Fire OS 5 with Alexa should arrive on 1st-gen Fire TV and Fire TV Stick in the coming weeks


Amazon was originally planning to release Fire OS 5 with the Alexa voice assistant to existing 1st-gen Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks in October, but those plans were postponed while they worked on stabalizing the 2nd-gen Fire TV. Now that Amazon has fixed the majority of the issues with Fire OS 5 on the 2nd-Gen Fire TV, work is continuing on the upcoming Fire OS 5 software update for 1st-gen devices. A couple days after the latest 2nd-gen Fire TV software update began rolling out, Amazon posted a new source code file for the Fire TV Stick with version number 5.0.3. Now Amazon has added yet another Fire TV Stick source code file with a software version of, indicating progress is being made.

The new Fire TV Stick with voice remote bundle is scheduled to ship on November 13th. These Fire TV Sticks will be arriving with Fire OS 5 from the factory, since they need to support their included wifi-based voice remote, so it’s important for Amazon to have a stable version of Fire OS 5 for the Fire TV Stick ready this month to avoid the same backlash they received from the 2nd-gen Fire TV’s initial instability. It’s reasonable to assume that existing non-voice Fire TV Stick owners will also be receiving this Fire OS 5 update around the same time since existing Fire TV Sticks are identical to the ones shipping in the new voice bundle. There hasn’t been any Fire OS 5 source code files posted for the 1st-gen Fire TV yet, but I’m sure we’ll see those devices updated later this month as well.

  1. Grinder says:

    “Should” and “coming weeks” is better than “won’t” and “never.”

    • Brian Kilpatrick says:

      December 30th and still waiting for my 1st gen Fire TV to get the update. I guess “in the coming weeks” is a relative term.

  2. Chuck says:

    Although it has not shipped yet, my new fire tv stick, states shipping today!!!!

  3. Eric Work says:

    I thought the new remote uses bluetooth? At least on the Fire TV 2 it uses bluetooth. That’s very likely to save power vs WiFi.

    • Jim says:

      Fire tv 2 uses wifi for remote, fire tv 1 uses bluetooth. Wifi is slow and losses comunication with fire tv. Had to set up with phone app to get working again. Get the 1st gen if you can find one.

  4. Wodehouse says:

    Does this mean that the USB port on 2nd Generation Fire TV’s will become an ACCESSORY port again — and prevent downloading to it?

    Can someone please help me understand how this new operating system will specifically affect 2nd Generation users and the features they have become accustomed to?

    • AFTVnews says:

      The 2nd-gen Fire TV is already running Fire OS 5. This update to Fire OS 5 is just for the 1st-gen Fire TV and Fire TV Stick which are currently running Fire OS 3.

      Either way, this update will not change how the USB port works for any Fire TV device.

      • Wodehouse says:

        Thanks for clarifying that owners of 1st generation Fire TV’s will not lose the present functionality of their USB port. In my upset, I referred to the Gen 2 Fire TV when I was actually referring to the 1st generation device.

        You folks are simply the best and are already on my Christmas gift list. Thanks for all you do!

  5. Ujn Hunter says:

    Here’s hoping I’ve got the update servers blocked correctly on my router, or that my TV doesn’t provide enough power to update the firmware on my Fire TV Stick. Do not want Fire OS5.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Where’s the fun in that! Live a little! Nothing like an possibly unstable update to put a little spring in your step. :-P

      Jokes aside, I’m confident the update will be stable. ;-)

      • Ujn Hunter says:

        Ha! I just like the way the device functions right now… don’t want any “Store” added to my menus etc… I’m still on iOS 6 because of silly firmware updates. ;)

  6. Alex says:

    Woohoo! Looking forward to Bluetooth audio on the FTV Stick!

  7. Phil Nabozny says:

    Does this mean that UK Fire TV sticks will get the same update, including Alexa? Or is this going to be missing or disabled as on the Fire TV 2.

  8. Eric says:

    I wonder when german customers get a localized version of Alexa on their devices (at all!). Its amazon’s 2nd largest market, right after the US market and in contrary to the UK and the US, amazon leads the video streaming market in germany (Netflix is far behind amazon and domestic german services, due to its late start in germany). Talk about a missed chance for amazon to make their services virtually indispensable. Generally speaking: any company, who brings a fully voice controled (and otherwise smooth working) device to my living room has won me over. Amazon, you may lose me anytime now, unless you wake up and bring Alexa to germany! There is always some venture capital startup somewhere, challenging established corporations like you. Don’t become too self-assured :)

  9. pmcd says:

    Is there a compelling reason to upgrade to the 2nd gen Fire TV from the first for non-gamers and non-4K video users?

  10. ben says:

    when is this coming to first gen. taking forever

  11. cfbcfb says:

    Amazon is infamous for abandoning hardware and not upgrading it.

    My Kindle Fire HD 8.9 was their flagship product a few years ago. Left at OS 3. The Kindle Fire 6, 7 and 7HDX I bought last christmas are still at OS 4.5. Oh, but they did do a feature free update that made it much harder to root and self-upgrade to a custom rom. Thanks Amazon!

  12. tlchris says:

    im running , how can i check which fire OS it is ?

  13. Filipe Miranda says:

    I’m running the AFTV 1st gen with Fire OS 5.0.5. How can I install Alexa on it?

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