Fire OS 5 public software update makes first appearance


It’s looking like the final public version of Fire OS 5 for the 1st generation Fire TV and Fire TV Stick will be released very soon. Amazon has just updated their Fire TV Source Code Notice page with the partial source for the upcoming Fire OS 5 software update. The page lists that the Fire TV Stick will be receiving an update to software version, while the 2nd-gen Fire TV will be receiving a launch day update to software version

The update for the 1st-gen Fire TV is not yet listed on the page, but don’t read into it too much. Amazon has always been pretty bad with keeping the Fire TV’s source code notice page up to date. For example, they don’t even have the last 4 Fire TV updates ( thru listed on the page. It has been fairly common (but not definite) for a new software update to begin rolling out to devices within a couple days of it appearing on the source code notice page.

  1. Ulises Rodriguez says:

    Apparently some owners of the FireTV (1st Gen), are starting to receive the latest FireOS-5 Today !

    bigwillie1, a member of forum.xda-developers, has mentioned:

    “I just received the update for Fire OS 5!!

    It is FIRE OS 5.0.3 (532008220)

    First findings:
    ADB is still buggy. (firestarter gives an error.

    ADB needs to be pushed off/on to get it working.)
    Audio passthrough in Kodi is not working. (same as in the Fire OS5 preview)”

    • AFTVnews says:

      It’s looking like that update is for the Developer Preview and not the final version. I’ve only heard of people running the developer preview getting that update.

      • Ulises Rodriguez says:

        Hi Again Elias,

        Since you has mentioned that apparently
        the FireOS update that some users are receiving, is for the Developer Preview and not the final version…

        I would like to know if the new FireTV units (2nd Gen) that Amazon is sending, already comes with a final version of the FireOS-5, not beta or developer preview ?

        Thanks again for helping!

        • AFTVnews says:

          The new Fire TV will come with a final version of Fire OS 5. There will likely be a launch day software update to either 5.0.2 or 5.0.3. I expect we’ll see another update later this month with more bug fixes that turn up once the device gets in people’s hands.

  2. Ram says:

    I would like to know isbthe fire phone going to get fire os5 for definite and if it is then when?

  3. James says:


    I was just wondering now that it is November if Amazon has said anything more relating to the release date of Fire OS 5 and its compatability with other Amazon devices.

    Thank You

  4. Justin Finkelstein says:


    You can get FireOS 5 for your FireTV if you sign up for the developer preview here:

    You’ll need to agree to lots of developer stuff, but once that’s done, go back to the link above and you’ll be shown options to enable the beta on your device.

    It says the new OS will be updated within 48 hours but, if you go back to the FireTV and manually do a system update, it’ll start immediately.

    Good luck!

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