Fire TV Apps can now be sorted by App Size to easily find the chubby ones

Fire TV apps have gotten bigger and bigger over the years and the number of pre-installed apps from Amazon continues to grown each year, however, the internal storage of nearly all Fire TV models is still the same 8GB it was back in 2014 when the first Fire TV was released. This has made running out of free internal storage one of the biggest problems that Fire TV owners face. To help figure out which of your Fire TV apps is hogging the most of your precious space, Amazon has added the option to sort your app list by app size, making it a lot easier to know which apps you might want to delete first.

At the top of the “Manage Installed Applications” list within the Fire TV’s Settings menu, which can be loaded quickly using this shortcut app, is a new sorting option. Previously, the list would always be sorted alphabetically, but now you have the option to sort the list by app size. Selecting the new option will place the largest apps at the top of the list.

This makes it easy to see which apps will free up the most internal storage space if they were uninstalled. Combining this new sorting option with the new quick way to clear an app’s cache should make the task of freeing up storage a bit easier when your Fire TV starts running low.

All of Amazon’s Fire TV Sticks still come with only 8GB of internal storage. However, only about 4.5GB is available for you to use for your own apps, with the rest used by the device’s operating system and the numerous system apps that come pre-installed on the device. This results in running out of internal storage quite quickly if you like to have numerous apps installed at once and is much worse if you have games installed, since they tend to be much larger in size than streaming apps. The Fire TV Cube and all Fire TV Smart TVs released after 2020 come with 16GB of internal storage to help alleviate the issue of running out of internal storage space. Hopefully, the next new Fire TV Stick released, whenever that may be, also comes with at least 16GB of internal storage, but, until then, this new way to sort apps by app size should make it easier to free up space in the meantime.

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