Fire TV Cube 2 is back down to its lowest price ever at 50% off

Amazon has just put several Fire TV models on sale as part of its Early Black Friday deals. Among them is the 2nd-gen Fire TV Cube on sale for $59.99. At 50% off the regular price, this matches the lowest price it has ever been. While the 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube is a great device, it has yet to go on sale, apart from the $40 discount that select customers can receive, so it’s hard to justify the price for some people. For those of you who do not want to spend too much but still get a great device with nearly all the same bells and whistles, the 2nd-gen Cube is a steal at this price. I would hold off on most of the Fire TV early Black Friday deals, since they will most likely drop a bit further by the end of the month, but I don’t expect the 2nd-gen Cube to drop any lower than this, so it’s safe to buy now if you’re interested.

  1. Frank says:

    I got one at this price 3 weeks ago. Really impressed. Have 7 other firetv devices but the cube is best.

    • Mmcmullen says:

      I have 3 firesticks and 2nd gen fire tv would you recommend it as these firesticks buffer not all the time and check log play back failed my Internet is 17 mg any advice Frank cheers

    • s7eve says:

      Likely the speed isn’t enough dependant where the sticks are the WiFi will vary in speeds… Or the apps if anything is sideloaded are what’s struggling to stream rather than the stick.. if it buffers on prime and YouTube it’s usually WiFi and or speeds ..if it buffers on movies or sports sideloaded it’s usually the host..
      Also worth checking the space available too into manage apps all apps and it shows available space

      • El G says:

        Agree. It’s not the stick that’s causing the buffering, but rather a slow internet connection. I have absolutely no problem with my stick over WiFi. Just to be sure I operate my Amazon box with a wire connection. Certainly no problem there.

  2. Rik Emmett says:

    Got one at this price earlier this year and a refurbished one for $10 less later on. Definitely worth the price.

  3. Miguel Torres says:

    Que buenas ofertas, lastima que aquí en Venezuela puede comprar directo de Amazon(la política), los traen privados y los precios son prohibitivos, imagino que aprovechan esta ofertas y compran muchos dispositivos y los venden en a más de dos o tres veces de su costo normal.

  4. Rik Bert says:

    I bought a third gen cube and tried to use the code several weeks ago and the code didn’t work and after trying several times I called customer service and asked how could they be giving a discount code that doesn’t go through and magically enough they figured it out and I got my $40 off.
    I am happy with the new model but I thought it was coming with the backlit remote but it came with a remote without the reprogrammable buttons or backlit so when I figured this out I just went on and ordered the updated remote that I thought I was getting so I ended up tubing Amazon they’re $40 back anyway. But I’m really happy with the new model except for one issues that I had forgotten about. There are apps that aren’t in their Play store that I like to use and the new version giving me a message that it would not install apps that weren’t in the Play store. So after doing some more research I discovered that you can put it into developer mode and it will install third party apks. But they won’t tell you and support how to put it into developer mode and I had to find that by searching online and it’s a different method for different models.

  5. 2nd gen cube owner says:

    Were you going to post the super resolution comparison vs shield/2nd gen cube/apple tv? Still looking forward to that to see if its worth it

  6. BobR says:

    Watching Thursday night football on this cube via Prime is still unacceptable – choppy video. I have to watch it on ATV 4k21. Hopefully the new cube fixes that

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