Fire TV Cube at $74.99 is cheaper now than it has ever been in the past — New Lowest Price Ever

The Fire TV Cube has gone on sale for $74.99. This is the first time that it has ever been priced this low. You read that right. Even though Black Friday and Prime Day typically have the best prices on Amazon devices, this sale is $5 less than the Fire TV Cube was during both of those big sales. I suspect that, perhaps, the Fire TV Stick 4K Max, which is still available at its all-time low of $34.99, took away so many sales from the Fire TV Cube that Amazon decided to make up for it by dropping the Cube’s price a bit further before the holiday buying rush is over. The Fire TV Cube is available for $74.99 with the new remote, which has App buttons and a Guide button, or with the older remote, if you prefer to forgo the extra buttons for a cleaner remote. As a reminder, the Fire TV Cube is the best performing Fire TV ever, offers hands-free voice control, has a built-in IR blaster for controlling home theater equipment hands-free, 16GB of internal storage, and includes Amazon’s Ethernet adapter, which costs $15 on its own.

  1. Kevin W says:

    I would take exception to “best performing Fire TV”. I have had serious issues with it working correctly with my receiver/amplifier in the mix. Hours ofsupport from Amazon with the issues but no resolution. 2nd gen dongle and 4th gen fire stick all work fine. This unit has issues with the receiver passing the signal through.

    • Gregory Seale says:

      What kind of issues are you having? Mine works fine, through the receiver.


      • MichaelMcD says:

        I had a problem with the colors being oversaturated (too red) when the Cube was hooked up to my Onkyo receiver. No problems when it was connected directly to the TV. I had the issue with two different units. If I connect a 4K Fire Stick or 4K Max to the same HDMI port on the receiver, I do not have the oversaturation issue. There are several similar comments on various forums.

      • Kevin W says:

        Issue with playback after wake up. I had to reboot the unit every time we wanted to watch anything (Netflix, HBO, etc.). It would buffer like crazy and be unwatchable. Usually a hard reset required. Changed the unit, changed the HDMI cord, worked with support. 2nd gen dongle and now new fire stick all work flawlessly on same set up (Yamaha RX-675 receiver to older flatscreen TV).

  2. Michael says:

    The Cube is also the only streaming device with an open microUSB and only Echo device that can be connected via Ethernet.

  3. Gregory Seale says:

    I bought mine for 79.99 last year. Still love it but when’s the next version coming out ;-)

  4. BobR says:

    Hmmm, this made me think. I love the peppy interface, but I’ll wait for a 1 Gbps Eth interface and maybe HDMI 2.1 (prefer old style boxes). I also hope they will allow the user to turn off any upscaling (just send as is video to TV). I now mostly use the TV or Xbox apps just to avoid changing Fire TV resolutions to watch sports without stutter.

    I do agree this is not the most reliable unit. Mine goes dark (deep sleep?) every 2-3 weeks, and I have to power cycle. But it blows away my Gen1 cubes. I salvaged the 100 Mb Eth from those for the Firestick 4k and Lite which replaced them.

  5. TechyChris says:

    I own three Cubes, zero issues. They have performed flawlessly since day one over a year ago. I only wish there were pricing options. I didn’t need the Amazon Ethernet Adapters. It would have been nice to opt out them and have a slightly lower price point. Amazon won’t take them back in the Trade In program so I have three adapters I will never use.

  6. 3minem says:

    Maybe a newer cube is on its way.

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