Fire TV Alexa Remote Pro is back on sale for only the second time ever — Lowest Price

Amazon has just put the Alexa Voice Remote Pro on sale for $29.99. This is only the second time the new remote has ever been on sale. While $5 off its regular price of $34.99 isn’t much of a discount, it matches the previous sale and is the lowest it has ever been. The sale is also available in Canada where the price is down from $44.99 to $39.99. This Pro remote is easily the best remote for any Fire TV device thanks to its two customizable buttons, backlight, and remote finder that beeps the remote. You can read about all of its capabilities in my detailed review.

  1. Iwant5percentBackonGroceries says:

    I know this is a bit out of your wheel house but do you happen to have any insights on Amazon Fresh expansion and/or possible rebranding? We had some rumblings of them coming to our area last year but it’s been stalled for months and months now.

  2. Hereward the Woke says:

    Remot Pro?

  3. nvidiashieldguy says:

    Thanks, in for my 3rd one as a backup. The first two have been working great. Love em. My only wish is that I hope we can one day adjust the back lighting brightness like we can on the Nvidia Shield remote. They are going through some batteries quicker than I’d like.

  4. Christian says:

    I received the Fire TV Alexa Remote Pro today, and it has Directv and Peacock buttons instead of Disney Plus and Hulu.

    • nvidiashieldguy says:

      That is correct. They send out the button configs at random.
      All of mine have Netflix, Prime, Peacock and Direct TV.

      • Tired8281 says:

        Get a Canadian one. They have an Apps button that brings up an apps list, plus Netflix, Prime Video and Amazon Music. Possibly the most useful selection I’ve seen.

  5. Freemz says:

    It’s on sale in the UK too at £27.99

  6. Wingnutt says:

    I did the work. It didn’t connect the replacement apps, just disabled the preprogrammed apps. So, I’ve now blanked out the Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu buttons. I would accidentally hit them, sometimes.

  7. Rik Emmett says:

    I prefer the basic fire tv remote with the side click universal remote control attachment. Just say no to Alexea and preprogrammed app buttons.

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