition tv,then it will be an large expensive picture frame.

  3. James Poll says:

    Really boring question, but what will be doing the de-interlacing of broadcast tv? Will they build something into the native mediacodec player to do it or will there still be native software still built into the tv that will do it. I use MrMc for live tv but the current de-interlacing options are limited in FireOS. If they are doing good quality de-interlacing in the OS then there might be something for MrMc / SPMC to tap into.

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