Fire OS 5 on the Amazon Fire TV 1 and Fire TV Stick can be Rooted


Several people are reporting (and confirming) that the 1st generation Fire TV 1 and the Fire TV Stick running the new Fire OS 5 software update, version 5.0.5, can be rooted using the KingRoot rooting app. Fire TV 1 owners have been unable to root their device ever since Amazon patched the towelroot exploit back in August 2014. This is also the first time Fire TV Sticks can be rooted through software alone.

If you want to root your Fire TV 1 or Fire TV Stick, you should allow it to update to the 5.0.5 software version that is currently rolling out to device and then block software updates. You can then use KingRoot to root your Fire TV 1 or Fire TV Stick, but be warned that the Chinese company behind the rooting software has been criticised for being a bit shady. Their software is closed source, which means nobody knows exactly what it does to your device. KingRoot also installs some of its own bloatware onto your device which, while it can be removed, does not bode well for the trustability of the software or company.

Rbox, the developer behind the new rooting method for the Fire TV 2, has already started experimenting with porting TWRP custom recovery to a Fire TV 1 that has been rooted by KingRoot. During yesterday’s AFTVnewscast live stream, I explained how to intercept the 5.0.5 update package which resulted in podcast viewer Ray nabbing the update URL. I’ve passed the URL onto rbox so, with that, he should finally be able to create a pre-rooted ROM of software version 5.0.5 for the 1st-gen Fire TV.

I recommend that Fire TV 1 owners, who wish to root their device, not use KingRoot just yet. You should update to software version 5.0.5 and then wait for rbox to release TWRP and a pre-rooted ROM of 5.0.5 for the 1st-gen Fire TV. Once those are released, you will be able to root your device with KingRoot and then immediately wipe out anything nefarious left over by KingRoot when you install the pre-rooted ROM and perform a factory reset.

As for Fire TV Stick owners who wish to root, because that device has never been software rooted before, there has been no work done towards a custom recovery or ROM for that device. Rbox has told me that, while he doesn’t own a Fire TV Stick, he will look into its 5.0.5 update package and consider making a custom recovery and pre-rooted ROM for the Fire TV Stick. That is of course, if it’s even possible, which still remains to be determined.


To be clear, I am NOT recommending that those of you with already rooted 1st-gen Fire TVs update to 5.0.5 ota. If you’re Fire TV 1 is already rooted, just sit tight and wait for a pre-rooted version of 5.0.5 to be released. Only those with non-rooted Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks should update to 5.0.5, then block updates, and use KingRoot.

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  1. TROJAN4EVR says:

    I can donate a fire tv stick to rbox if he needs it to try rooting it.

  2. Some One says:

    Out of curiousity. Would the root work on AFTV2 devices? Im already rooted with rbox menu and epoch exploit so I’m good but still curious.

  3. LakituLives says:

    While it could be seen as shady that KingRoot is closed source and installs their own SuperUser manager app… KingRoot is a trusted app among the Android security community. The work closely with teams like K33n Team who are respectable in the security community. The only people who seem to have an issue with KingRoot are users who have no Android security background themselves (though I can understand how a user can think such things).

    KingRoot has some of their own exploits and they have no reason to share their methods from which others could profit.. so it makes sense that it’s closed source. Some of the best Android exploit software is closed source. Look at the Sunshine tool for HTC and Moto devices. Or heck… even SuperSu from Chainfire is closed source.. and nearly everyone uses that to manage all of their root apps.

    Of course it’s up the user if they wan to use KingRoot.. but other than installing their own Super SU manager app which many may want uninstalled they have never shown any real reason to avoid or be concerned.

    I have no ties to KingRoot.. just don’t want to see people possibly skipping out on root because the company that came up with a great exploit happens to be Chinese and not openly share the secrets of their hard work with everyone and anyone.

    That being said… can’t wait for my FireTV Stick to update so I can try this.

  4. Dave69 says:

    Should those of us with a FTV1 already rooted wait for Rbox or go ahead and unblock for the new update?

  5. Monica says:

    I am able to root my Fire TV 2 with Kingroot !

  6. erdinc says:

    If I update to new os, will it relock the bootloader?

  7. BigDaddyJon says:

    I agree and the article should probably be changed, it seems is you are already rooted in fire tv 1 (and on rbox Rom) it’s probably best to stay there until rbox gets a 5 os Rom put together and then update. Otherwise you lose root completely

    • AFTVnews says:

      Sorry for the confusion. I’ve updated the article to be clearer.

      If you have an already rooted Fire TV 1, you should NOT update to 5.0.5 and use KingRoot. You should just wait for the pre-rooted 5.0.5 to be released.

  8. t-jay says:

    HOw Do I block my ftv1 from updating?

  9. airj23 says:

    you cant download the files from kingroot my computer wont let me?

  10. Rp says:

    Kingroot reports root. But es explorer does not have full root. Nor does it respond to other root request from other apps

    • Rp says:

      This is for firestick.

      • Rp says:

        Nevermind. I got a root prompt. Works

        • airj23 says:

          how i been trying on fire stick few times with no go

          • rp says:

            I’m no dev here so take what I say from without crit or bashing. install kingroot. reboot. run app, grant access. install a terminal app like rom tool box lite from jrummy. type su and $promt and get #. if you dont get a popup then install their optimize app and reboot. at some point you will get pop up and root access. I installed busy box. my next step is running flashfire .27 I bought the dam thing for $24 dol before christmas last year and blocked backups using a router. it was still on original firmware waiting for this day.

          • airj23 says:

            i got it. I can see all the system files. now what block updates?

          • atone says:

            this is really cool and a world changer for those with firetv sticks. I never bought a stick since it couldn’t be rooted, but now this news changes everything. I only wish I picked it up from Kmart at $24 last year.:)

        • rp says:

          flashfire requires supersu or cm12 rooted rom. I tried installing supersu.apk but flashfire still failed. it prolloy needs underlying files to be supersu not kingroot. I was hoping to test a backup of data partition. I prolly would tell all of you to wait for a different rooting process which uses supersu. I just wanted to check it out.

  11. Gary says:

    how do i rooted the fire stick wish i can see a video on it

  12. eric says:

    You know, i brought up the question if the OS5 update on the FTV1’s would be totally since the FTV2’s OS5 were, and didn’t get a great response…
    i know it wasn’t automatic that this would happen, but i did feel it wouldn’t make sense to make 2 rootable and leave the 1 locked up..

    • eric says:

      sorry, replace “totally” with “rootable”. autocorrect strikes again

    • Jeff says:

      Yeah but totally different methods, so really not related. AFAIK, Kingroot does not work on Fire TV 2. And Amazon didn’t open up the FireTV 2 for rooting like, say, a Nexus phone. The awesome folks in the community just found a way to do it.

  13. eric says:

    amazon didn’t have to patch the FTV1 way back, making it impossible to root updated boxes. they did it to stop rooting. I believe they have learned a lesson from the community and opened the FTV2. they could have stopped the FTV1 from getting it back with os5, but looks like the OS is more rootable (don’t think by accident)

    • Jeff says:

      When the main goal of the Fire TV is to sell their apps and videos, I highly, highly doubt that. The absolutely last thing they want is for this to be seen as a “kodi” illegal video stream box. Look at what they did to Kodi in the app store. Given the method to root the FiretTV 2, I really would not call that “open”.

  14. William says:

    Dev build 5.0.3 is also rootable with the new kingroot

  15. Nate says:

    Great! I’ve been awaiting this! I’m sticking with my current pre-rooted rom on Gen1 for now.

  16. Gryzor says:

    Guys, a small question about software updates; I don’t have updates blocked on my router, but I think I might have missed some.

    My currrent AFTV1 version is, installed on September 4, 2015. But I think there might have been some update since then… am I wrong?


  17. DeanR1977 says:

    My stick is on
    & checked on the Amazon website for latest updates, is this the latest os5 update? @aftvnews ? Or os4? Cause the look of the menus on my stick is different on my other ones In my house?

    • AFTVnews says:

      That is the version before the Fire OS 5 update. Your Stick hasn’t been updated to Fire OS 5 yet, but it should update soon. The latest version for the Stick, which is rootable, will be listed as 5.0.5 (537174420) in the Stick’s menu.

  18. Genesis says:

    You make mention of Kingroot yet link to an XDAforum for Kingoroot which is not the same tool. Kingroot is also from a team based in China that has a long XDA thread (400+ pages). I haven’t reviewed their thread so am unsure if the same “shady” practices but I at least wanted to point out the difference between the methods. The link to the actual KINGROOT thread is here:

    I hope this is helpful.

  19. sky says:

    Is there any people has no sound in kodi ( ver 15.2; 16.04 …) For gen1 fire tv ( os 5.0.5) although adjust many kinds of but not. Who help me a little pz? Or by new os not good?

    • Raven says:

      i have the same issue. Since the Fire TV (1st gen) updated to 5.0.5 i do not have any surround sound in Kodi (v16)

  20. fireSticktv says:

    Amazing News ^^
    Now please,
    To do not bullshit,
    How block amazon OTA on fire stick tv 5.0.5 with root ?
    can we use Terminal app and send command ?
    pm disable
    pm disable

    Or write in hosts file :

    or another method ?

  21. UnownAtom says:

    I can’t root without ability to swipe the screen with kingroot. anybody willing to share their Mouse Toggle for Fire TV( or Remote Mouse for Fire TV (

  22. pix says:

    After updating my fire stick to 5.0.5 it no longer connects automatically to my wifi after boot.
    Any fix for this?

  23. Rene Rodgers says:

    Update successful on my 1st gen Fire Tv box. Removed Amazon update blocks and software update started immediately. It installed two updates with the 5.0.5. being the last update. I checked the following after the update:

    1. Abd fire connection works. After first it did not recognize the unit until I went into developer’s option and click both abd debugging / unknown apps to on/off and back “on” again. Then it recognize the unit. I tested it and it works.

    2. Checked Kodi and other apps for sound and playback and all is working well. In fact, it seems like videos load faster and volume is stronger.

    3.Fire Start- check fire starter and it works well with no problems. I did notice that on the home screen in apps it now recognizes apps I had on fire start screen. However, it did not recognize Kodi app. I only use fire starter.

    Honestly, I don’t see any need to root at this point. Had I rooted the unit a year old then I would not have been able to receive this update that in my opinion seems to have improved the performance of the unit. Prior to the update it seemed like my unit was sluggish. This new update as breathed new life to this unit. I would not recommend rooting this unit reason being that there might be another update in the near future.

  24. Peleg says:

    I rooted FireTV FireOS 5 (5.0.5) using KingRoot , and I had some issues installing Xposed Installer and Frameworks. Unable to Flash and Recovery load by using TWRP Recovery.

    Any suggestions ?

  25. Douglas Pollock says:

    All my first gen. Fire TV box’s and sticks were updated.

  26. Jan says:

    Is there any posability to install Android tv on the fire TV 1 gen?

  27. Patt says:

    How did you guys who got stuck on Fire TV Stick Logo. Anyone was able to recover?

  28. George says:

    just a quick question, will blocking the 3 sites from any future updates of the FireOS, also block updating the apps themselfs?

  29. jonathan says:

    i rooted my amazon fire tv stick with king root fully working and i havent had any prolems so far and kodi seem to be working better.
    It seem like its not over heating anymore but i have took it out of the case and am just woundering if Xposed will in stall and busybox i want to try but i dont it to end up bricking it.

    so as anyone try and did it work?

  30. Tony says:

    I have pre-rooted Can I install this without brick my device?

  31. BB says:

    Is there any eta for rbox’s prerooted rom?

  32. Ken H. says:

    I rooted my Fire Stick with kingroot 4.1, during the process it came back and said root failed but after a reboot it was good. I was curious if anyone else got anything like titanium backup working?(i got it installed but since its not the donate version i cannot freeze apps) what is a good small root freeze app i can use for system files?

    btw thanks for the info for rooting thank you guys so much

  33. Ken H. says:

    well I downloaded a bunch of root freeze apps im going to test them all..

  34. SrTommy says:

    Hi!! I think a made a big mistake with my Fire TV Stick and I am afraid that I brick it. I have OS 5.0.5 installed and I wanted to root the stick.

    I installed KingRoot but I can’t navigate into the menus because it can’t recognize the control remote commands very well. Because of that I want to switch to SuperSu, but I can’t get rid of KingUser. So I installed SuperSu Me to get rid of that.

    The problem was when I rebooted the stick it hangs in the Fire TV logo for a couple of minutes, then the screen goes dark and anything happen. There is some recovery mode so I can do a factory reset? Thanks a lot!!

    PS: Sorry for my bad english.

  35. Kilumnati says:

    this has also happend to me, used SUPER SUME not it boots with logo then black screen stuck ,does not boot. help firetv1 with 5.0.5 firmware on it.

  36. ronpod says:

    Has anyone experienced on TV1 OS 5.0.5 rooted with KingRoot that Kodi stopped working. It boots and before it goes into the software it crashes and goes back to the previous screen. Any solutions?
    I did try to uninstall and install again but the problem presists

  37. Phil says:

    On my Fire stick 5.05-537175520 kingroot failed and now says root strategy unavailable no strategy now

  38. Matt says:

    Any update on the latest status of the TWRP port and pre-rooted v5.0.5 rom for Fire TV 1st gen? I’ve looked high and low for status updates from rbox but haven’t been able to find anything. Thanks for any updates and appreciate all the help that AFTVnews provides!

  39. Marc says:

    “Wait for rbox to release TWRP and a pre-rooted ROM of 5.0.5”
    This post is not quite new. Any idea when this will happen?

  40. less cranky says:

    Can I use the chainfire SuperSU instead of the questionable Kingo SuperUser?

  41. Anthony says:

    I have a FireTV Gen 1 Box, which I originally rooted with “towelroot v3” when I first bought the box a few years back. I am now running Rbox’s OS. I started seeing “SU Binary need to be updated.” Notification in the Setting… Menu. I tried to upgrade to the newest firmware (bueller- but was unsuccessful. I now realize that I’ve lost root. How do I Fix this?
    P.S. I check that updates are blocked on my AFT, which it is!
    Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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