Fire TV 2 and Fire TV Stick 2 software update rollout resumes en masse

It looks like Amazon has resumed the roll out of the new software update that brings the new interface to 2nd-gen Fire TVs and 2nd-gen Fire TV Sticks. Three of my five eligible devices just received the update. Many others have told me that several of their devices updated all at once as well. The software version I received is the same one that has been rolling out from the start, so it seems the rollout pause wasn’t due to an issue with the update, since a new revised version hasn’t been released.

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  1. Roberto says:

    Good news for fire stick: after update, OTG stills works and it is also possible to configure ethernet connection with adapter with static ip

  2. bill says:

    has anyone else lost the “quick launch” function on the fire tv remote app with this update??? i dont know how the update would affect the mobile app but both mine and my wifes no longer have the option. its just the keyboard icon

    • AFTVnews says:

      I noticed this too. I’m going to test multiple devices today (box, stick, iPhone, Android Phone, Fire Tablet) to see if it’s universally gone or not and then write a post about it.

  3. Adam says:

    “The software version I received is the same one that has been rolling out from the start, so it seems the rollout pause wasn’t due to an issue with the update, since a new revised version hasn’t been released.”

    Elias, did you reach this conclusion with a checksum or some other means to verify there were no changes?

    Putting on my tinfoil hat, I can’t help but notice that Amazon resumed updating the very day after rbox released his pre-rooted ROM.

    However, further indulging my conspiracy, I can’t come up with an advantage to be gained from that. True, they know who received the updates thus far, but that’s still a pretty big number to narrow down a person(s) capturing the update for rbox.

    And I have to think that its already obvious which devices are rooted when they sign into Amazon but don’t request updates, not to mention God knows what other tells there may be, so there’s no advantage in hiding an identifier in what would eventually become rbox’s ROM…

    Is it just simply that they thought there may have been an issue, there wasn’t, and they just resumed updating?

    I’m not averse to that, its just that I also know believing that a company views me as a customer and not a product is risky ground to tread upon.

    • AFTVnews says:

      I based it being the same first strictly on the build number.

      There’s really no reason for Amazon to fish out a particular user. It’s not like identifying one person and blocking them is going to achieve anything.

      We’ll never know why there was a pause in the rollout. Could be any number of reasons.

    • bill says:

      you feelin ok?????

  4. clocks says:

    I checked all four of my devices. The new stick got it, but none of the 4k boxes.

    Anyway, it’s probably a smarter layout, but going to take some getting used to.

  5. Qban Celli says:

    Just got mine.

  6. Mitch says:

    none of my 4 here got it (yet)

    • Ulises A.Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

      Same here, still no sign of this New Update on none of my 5 differents FireTV Models:

      Two FireTV2 Box.

      One FireTV1 Box.

      Two FireTV1 Stics.

      Happy to know that Amazon has resumed the roll out of the new software update that brings the new interface to the FireTV (2nd-Gen) and FireTV Sticks (2nd Gen).

  7. Mark says:

    Still at on my 1st gen stick, as well as on my fireTV stick 1st gen, 2nd iteration. I haven’t checked my 1st gen box yet but I’m certain it is still as the sticks are. Does the 1st gen stuff get the update? No worries either way as I’m good with the current format.

  8. J dog says:

    Stupid! Why can’t they roll it out all at once like apple? That’s why I left droid. Stupid!

  9. Lynn says:

    I’m new to this and not a techie at all… how can you tell if you’ve gotten the update? I am no longer able to use my remote to go directly to my fire stick which is all of two weeks old and has the voice command option. I have to switch my input 2 HDMI 2 where it is plugged into.

    • Mark says:

      LOL. No, you aren’t a “techie” by your post. You need to go into the stick menu to settings>about and see what the firmware number is. VERY easy.Not sure what you mean about the remote. Do you mean the TV remote or the fire stick remote?

      • Lynn says:

        Don’t know where to see where where it says firmware version but my current version( which very well may be the firmware version) is OS 5. 2. 2. 2. 0 install date was October 13th 2016 so guess that means it wasn’t updated during the time for this discussion Regarding the remote issue, I used to be able to use the fire stick remote, press the home button and it would take me directly to firestick. I no longer have that option. I have to go to the HDMI input that the firestick is connected to

        • Mark says:

          Yes, that is the firmware version. See? You’;re more “techie” than you thought!

          As for the remote, I’m not aware of any time the stick would change your TV input. That has to be done manually. Always has been this way. My guess is that you left the TV on input 2 and when you pressed the fire remote button, you got a picture. But if you were watching say, a blu-ray on input 1 (just an example) and wanted to switch to the fire stick, you have to manually change the input to 2 and press the stick remote button to ‘wake-up’ the stick and you can then proceed. Just like you always need to use your TV remote for volume level, the TV remote must be used for input selection.

          That is, unless you have a brand new TV that will ‘sense’ a signal and will automatically switch to that input, but I think that isn’t your case unless it is a brand new TV.

          • Jessie says:

            If the Stick is plugged into an HDMI-CEC port, waking the Stick will not only change ports for you, it can also turn on your TV.

          • Lynn says:

            Hmmmm, regarding the remote, I will just have to take notice of the input when I shut the TV. Also have to see what other functions I can do from the firestick remote . I don’t know what an HDMI -CEC Port is. I actually just wrote that about the remote because someone that they lost their quick lunch but I don’t know what that is either. Working on learning all this! Thanks for taking to reply.

        • Kenneth Groh says:

          Try unplugging it and plugging it back in

          • Lynn says:

            Unplugging totally worked and enables my firestick remote to again control my TV As well as the FS.

            … and not to belabor this but I did check my firestick version to see if it was updated because dear Lord everyone is talking about it and it did not automatically update. I had to manually set the process going. It is updating as I am writing this but I have no idea what it’s going to do for me + my Firestick! But I’m glad I found this group. It’s both helpful and entertaining.

  10. clocks says:

    I wonder if they upclocked the stick with this update. Prior my stick ran around 155-175 F according to MrMC and SPMC. Last night I was getting readings off 200-210 F! Also felt the stick, and it felt noticably warmer to the touch when I checked it in the past.

    It is 15 degrees outside, and my house has been cold, so it is not the ambient room temp.

    • Mark says:

      Really? Why are you so concerned with the temp of the stick?

      • Nate says:

        Seems that ‘clocks’ isn’t the only one concerned with the temperature of the Fire Stick 2:

        Heat is an enemy of electronics and a lack of forced heat dissipation (e.g. air flow, water cooling, build materials, etc.) can vastly reduce the lifespan of any given device.

        It appears as though the Fire Stick 2 does indeed run hotter, internally speaking, but according to Elias’ tests, it supposedly dissipates heat better for a cooler external body.

        When making any sort of investment, no matter if it is for $40 or $40000, why shouldn’t someone consider all factors, Mark?

        • Mark says:

          Never said otherwise, Nate. I simply asked a question.

          • Nate says:

            When you preface that question with “Really?” it comes across as condescending, hence my explanation and subsequent question to you, Mark.

            Why not simply ask the question instead of prefacing it with anything else?

      • clocks says:

        Mark – it’s not like I am losing sleep over it, but considering the 1st gen stick had well documented heat issues, it’s worth keeping on eye on it.

  11. Mark says:

    Really, Nate? I asked “Really?” because of the heat. Who are you to try and school me on how to reply? This is a site about the fireTV, not Nates way of doing things.

    • clocks says:

      Mark – you did write your original comment in a condescending way. Maybe your are a bit tone deaf. Regardless, my feelings were not hurt.

      • Grinder says:

        I really really really really really really like you two guys.

      • Mark says:

        having or showing a feeling of patronizing superiority.

        What I posted:
        “Really? Why are you so concerned with the temp of the stick?”

        Where do you get condescending from that?! I wanted to know why you were so concerned. I have had no issues with heat on either of my sticks, I have heard/read nothing about the “well documented heat issues” you seem to think I should know about. Now I do know. Why? Because I asked a question. Now you say I’m “tone deaf”. WTF?!

        Elias? Not too happy with being attacked here on your site because I asked a question.

  12. Ichijoe says:

    Speaking of new options has anyone checked out the Settings > Applications > Appstore yet?

    There’s an interesting option to turn External Market Links On, or Off.
    Though I’m likely to be reading way to much into it, could this be a way to eventually get the PlayStore on the AFTV2?

  13. Kody Ivie says:

    Fire TV Stick 2, Still on

  14. Greg Williams says:

    1 gen2 ftv got it yesterday & 1 gen2 ftv has not gotten it as of now, even after a manual update check.

  15. Moe says:

    Anyone got video tour of the new interface? It’s going to be a while till us 1st gen Fire TV owners get to see it.

  16. Chris says:

    Anyway to block future OTA updates since this seems to have bricked using ADBfire and Debloater?

  17. Rob says:

    Been playing around with the new interface and so far no issues. I really like this new interface much, much better. The old interface was just too dam cluttered and redundant.

    • hdmkv says:

      Initially, I liked it. New and shiny. But, the original interface was better, more functional, easier to get into settings, and less Amazon-content pushy than this one is.

  18. Jessie says:

    My 2nd generation Stick updated this morning.

  19. Brian says:

    I’m not as tech-savvy as you guys seem to be but I did figure out how to sideload and I’m just curious if you can still do that with the new version which I do not have yet

  20. clocks says:

    Elias – have you noticed any change in the behavior of your new stick since the update? Besides the 200+ F temp readings, I also notice the 4 core utilization is much higher. When I checked in MrMC lastnight, with nothing playing, it showed 203 F and 80-100% cpu utilization accross all four cores. I’ve never seen that before on any similar devices, even when playing hvec videos, etc… Either the update broke something within Kodi, or it’s doing something else in the background to really work the stick out.

    • AFTVnews says:

      I haven’t really noticed anything, but then again I only use Sticks for testing things and not daily regular use. I’ll try to look into it once I have a bit of time.

    • cdlenfert says:

      GOOD GOD MAN!!! Why are you so concerned with your electronics operating at blue star temperatures??? :)

      • clocks says:

        I am curious what’s going on in the backgroud to max out the cpu when it should be idling. This is new behavior since the update.

  21. Tony Ramirez says:

    Still nothing says I am up to date well I am not. Apple TV told me a update right away and I don’t want to hear server overload garbage.

    I hated this about Android devices until I figured out how to sideload all updates now I don’t have to wait for a update a month after it came out.

    • cdlenfert says:

      If it’s possible to root your device, that could give you more control over when you’re able to apply firmware updates. You’re still at the mercy of Rbox pushing out the pre-rooted rom, but he’s been quicker than Amazon (at least when they get it pushed to all users) in the past.

  22. Derrick says:

    Still nothing. I will say, this is a negative to me when i’m comparing platforms. I like the stick 2.0 so far. It’s ok but truth is Kodi is the real plus to me and that’s about it over a Roku. If Roku changed to Android as a platform and had a kodi app i’d use that in a heartbeat. Not that Roku makes a lot of updates. But Roku isn’t all Amazon in my face which i don’t use. It’s an annoyance, but most of the screen is Amazon junk i never use. not that way with my roku device. But Amazon needs to sort their shit out and roll out updates in a timely fashion because now, i’ve checked at least 7 or 8 times a day everyday for about two weeks now and it’s to the point where it’s made me see the product in a negative light. Not the entire product. Like i said i’ve added to my review in the cons section that updates are not timely. But hey it has other strengths.

  23. Brandon says:

    Found a fix if you can’t update your box, basically enable ADB debugging in developer options on Fire TV 2 then check your network IP on about on the box. Then go to computer and type adb connect IP for example then use this command: adb shell pm clear then press back and then about and check for updates and boom! C:

  24. Al says:

    Did not work for me.

  25. Robert Tusing says:

    I received the update on my 4K unit last night and now the Ethernet connection keeps dropping. I don’t have an issue with my other devices and didn’t have the problem before this update. Anyone else seeing this problem or has my unit just Died.

  26. Kevin W says:

    December 29th and still no love on 3 of 5 devices (2 FireTV gen 1 box and 1 gen 1 FireTV stick). Not a big deal but dislike having to switch between TVs and then seeing different interfaces. This really should happen a little more timely Amazon.

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