Fire TV 2 owners wanting to root should update to software version immediatly


If you own a 2nd-gen Fire TV and have been blocking software updates up until now with the intension to root your device, you should probably allow the device to receive the current latest software update, which is version (534011720). The first indication that a new 5.0.4 software update is on the horizon has surfaced. This software update may block the recently discovered rooting method which currently only works on 2nd-gen Fire TVs that are running software version Once software update 5.0.4 is released, you will not be able to update to It’s possible the current rooting method will be adapted to work on future 2nd-gen Fire TV software versions, but it’s not guaranteed. If you’ve been procrastinating on buying a 2nd-gen Fire TV, you probably still have time to order one now (on sale for $84.99) and update it before the new software version is released, but only if you act fast.

  1. tom42 says:

    After updating to how does one block updates with the new Fire TV?

  2. Eric Work says:

    @ImCoKeMan and I added a version check script recently in anticipation that an update might be released and might even be applied between reboots while rooting. Now it’s even more important to run it each time you handshake in case it updates between reboots.

  3. Joe says:

    I hope someone can help me with bringing my fire TV (first gen) to the latest version. I tried reading the guides section and found myself going around in circles. Here is the current state of my Fire TV (1st Gen)


    Rooted: Yes
    Busy Box Installed: Yes (Ver 1.22)
    SuperSu Installed: Yes
    ClockWorkMod Installed: I don’t think so

    I have had the Fire TV for about 8 – 12 months and all I remember is that I rooted it but then went back to using the Roku 3 as my main device. But just this past week I set up a new Fire Stick (not rooted) for someone else and installed Firestarter and Kodi on the Fire Stick. This drove me back to my own Fire TV and wanting to start using it. But before I do anything, I want to bring to the latest and greatest version/updates (keeping root) and then do the Firestarter/Kodi installation.

    Can someone please guide me through the exact steps I need to carry out in order to bring my Fire TV to the latest versions of everything I need and keeping my device rooted? Also, I noticed that currently under “Developer” option, the “Allow Unknown Source” is NOT there. The only option displayed is to enable ADB which is set to “ON”. How do I get the “Allow Unknown Source” option to be visible?

    Thanks for any help you can provide

  4. vulcan195 says:

    Folks on Reddit are reporting that 5.0.4 adds an option to send “Dolby Digital Over HDMI”. Which is precisely what I and several others were requesting. Once my box gets updated, I can go back to my fabulous sounding legacy / non-HDMI receiver.

  5. Jason says:

    on the fire tv 2 does pm enable still block all OTA updates?

  6. Batman bin Emdad says:

    I have a 1st-Gen Fire TV running

    Is it possible to root this device at all without going through the ‘hardware’ route method. If not, what is the likelihood that a root will be available in the near future?


    • AFTVnews says:

      No, it is not possible to root a first gen Fire TV unless it’s running or older. There is no way to know the likelihood of it being rootable in the future.

  7. Eric Work says:

    5.0.4 looks to be rootable even if not previously rooted. I still need some more free time to get the rooting package created. I have original images up already in the same location as the previous ones.

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