Fire TV bug is preventing list of Apps from loading and being displayed — Possible Solution

For about 2 weeks I’ve been receiving messages and seeing comments from people who are unable to access the list of all apps on their Fire TV devices. The issue seems to be affecting numerous Fire TV and Fire TV Stick models and numerous Fire TV software versions. Most people experiencing this issue are presented with a blank screen and never-ending loading animation when they try to bring up their list of all apps. Some people are also seeing the list of apps on the Fire TV’s Home screen go blank. Here are some things to try that may fix the issue if you experience it.

Some people who have been able to restore access to their list of apps have said that the issue reoccurred, so be aware that, if any of the below works, it may be a temporary solution until Amazon fixes the underlying problem. Note that you can always access all of your apps from the Settings screen at: Settings > Applications > Manage > Manage Installed Applications.

The following worked to solve the issue on one of my devices. These steps involve running command-line ADB commands, so they are a bit advanced. I’ll include other possible solutions below which have worked for some people and do not require running ADB commands.

  1. Connect to your Fire TV via ADB
  2. Force stop the Appstore app by running the command: adb shell am force-stop
  3. Clear the data of the Appstore app by running the command: adb shell pm clear
  4. Uninstall all updates of the Appstore app by running the command: adb uninstall
  5. Reboot the Fire TV
  6. Check for and install software updates via Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check for Updates. There should be a “System Component” update available which reinstalls the latest version of the Appstore app.
  7. Reboot the Fire TV for good meassure.

The following are possible solutions that you can try. It’s always a good idea to reboot your Fire TV after trying any of these possible solutions.

  • Force stop, clear data, and clear cache of “Appstore” app via Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Appstore
  • Syn Amazon content via Settings > My Account > Sync Amazon Content
  • Toggle cloud apps on and/or off via Settings > Applications > Appstore > Hide Cloud Apps
  • Remove some or all apps associated with your Amazon account at this link
  • Change your Amazon’s account Country/Region Setting here to some other country and then back to the original country
  • Using a second Fire TV that doesn’t have the issue, delete some o fyour Cloud apps that aren’t installed on that device.
  • Deregister and then reregister your Fire TV via Settings > My Account > Amazon Account > Deregister Note that some have had success by deregistering, then logging in with a different Amazon account, the deregistering again, and finally logging back in with their original Amazon account. Deregistering does not remove apps installed on the device, so it is less sever than factory resetting the device.

If any of the above solutions worked for you, please leave a comment below with details to help other people out. If you have a different solution that worked, please also leave that in a detailed comment below.


I’ve added a few more suggestions that people in the comments have said worked for them.

  1. Nolan Parrish says:

    Sometimes it seems the more they fix things, the broker they get

  2. 666 says:

    Thank you for the tips, unfortunately nothing worked on my Fire Cube 2nd gen. Still no row of apps and no list of apps. I’m holding off on deregistering it as I’m not sure if I’d have to log in again in every app. Would I?

    • russ says:

      I think that is app dependent, my guess is, yes, you would have to re-logon to the amazon apps but I think most third party apps you wouldn’t have to. I’ve de registered stuff around here a few times and I think that’s how it worked.

    • Eskimo 33 says:

      If you deregister yes you would have to sign back in to every app and some re download app. At least that’s what I had to do on my firestick when I deregistered it.

    • Chris Cavaluzzi says:

      I have a FireCube Gen 1 – I did not have to re-enter anything once I de-registered and re-registered with same name other than entering my Amazon Prime account name and password – all other apps came back online as if nothing changed – BUT – this method did NOT fix my missing apps, and missing AppStore – what did fix it is the first fix using ADB toolkit and following his command lines – you need to install ADB toolkit for Windows (10 in my case) on your network attached PC – must be on same segment (reachable) as your Fire-Cube/stick/TV – then follow ADB connect to Fire-Device instructions (on different page see above link) to first connect to Fire-Cube (you need to authorize your PC connection first time accessing the fire-device by switching back to fire-device and clicking “OK” for ADB USB connections for this PC device – then copy and paste each command line above (the idea is to remove the last system update to the Fire-device for the AppStore application) – once I did that all my apps returned – I restarted Fire-Cube for good measure and then when to settings/FireTV/About – UPDATES and loaded the latest update (I assume the one I just removed) – as there were no Fire-Cube updates pending prior to removing the appstore updates but after running ADB commands, removing Appstore update – now there are pending updates from Amazon – so reluctantly – I installed them & Rebooted device again – everything seems to be working PERFECTLY!! THE ONLY DOWNSIDE IS you need to be familiar with running Computer Command line (C: Prompt in Windows) instructions – every “space”, special character, letter/number has to be exactly in the correct order and you need to know what to do if you get a strange error like “Device is unauthorized” that is not explained in the instructions above because the assumption is you have some idea how ADB and/or command line works. I would guess that the only other solution if you are weary about using command line instructions is to “FACTORY RESET” the Fire Device – if you do that you will wipe it out completely and have to re-enter everything including installing all your apps over again – finding all your user IDs and passwords for each of those accounts – and for those of you that tried to transfer accounts from your existing cable or satellite provider i.e. like HBO Max remembers the convoluted process it was to activate these apps. But this will also fix the problem as it will remove all corrupted files and start with a clean (albeit, “empty”, Fire-Device) – to build out, customize all over again.

      So I’m happy that removing the last AppStore update from my Fire-Cube worked using the command line ADB (Android De-Bugging) tool from my PC WORKED and I didn’t have to Factory Reset my Fire-Cube. Fortunately I have all my devices going through my Emotiva RMC-1 Preamp/Processor including my FireCube and PC Tower (HDMI connected) using my LG OLED 65″ TV as both a TV and my PC monitor – so I can just switch inputs between Fire-Cube (input 1) and PC (input 4) to fix this problem – all A/V equipment that have ethernet connectivity are hardwired to 8 port switch other smart devices – e.g. lighting, fans, shades connect via the wifi. All are controlled via Alexa voice commands & A/V HDMI CEC & Wired Trigger cables – i.e. Alexa turn on home theater – turns on LGTV, FireCube and Fios Setbox – LGTV issues HDMI CEC to turn on Emotiva Processor/Preamp which has remote trigger cables to 3 separate amps which also turn on via trigger signal when processor is powered on – Alexa also knows which devices are connected to which HDMI ports so I can switch ports via voice commands and adjust volume.

  3. Hebert Bernardo says:

    I have tried everything mentioned in the post. It didn’t work.

    Could you please, write a good tutorial about thrid party launchers?

    It would be very helpful. At least until Amazon gets noticed of this issue.


    • Tee says:

      YouTube has tons of content about 3 party apps.

    • Gordon Scott Mathews says:

      My Fire Stick has every issue you can imagine: apps won’t open, vpn is installed, but get error message vpn is required for viewing, this channel is only available in the united states…. say what…. I am in the u.s., this channel/app took too long to respond, no network connection when the network is connected, I have rebooted, restarted, updated the whole nine yards, even put it to sleep and still the fire stick won’t respond, I turn the fire stick off for hours of being frustrated of not being able to view, I’ve forced stop/cleared the cache and it doesn’t do either, also I’m subscribed to Paramount/CBS and I live in Michigan, but I can’t view the local news/weather as my CBS channel is WWMT, Amazon has opened a trouble ticket and this issue like all the rest hasn’t been resolved and now last but not least….Amazon has sent me 2….yes two different fire sticks and I’m having the same problems ad before and new technical difficulties, I have 2 firesticks and they’ve NEVER WORKED AT YHE SAME TIME (Living room & Bedroom), I’m in the process of getting ready to toss these firesticks and try ROKU….IT CAN’T BE ANY WORSE, THAN I’M EXPERIENCING NOW….THEY DON’T HAVE MY RECOMMENDATION OR ENDORSEMENT !!!!

      • Dan says:

        Have u ever stopped to think that your router is the issue. Lol cause it is. Change channels to anything other than auto. There’s also a few other settings that make huge difference s

      • Allison says:

        Every app works except for Disney+. I’ve tried everything and it won’t load.

  4. Charlie says:

    I was seeing a blank row on my Cubes and the all apps screen would not load. I assumed it was because I was using the Wolf launcher and did a reset. That fixed it for me. Good news the recovery feature makes it a lot less painful to do that.

    • Charlie says:

      It was back today,so since it obviously was not about the Wolf launcher I added that back and have all my apps showing.

  5. Rik Emmett says:

    What did amazon change recently to cause this bug?

  6. TechyChris says:

    This has been happening on 2 of my 3 Cubes for about two weeks now. It comes and goes sometimes it last an hour sometimes a day. Not much can be done except wait it out. I’m no detective but this issue seems to be coinciding with the launch of the new UI….hmmmm???

  7. ben says:

    my apps are fine but when i sideloaded the peacock app on fire cube 2 its not in my app row at all. the only way i can get to it is via mange apps. is there any solution to that? itswierd cause i have it on a firestick 2 on another tv and that one does show up in app row. its just on the cube it wont

  8. Al Mair says:

    I had the same issue so I contacted amazon tech and he took control of my fire stick and changed my to and now it is fixed do I’d contact them directly if not sure what to do.

  9. Michael Ierardi says:

    I factory reset. Has not comeback. Was only a problem with Sideloaded apps. All reinstalled has not comeback.

  10. russ says:

    Wow, I can’t even ping here!

  11. russ says:

    Ok, I misread: it’s I wanted to ping it because for me, the original IP avgs 41 ms and the uk IP avgs 117 ms, that per request

  12. wlion1 says:

    Is there a way to wipe cache partition via adb and then perform factory reset. Have a Fire TV that continuously is failing to update.

  13. shirt says:

    I had this issue myself, and I fixed it by manually removing all apps from my library at

    Then I had to relogin and my apps were displayed.

  14. 666 says:

    All this time and still no fix!? If I wanted crap support I would have gone with Android TV!!

  15. Jim Gauthier Jr says:

    I cleared this on my FTV Stick 4K by going to the list of apps on a FTV 3 Pendant on the same account and removed a few apps from the cloud. I did need to restart the 4K stick.

  16. Kenneth N. Nugent says:

    The problem I’m having with my firestick is storage. It keeps telling me to remove apps from my firestick to make room for updates. I don’t have a lot of large apps loaded on it. It’s a 4k.

    • Dan says:

      Yeah it sucks the only way to fix it is to start from scratch. Factory reinstall is the only way to get your memory back. Trust me I’ve been down this road 5 times before. Now I won’t use Amazon and moved to Android TV as I like it so much better. At least I don’t get fd when Amazon decided to break people’s stuff with updates. 2 many times it happened to me. Screw Amazon

  17. Traci McG says:

    I called Amazon support last night. Was trying to put PeacockTV on Firestix 1rst gen. That Downloader browser kinda sucks(curser is strange) and support guy really didn’t know anything about 3rd party apps. Gave up on him and kept playing…come to realize before trying to load app URLs you need to type 2117 in browser bar to get apps to load. Problem now is every time you want to watch that app, you have to load it again. Not retaining. Somehow also lost CBS All access live stream today. I just don’t get it…

  18. Bushay says:

    Easy fix. Log out of your device and log back in and it will fix the issue.

  19. Y2Bogus says:

    I wonder if this is why I couldn’t see Vudu after installing it.

    I was able to correct the issue by unregistering my sticks and then re-registering them to my account. Hasn’t come back yet.

  20. hedog says:

    i have 2 nvidiatvs and 2 cubes, also acouple firesticks. i use the sticks to try sideloading apps from videos that tduk post on yt. i never knew a thing since i stick to what i can if not i delete it and try again. main thing i never use my best boxes to learn on. Anyway….

  21. Edgar Munoz Valenciano says:

    anybody can load in your firetv HBO Max in the last days?If yes please let me know how…It is not available in the list of apps

    • EmoBrianEno says:

      I had the same issue, would not even appear under Settings/Applications/Manage Installed Applications. The only work around I could find was to launch a file manager app like ‘Total Commander’ then find it under Installed Apps.

  22. Steve says:

    I had a problem on my 4k where sideloaded apps were intalled but the tiles were blank. It was recommended I use Wolf launcher by a facebook group friend.
    I installed it but decided I’d stick with the amazon original in the hope of a fix.
    I didn’t uninstall WL but changed back to amazon in the settings.
    Hey presto all the tiles now have pictures!
    If I reboot the stick or add a new 3rd party app the same happens so now I just disable stock launcher in WL settings, press home then enable stock launcher and all is well.

  23. TechyChris says:

    Looking like a lot of Hail Mary’s here… 1 of my cubes seems unaffected the other 2 are glitching. Fortunately I have basic apps built into my TV OS (Netflix, Prime, Disney+) but it’s a sad day when I have to switch from my Fire Cube TO my Android TV OS just to watch actual Amazon Prime.
    Hope this gets resolved soon.
    I chatted with customer support today, they seemed unaware of this CLEARLY SYSTEMIC problem. Started taking my down the Rabbit Hole of “check if your WiFi is working” and the classic “put new batteries in your remote” It’s embarrassing how much more knowledge I have about their own products.

    • Mark says:

      Not even close to being “systemic”…The buzz word of the year found it’s way here. Sad. I am experiencing no issues on 2 FTV3, 1 FTV1, 1 FTV2, 1 FTV Stick 2nd Gen.

      • 666 says:

        Been using Fire TV devices since day one, have them all and never experienced such a serious issue as this one. It is systemic and I wish serious topics like this one weren’t being buried by mini printers.

  24. Bill says:

    I looked this up a few weeks ago and an old article from 2 years ago said similar and worked from aftvnews.

    I cleared the cache in the appstore app. Didnt do much

    Then sync. Didnt do much

    I turned the appstore display on then off then on again. It worked after this. This is un settings then applications area

  25. TechyChris says:

    And here we go…been on Reddit lately Mark? MOST DEFINITELY A SYSTEMIC PROBLEM!.
    Hundreds if not thousands are having similar issues posted all over the major Fire TV subs. All happening within the last month. If you had bothered to read my post I did say one of my Cubes was functional. Not sure what your reference to “buzz word is?”

  26. Kodi Guy says:

    Guys run custom launcher that will fix apps not showing plus you can customize all the apps installed….Plus new interface is full of banners.

  27. Costas says:

    I confirm that all my Amazon fire devices came back to normal. Everything now is working perfectly… but I don’t know if this is gonna be permanent.

  28. Kimberly says:

    Netflix, and Hulu run perfectly. All other apps, paramount + , Disney +, HBO max, and a few others won’t load . I have 2 fire sticks both 4K. I’ve spoken with 3 different Amazon customer service reps, all have no idea why this is happening and haven’t heard of it before. I’ve tried uninstalling, reinstalling, factory reset.. allllll the things, they even sent me a new stick to try, same problem. They told me it’s my internet. Funny how all my apps run fine on my phone and computer. Even had my internet provider come out to check. Internet is not the issue.

    • Tom says:

      Exactly what mine is doing. Hulu and Netflix are fine. Disney won’t work and HBO barely works. Was there a solution?

    • Sarah says:

      Any luck fixing the issue? We are now having that problem on all four of our fire sticks in our house. Hulu is fine, but Disney +, paramount +, any third party apps not working

  29. Steve Cabito says:

    Your method worked perfectly. Thanks!!!

  30. Willie Richardson says:

    I don’t have any problems with my Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote (2nd Generation).

  31. Justin says:

    Experience issue a couple of days ago on my Fire TV 3rd gen

    Got an appstore update (I suspect from apkpure) to 8.50010.160.8c_635001010 which seems to have caused the issue described above.

    Following the adb uninstall/upgrade instructions solved the issue for me.
    After upgrading, I was back at appstore version 8.5005.5.v.x.215657_0_421975710

  32. Carsten Giese says:

    I found the reason plus the solution – at min for my FireTV stick.
    I had a router with a custom DNS-server (AdGuard DNS
    That DNS server uses “dynamic lists” to block specific IP-addresses.

    I changed the DNS on te router to the official Google DNS ( and, restarted the FireTV and all is working now!

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