Fire TV 2 with software version and older can now be rooted with KingRoot

The KingRoot rooting utility is now capable of rooting the Amazon Fire TV 2 running software version Software update blocked the previous rooting method used by KingRoot, but now the app has been updated and is capable of rooting software version Several people on XDA have confirmed that v4.9.6 and v5.0.1 of KingRoot was able to root their Fire TV 2 running

It is likely that KingRoot will also be able to root software versions and on the Fire TV 2, but I have not seen confirmation of that. Several people have tried using KingRoot to root the Fire TV 1 and Fire TV Stick 1 running, but nobody has succeeded. So this means the Fire TV 1 can still only be rooted if it is on 5.0.5 or older, and the Fire TV Stick 1 can still only be rooted if it is on or older. KingRoot also cannot root any device, including the Fire TV 2, if it is running software version or

I will update my rooting starter’s guide soon to include this new information, as well as the recently released TWRP and ROM for the Fire TV Stick 1. If you do root the Fire TV 2 using KingRoot, it is highly recommended that you immediately install TWRP, perform a factory reset, and then install the latest pre-rooted ROM.

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  1. Nacho says:

    I can confirm that this works to root an FTV2 on, however I did run into some issues due to the fact that the kingroot app is designed to be displayed on a phone screen. I needed both a mouse, to scroll the multiple opening pages of kingroot, plus a keyboard in order to use the tab and enter buttons to hit buttons that were off screen on my tv. The UI really needs to be redesigned to work on non-phone devices.

    On that note, After I rooted, I went to try and install twrp custom recovery and had a similar problem. The prompt that comes up to allow for su access has the buttons off screen. The first time it timed out, and the second time I apparently hit deny instead of accept, so now every time I try to su from the shell it gives me a Unallowed user message and won’t even throw the prompt up on my FTV in order for me to grant access. I’m kinda stuck now and don’t really know how to proceed. If anyone has any ideas, I’d appreciate it.

    • t3ch42 says:

      Try this, not sure if it’s applicable with Kinguser (su): clear data and cache in applications for the Kinguser app.
      It works for su if I miss it there, may work for KingRoot too.

      • Nacho says:

        Thanks, that worked. For some reason now I am getting black bars on the sides as well, so I can see the whole screen. Don’t know why I wasn’t getting that before. I was able to grant SU access now.

        Now I just need to figure out how to get KingRoot to stop making my FTV look like a cheap android phone’s lockscreen every time the screen saver kicks on and I’ll be set.

        • t3ch42 says:

          The best way to do that would be to follow through after the kingroot root process with the twrp recovery install and then one of rbox prerooted ROMs. That way no trace of the kingroot apps are present on your firetv.
          No matter how much the app promises that it is safe and good to leave on your devices, there is no reason to do so. For most, it is a temporary tool only, not an permanant elevated priveledge app. SuperSU is much safer and doesn’t install a battery app or any other “optimizing” apps. I would no sooner leave the kingroot app installed then I would use ES file explorer beyond version

    • Sp0okz says:

      Im stick with this also, it doesnt seem to work Nacho

  2. pmcd says:

    Are there really good reasons to root the Fire TV? Not trying to be difficult here but it’s not obvious to me what the advantages might be.

  3. T33Hud says:

    Is it possible to use PS3 / PS4 controllers after root?

  4. What does rooting the firetv give you? You can side load apps you want.

  5. Jorge says:

    Hello. Can you tell me the benefits of rooting? Thank you.

  6. Adam B Creary says:

    Can these rooted devices have team win recovery installed and can xposed installer be used?

  7. mp33pm says:

    I came home so excited today :( I had last night and all my update servers have been manually blocked by my modem/router (hasn’t updated to the new now today it’s on! Automatically! On it’s own! I am so bummed. What caused it to update automatically with it blocked? WHY OH WHY ON THE DAY OF THE ROOT!

  8. Phil says:

    What a very merry christmas you could give lots of peeps Elias,by writing the new guide to rooting and installing twrp on using kingroot

  9. M says:

    Are you folks that have had success using the Kingroot Windows app, or sideloading the Android app?

  10. viper says:

    Just rooted a firetv 1 on with this method.

    • M says:

      Which KingRoot app? Windows? Android?

      • viper says:

        with the android kingroot app. turns out that software version could have also been rooted with the dirty cow root. I ended up letting it update incrementally to and then again to 5.0.5. Then did the TWRP install and pre-rooted rom.

  11. Ralph M. says:

    Why is it that the roots for a previous version always seem to come out just after I update my device to the newest version that can’t be rooted. Grrrrrrrr!!!

  12. miasma says:

    I’m on on brand new AFTV2. Installed latest Kingroot.apk via ES Explorer but when I run it I get a screen showing “Simple Root is Easier and Faster”, there’s an upward pointing ‘arrow/chevron’ at the bottom on the screen and I can’t seem to do anything else. Pressed direction buttons on the remote, plugged in a USB keyboard but it just stays there.
    I must be missing something, can anyone help please?

    BTW the AFTV2 already tried to update to to the point where it said installing, don’t press any buttons on the remote. I risked it, pulled the power and pressed Right and Back for 10 seconds once I’d switched back on to do a factory reset. It worked I stayed on just need to get it rooted before it tries again!

  13. teddy says:

    Running fire tv stick 5.2.1. Installed latest Kingroot.apk via ES Explorer but when I run it I get a screen showing “Simple Root is Easier and Faster”, and it seem I cant do anything after that. Can anyone help.

    • miasma says:

      See my previous post, disable USB debugging, plug in USB mouse then you can click on the chevron on the screen you are seeing and subsequently, Try to Root. The functioning mouse is the key.

  14. Resonate says:

    WARNING! You should really put a disclaimer that rooting an original and then attempting to put stock 5.0.5 on using TWRP bricks the device. I now have a very expensive paperweight.

  15. Tudor says:

    So I should not even try to root with any of the methods, if I have FireTV Stick 2 with ?
    Any other decent methods of having openvpn work on this device? Currently it does connect but traffic does not go in tunnel probably because default routes are not pushed on the device (no root).

    • miasma says:

      No you should use this method but update with the pre-rooted Sloane firmware, ideally Works a treat.

      • miasma says:

        CORRECTION : Just spotted that it’s the Stick NOT the box.
        Do NOT attempt to root Fire TV Stick 2 with any method until there is a working tested one for it.
        Apologies for any confusion.

  16. Lythimus says:

    So I just got a replacement Fire TV 2 because my adapter broke. I had the URLs blocked in my firewall configuration, but didn’t notice the lack of capability of blocking HTTPS. I was going to wait about a day to root my device because I have a lot going on and the thing updated hours before I got to it. I wish I had rooted it as soon as I plugged it in :/

  17. Glang says:

    Kingroot hasn’t worked for me for the past 24 hours. The FTV2 ( keeps rebooting at 16% and then fails at 35%. Every time. I’ve tried Kingroot 4.96, 5.01, and 5.04. I also tried it on my friend’s FTV2 running Same exact results.

    • Kevin says:

      You are not the only one. This exact thing is happening to me as well. EXACT SAME. thought I was going crazy. My AFTV2 is running (551203220) and I have tried all the same KingRoots you have because of the above post and it gets to between 33%-35% and fails. What am I doing wrong?

    • GlammaGeek says:

      Exact same problem on an AFTV 2nd Gen running Tried several different versions, but system reboots at 36% no matter what. Even did a factory reset. Same same…

  18. Mike says:

    Yep, same here. Reboots at 33% on :/

  19. driftninja says:

    Same here. Tried 3 different ones Kingroot not working anymore. Reboots at 33% Did a few earlier this month and worked great.

  20. Swiftrod says:

    I can confirm that cannot be rooted using the latest version of Kingroot, 4.9.6 and 5.0.1 version were also unable to complete root. Rooting gets to around 35% complete and then reboots and fails.
    I have spent the last few hours trying and have restored AFTV 2 but it makes no difference! ☹️

    • driftninja says:

      I have been able to root using KingOroot on Root with Kingroot, it will fail, Then run KingOroot. It will root just fine. However. DO NOT attempt to finish the rest of this guide to install TWRP. It will not work and mess up the FTV permissions. I repeat DO NOT install TWRP via this guide. Just be happy with rooted for now. You can try to use TWRP manager apk. Havent tried that yet.

      • Ender says:

        Hi, could you elaborate on that ?
        I tried Kingroot.apk (NOT via PC). i tried 5.0.1 and also the latest & greatest from their website.
        That reboots at 36%, after restart i aterted it again, it sits for a while then says failed.
        THEN i started KingOroot (latest apk as well) and it jumped to 90% very fast, then sat for a while THEN failes as well.
        How did you manage to do it ?
        Please help :-)


  21. Cantello says:

    So, any recent success with an FTV2 on with either KingRoot or KingoRoot? Tried both and neither worked (KR rebooting at ~35%, KoR did not finish either).

  22. Saj Hid says:

    Any update guys, Mine also updated from 5.0.5 to the latest last night. REally not happy with the new layout and stuff. Cant use firestarter which is my favourite apps.
    Tried latest kingroot with 5.2.1/1 as well but it didnt as other users saying.

    • driftninja says:

      Should have blocked updates. Now your screwed

      • Saj Hid says:

        If you look at the firmware it was on which was 5.0.5 then surely you’d have understood that the update was in fact blocked as there is no way for it to just jump from 5.0.5 to the latest just overnight!
        Hope that answers your question!!!

        • driftninja says:

          But it did update. And now that it’s on the newest firmware. You cannot root…. Is all I’m saying

  23. Marcel S. says:

    I´m on but rooting through v4.9.6 and v5.0.1 of KingRoot fails …
    Device is restarting through the process everytime and then when i open Kingroot to try continue it fails after continue a little amaount of time :(

  24. Frank Materia says:

    I got my AFTV2 at Xmas w but I didnt have time to root it until a few months ago. I tried KingRoot. I tried each version recommended from oldest to newest version. It stopped around 35-36%. Because it didn’t root for me, I left it alone with blocked updates via opendns. I tried again 2 months ago using latest KingRoot first. (no root) Then I tried KingORoot a few times (letting it reboot in-between tries). Finally I tried the latest KingRoot again (letting it reboot) and ran KingRoot a second time and it then showed it was rooted. I was able to install TRWP and the latest Rbox ROM but I had to do both twice though. It seems TRWP doesn’t display properly for 720p (I was using a 32in tv but looked fine on a 1080). And I did the ROM twice, even though I used MD5 and did a clean install because the first time seemed unstable or incomplete. But It’s definitely rooted now.

  25. Paul says:

    I have a Fire TV 2 with OS (551203220). I’ve tried KingRoot v4.9.6, v5.0.1 and the newest version v.5.3.2 and KingORoot v.4.3.4. Every KingRoot version fails after the reboot. KingORoot gets stuck on 10% and shows unknown network error, regardless if the FTV is connected over WiFi or LAN. Has anybody tried to root recently and can help please?

    • Paul says:

      Nevermind. It seems that KingORoot servers were down. Today it worked with KingORoot v.4.3.4 and KingRoot v.4.9.6 afterwards.

      • Mike says:

        Thank you Frank and Paul for this tip to run KingOroot 4.3.4 and then Kingroot 4.9.6. I have been trying to root a box for awhile, but using Kingroot 4.9.6 alone would never give root access.

        Running KingOroot 4.3.4 appears to give partial root access, but not enough to install the recovery zip. Running Kingroot 4.9.6 after KingOroot 4.3.4 gives full root access and allows the recovery zip to be installed.

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