Fire TV and Fire TV Stick Software Updates Begin Rolling Out

Both the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick have begun receiving new software updates. It’s been just shy of two months since either device received an update, and even longer since an update added new features. The Fire TV is receiving software update version while the Fire TV Stick is receiving version No word yet on what changes these updates will bring, but I do expect them to add support for Windows 8.1 Miracast mirroring. As always, I’ll have a full update overview for each update posted once I receive these updates and get a chance to examine the changes.

  1. John Merrill says:

    Well, I hope there is enough new stuff for RBOX to jump on it. I haven’t had any reason to mess around with my AFTV in awhile.

  2. Joseph says:

    Question, we just ordered our new Fire TV today. Do you think it will have these updates?

  3. Dave D says:

    Hopefully they have added USB storage device capability. I had to delete most games from my devices (mostly The Walking Dead 1 & 2 and The Wolf Among Us) due to not having enough available storage. it doesn’t take long to fill up the onboard storage.

    • D'Aaron D. says:

      You can use link2sd and stickmount to have a majority of your app data be stored on a drive. Also you can use a hard drive to replace the onboard data completely which is what I’m doing with a 2tb. If I remember correctly I found the guide to do so on here.

  4. Ulises Rodriguez says:

    Currently I own: Two FireTV Sticks, and One FireTV-BOX, but unfortunatelly none of them has been updated yet to this NEW Update…

    So I would like to know if someone that have the FireTV-BOX or the FiteTV-Stick, has already received this last update?

  5. loekf says:

    Yes, I got the update on my FireTV. I checked the settings, but no obvious changes.

  6. Jeff says:

    Anyone else having performance issues in regards to Prime offerings? I’m seeing lots of: Loading whatever you’re trying to stream, (then the show never loads…) and Can’t connect to server messages.

    It may just be coincidental that this is happening to me right after my Fire TV updated, but I’ve always had impeccable performance as long as I’ve owned my Fire TV, so I’m suspicious.

    Currently I’m not very happy. I was there was functionality to roll back an update…

    • jason says:

      If you go to system-apps-manage all apps and there is amazon data there thats listed as an ap or amazon player.
      Click on it and delete data. Don’t worry it won’t delete your settings or xbmc or anything but mine does that from time to time and that is what amazon said to do.
      Worried it would delete things but nope then i think the box restarts and then your amazon stuff works fine

  7. hiavatch says:

    This morning, Kodi wouldn’t load and the nature-scene screensaver doesn’t come on anymore. Other than that, I haven’t noticed anything different! ;)

    • hiavatch says:

      Disregard everything I said–the problem was that I was low on storage again. This prevented Kodi from launching and prevented the screen-saver from coming on. Really wish they’d fix this Achilles heel.

  8. Ulises Rodriguez says:

    Hi loekf and all FireTV users,

    Thanks loekf for letting me know that you has received the update on your FireTV!

    Interestingly I have not received yet this NEW Update on none of my 3 FireTV units:

    2 FireTV Sticks

    1 FireTV BOX

    So I am starting to believe that Amazon is releasing slow the Update??

    Does Someone has already received the update and have noticed something new or better after install it?

    Why Amazon does not mention ever, all the changes or corrections that they are incorporating to these new updates?

  9. Don Taber says:

    I’ve had the Fire TV Stick since the first delivery date (bought it during the 2-day $19 special price). The Stick had problems from the get-go; could not maintain a network connection. Firmware update did not solve that issue, but taping a 14″ piece of copper wire to it did. Stick now works flawlessly.

    Stick’s antenna is weak. Is Amazon addressing that issue? I did a “Check for updates” on my Stick today. It says I have the latest version ( If .3 is available, why has it not been updated?

    • Ulises Rodriguez says:

      Hi Don Taber,

      I currently have two FireTV Sticks and One FireTV BOX, and I also have the same WIFI/Remote Disconnection problems as you, on one of my FireTV Stick!

      So, I would like to know how did you has solved on your FireTV Stick the Poor Connection Problems?

      You mentioned that you added a 14 inch piece of copper wire inside the FireTV Stick, because the Stick’s antenna is weak…

      Could you please post a picture, a detailled drawing or tell where did you has added this copper wire??

      Thanks in advance for your help!!

  10. Itzme says:

    I wouldn’t get too hung up on the details of his fix. Come up with your own keeping his in mind, and my fix; In my case I got the stick to stay online by tying some string to 2 vent holes on the Back of the TV to form a sort of sling. The stick and HDMI extender rest in that sling that puts the stick in more of a horizontal position, and as far from my plasma TV as possible.

  11. Ovi75 says:

    Will i loose the sideloaded apps like Kodi with the new update if no root or updates off???

  12. Ulises Rodriguez says:

    Hi AFTVnews and all FireTV users,

    As I said before I currently own 3 fireTV Units:

    2 FireTV Sticks

    1 FireTV BOX

    However I have been waiting for almost 3 days, But Unfortunatelly, I have not received this new update on none of my FireTV Units Yet!

    What is happening?

    Why this NEW FireTV update is taking such a long time to arrive?

  13. Some Guy says:

    Latest update adds ads to Fire TV launcher, like the stick has.

  14. Edgar says:

    Latest update gives you that ad bar at the top of your screen. Just like on my fire tv stick. Is the only difference I can tell so far.

    • Keith says:

      I’m seeing the banner ad also. What’s Amazon trying to pull? ‘Cause you know they’re not going to just show ad’s for their shows. Sooner or latter it’s going to be opened up to the highest bidder.

  15. I got the damn ad bar turn up over the weekend. WTF?! I passed on getting a Stick because of that, and now it gets forced down my throat on the FTV anyway?

    I wrote to Customer Support asking how to turn it off and got some template answer asking for more information (just goes to show their CS Reps are probably in a warehouse somewhere and never see the devices)

    With the exception of High Castle there isn’t a single Amazon production I want to watch, so losing real estate to have them push ads for their crap is a real pain

  16. Shag says:

    OMG… Let’s get an update with something important like, I dunno, external USB storage access. ;-)

    Come on, Amazon, listen to your customers.

  17. TaGi says:

    I can confirm following:

    Win 8.1 finds the amazon Fire TV and tries to connect (same at Fire TV’s screen saying”connecting with XXX-PC” and asking to confirm that “wi-fi connection will be disconnected whilst mirroring”)

    That’s it – Fire TV goes back to the display setting and PC after long time just drops the search process.

    Looks like they’re almost there :)

  18. Ron says:

    Anyone else had an issue with the fire tv stick running out of storage? I’m running KODI and it fills up the available storage rather quickly after watching/streaming several movies. It appears it is storing it in app data and not the cache so clearing the cache does noting, and clearing the app data deletes my settings and add ons. Help anyone?

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