Fire TV Fire OS 5 Developer Preview software update released with Alexa

A new software update has started arriving on 1st-gen Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks running the Fire OS 5 Developer Preview. This new software update is designated software version 5.0.3 (532008220), and is the first update to the Fire TV developer preview since it first arrived on devices in August. Included with this update are fully functional Alexa capabilities. This is the first look at Alexa running on 1st generation devices. Big thanks to Mariusz for sending in the pictures. He says some features of Alexa, like traffic information, are not accessible yet because they must be configured within the Alexa portal or app, and those have not been updated to work with the Fire TV yet.

fire-tv-update-5.0.3-532008220-1 fire-tv-update-5.0.3-532008220-2 fire-tv-update-5.0.3-532008220-3 fire-tv-update-5.0.3-532008220-4

  1. mini__me says:

    I notice from the images attached you have a red line running down the side of some of the images.

    I have the same line that started appearing recently, generally after resuming from the device sleeping, it corrects itself after roughly 5 minutes of use. Is this a known issue with the FireTV? I thought it was a problem with my TV but from the images above I suspect it may not be the TV at fault.

  2. Mariusz says:

    The red line running down on the side of TV has nothing to do with the Fire TV. It’s an issue with my older TV.

  3. ben says:

    ^^^^ yes to this! Curious if Fire OS 5 allows support for 24p playback (whether on the 1st generation Fire TV or just the second gen one). Amazingly none of the competition (Apple TV, Chromecast, etc) allow movies to be played backed at their native frame rate. First one that does gets my money!

    • Korazan says:

      Did you even know the existence of Nvidia Shield TV ?
      Check it out dude!

      • 24p says:

        Shield has AndroidTV os, which has plenty of constraints and doesn’t have the same openness and flexibility. Also its $100 more expensive (not the same market)

        • Tinwarble says:

          Actually, it is more open and has less constraints. You are aware that you can extremely easily root the Shield ATV, and not only that Nvidia doesn’t discourage rooting nor does it void the warranty.

          You can also install a different launcher on the Shield if you feel that Android TV is to constraining. Although, I don’t how much less constraining you can get than not allowing sideloaded apps to be displayed on the home screen as with the Fire TV.

          As for the extra $100, well….. you are getting 30x the device. Not to mention that about $60 of that cost is in the game controller.

          • Grinder says:

            You also have to buy a remote. One thing in favour of the AFTV is once you tweak the xml, it’s an excellent remote for Kodi. But that only applies if you have firestarter. Otherwise, it’s crap.

          • Tinwarble says:

            No you don’t if you already have a Harmony remote since the Shield has a built in IR receiver.

            Plus, the Gen1 AFTV/Stick remote also works with the Shield. ;)

  4. Mariusz says:

    Is there an easy way to check this? If you send me some instructions I’ll give it a try.

  5. DM21 says:

    How are the apps that are already on (Kodi) after you update? Do you need to reload? Or is it best to reload all your apps?

    • Mariusz says:

      I had to do a factory reset in order to upgrade successfully (upgrade failed a few times and only worked after a reset). That wiped out all of the sideloaded apps.

  6. Larry Lewis says:

    Has nothing else been changed/added/fixed in this updated version?

    Would love to have the choppy audio issue fixed.

    • Jonny says:

      Thank God I’m not the only one.

      Basically after I installed OS 5, I’ve been getting the choppy audio with Netflix (other apps seem unaffected).

  7. Macca says:

    Does anyone know if Amazon have plans to extend Alexa voice service (and the Echo device) outside of the US? I understand it will work as it is with some tinkering but native support outside of the US would be awesome.

  8. DM21 says:

    Is it an optional update, can you delay the install?

  9. Tom says:

    Any news on Llama functionality in this update? Or any way to launch Kodi from the home screen? This is a big deal breaker from me – the wife will definitely not approve having to launch Kodi from the systems menu…..

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