Fire TV Edition Soundbar by TCL is back in stock after being unavailable for 5 months

The TCL Alto 8+ Fire TV Edition Soundbar is back in stock at Amazon. It was announced in January, released in February, and quickly went out of stock, where it remained until now. This soundbar has the equivalent of a Fire TV Stick 4K integrated into it and uses the same remote that is included with the 2020 Fire TV Edition televisions. The price is a bit steep, at $199.99, considering it does not come with a separate subwoofer. Instead, it comes with a built-in subwoofer as part of its speaker array.

Late last year, Anker released the Nebula Soundbar as the first Fire TV Edition soundbar. Despite being $30 more expensive, it seems like the TCL soundbar is the one to get of the two. I’ve personally never used either one, but I’ve been told that this TCL soundbar sounds much better than the Anker variant. That’s not surprising considering TCL has been making soundbars for a couple of years now and has a lot of experience from TVs to tap into, while Anker’s Fire TV Edition soundbar is their first attempt at a soundbar. If you’re interested in an all-in-one Fire TV + Soundbar, here’s your chance to grab the best one, while they last.

  1. TechyChris says:

    Posting this here in hope of a miracle. I purchased the Insignia 32 Fire Edition TV for my in-laws last week. Setup went fine UNTIL attempting to pair Comcast remote to tv. Went through every known code, they are old and need things simple, need to use just Comcast remote to turn tv on/off but all that happens is an Amazon alert pops up asking “do you really want to turn tv off?” which then REQUIRES using the Insignia remote to select “yes”.
    So- 2 remotes and a warning screen in between just to turn off tv?…there HAS to be an easier way. Went through Comcast AND Insignia help forums…no go. Any help appreciated. THX!

  2. Rik Emmett says:

    I would expect this soundbar to have the fire TV cube technology built in instead of the 4K stick technology.

  3. Roberta walker says:

    My tcl soundbar remote control damage drop in cup juice it was accident

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