Fire TV display calibration will remain on older devices and be added to Fire TV Stick 2


One of the few differences between the newer Fire OS version on the Fire TV Stick 2 and other devices Fire TV devices is the odd decision to remove the display calibration function that allowed customers to shrink or enlarge the Fire TV’s video output to perfectly fit the edges of any TV. Several people have told me that Amazon’s customer service agents are informing people who ask about the feature that it will not be removed from older Fire TV devices, and that there are plans to add it onto Fire TV Stick 2’s thorugh a future software update. Hopefully those customer service representatives are correct.

  1. Gerard Pinzone says:

    This feature really isn’t necessary. Most TVs have overscan on by default, which is bad. The solution is to turn the overscan feature off rather than compensate by shrinking the image on the Fire TV.

    It’s not always clear which is the correct mode. You have to experiment or look up which mode is the right one.

    Vizio: Change the picture mode to “Normal” (if it isn’t already). This automatically disables overscan.

    Samsung: Look for the “Screen Fit” option.

    Insignia: In the advanced options menu, it’s surprisingly called “overscan.”

    Sharp, LG, and Philips: Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a good consensus on these three brands, so you’ll probably just have to Google it for your specific model.

    • Charlie says:

      There’s a number of no-name brand tv that don’t have the ability to turn off overscan.

      • clocks says:

        Yep, at least a couple of my TVs do not have a scailing feature. Checked several times now.

      • Gerard Pinzone says:

        It might be possible through a service menu. However, to get there you’d have to try to send it remote control codes that your remote isn’t designed to send. I have a Sceptre TV that CAN support switching to the discrete inputs like HDMI 1, HDMI 2, but there’s no button on the remote. I found them using a ONE-FOR-ALL universal remote. BTW, that TV’s non-overscan mode is “Full 100%” instead of “Normal”

    • david m says:

      When I first got my ftv 2,i setup the overscan as per instructions. The result was, all amazon 4k content had a 2-3″ border on my 65″ LG 4k. Spent hours with tech support before they shipped me a replacement. Luckily, I tried 4k video before adjusting the overscan on the new unit. They had no idea this feature was causing the black border. Leave the settings alone.

    • EarlyMon says:

      I’m glad that you are helping others understand overscan and screen fit.

      Contrary to your experience, this feature is still very much needed by a number of sets.

      And service menus just aren’t available for everything.


    • Earl says:

      “Screen Fit” may work well enough on the Samsung for video devices, but it’s not the preferred or most precise method. Setting the Input Label in the Source List to “PC” or “DVI PC” disables overscan more properly and precisely, especially when you’re connecting any kind of computer. (Setting the label actually disables overscan before it occurs; Screen Fit is more of a partial undo of overscan after the fact.)

    • Lonnie says:

      Easy for you to say, my HD TV doesn’t have this feature.. I can adjust display size but the gray arrows are still out, I need to be able to adjust it on the firestick or buy another HD TV.. and it’s not worth it for that, I had no trouble with my Roku which I now regret “upgrading” from..

    • JC says:

      That’s bullshit. I have an old Samsung Series 3 TV that doesn’t support it.

    • lilivier says:

      Well Amazon lied to you.
      1 year after it is still not added… :/

  2. Adam Hickling says:

    This feature is needed as we’ve needed to adjust the screen on our Brand new Samsung SUHD 55″HDR TV,as it gives a more definite alinement on the TV screen,it also can be saved so no more adjustments are needed.! Cheer’s the right thing.!

    • Gerard Pinzone says:

      Did you try changing your TV’s screen setting to “Screen Fit”? Works for my 55″. BTW, if you compensate though the Fire TV rather than fixing the underlying problem, 3D videos (encoded side-by-side) will not work properly.

  3. clocks says:

    Does anyone know if scailing from the FTV causes extra CPU overhead? Someone mentioned that in an other thread, as a possible reason Amazon tried to get rid of it.

  4. Moe says:

    I have a 10 old 720p Samsung in the bedroom and you can’t adjust the over scan via the menu option. I had to download a 3rd party app on my Nexus player to adjust the overscan.

  5. chris says:

    I chatted with a rep today about this. I have an older Samsung DLP that does not have the ability to adjust the scaling. I specifically asked the rep if there were plans to bring back the option in a future update and he didn’t know, but he did offer me a $40 discount on the Amazon Fire (not stick). So, I came away with a brand-new Fire for $50 (normally $90)!

  6. lilivier says:

    Well Amazon lied to you.
    1 year after it is still not added… :/

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