Fire TV 3 and Echo Dot bundle deal for $79.99 likely ends this Saturday [Expired]

If you’ve been considering pre-ordering the new Amazon Fire TV 3 and want to get in on the great deal that bundles then Fire TV 3 and Echo Dot for $79.99, you should probably place your pre-order sooner rather than later. Amazon has indicated that the bundle price will end tomorrow, October 7. It’s possible they’ll extend the deal beyond Saturday, because they’ve done that before with bundles and promotions, but there’s no way to know if they will at this point. With the Fire TV 3 priced at $69.99 on its own, it seems like a no-brainer to pay the extra $10 and get an Echo Dot as well. Amazon says the Fire TV Stick and Echo Dot bundle for $59.99 also ends on Saturday.

  1. clocks says:

    I’m still not sold if I need/want Echos in my house. I am intrigued by the new calling feature, but don’t quite understand how it works, if it uses cell phone min, etc.. I have the Echo from my first package purchase posted on Ebay now.

    Also, I am not certain how this FTV3 will perform. I still think it is essentially a Fire OS skinned Mi Box unless someone can convince me otherwise. I feel like the non-bundle price should be <$50 since Mi has been selling these a year ago for $70. It's an old SoC, and the price should be cheaper now.

    • Danbobbbb says:

      The echo phone calls are placed as Voip on Amazon’s servers and they clone your phone number so it shows caller your number as caller ID. They are able to do this after you verify ownership of the phone number by text verification.

      • clocks says:

        Thanks, but instead of cloning my cell, can I have it use my Google Voice number?

        I already have an Ooma and Obi Box w/ Google Voice. I guess if the dots work as a solid speaker phone, it may have some utility.

  2. FredSmooth says:

    What’s the deal, is this the 3rd generation Fire tv or not? Amazon calls it a Fire tv. What is the reported 3rd generation box that is coming out?

  3. Ryan says:

    I went ahead and picked up one of the new Fire TV and Dot bundles yesterday just in case the bundle expires. The new Fire TV will be a huge upgrade from my first gen Firestick so it is worth it to me.

    I also wanted a Dot, I like my Echo after being initially unsure if I’d even use it. They are actually pretty nice, glad I gave them a shot!

    • Erin says:

      The bundles did go away yesterday, so glad you got one! I couldn’t pull the trigger because I really don’t need another Stick and don’t see myself buying a 4K TV anytime soon, but it was tempting!

      I loved my first Dot so much that I bought a second one within a week. No I’m annoyed in any room that doesn’t have one. They’re addictive!

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