Fire Max 11 flagship Amazon tablet is on sale for $139.99 — New Lowest Price Ever!

Amazon has just put the Fire Max 11 tablet on sale for $139.99, which is 39% off its regular price of $229.99. This is $10 less than its Black Friday and Prime Day price from last year, which makes this the new lowest price that Amazon has ever sold its flagship tablet. If you want to double the storage from 64GB to 128GB and remove lock screen ads, you can pay $20 more and the best version for $159.99. Compared to the Fire HD 10, which was on sale for $74.99 and should return to that price by Prime Day’s official start, the Fire Max 11 has a larger screen, more powerful CPU, 4GB of RAM instead of 3GB, longer battery life, twice the default storage, better cameras, a premium aluminum body, and numerous accessories available.

  1. Craig S. says:

    Elias? Is there any update on what Amazon is gonna do with FireOS Android Tablets when Vega is released? Is Vega gonna be TV and Echo only? Also? Why didn’t Amazon ever create a connector app for Android phones to FireOS Tablets, that would mirror phone notifications, text messages and maybe even phone calls to Fire Tablets? Maybe common sense isn’t so common…but you would think, huh? FireOS Tablets needs an overhaul to fall more inline with Google’s material color and UI…especially the wallpaper screen!

    • Amazon hasn’t said anything about the new Vega OS, so everything is just a rumor right now. I, personally, don’t think Vega OS will ever come to Fire tablets because there are just too many apps that would stop working. I also don’t see Amazon putting in the effort to make Fire tablets work with phones because most people just use them as media consumption devices.

  2. Craig S. says:

    Well? Sideloaded KDE Connect works perfectly for Notification Mirroring between my Pixel 7 and Fire 11 Max, long as both are on same network locally. Also? On FireOS 8 with this last update, which finally added Android 11 swiping gestures? I’m now able to install Web Pages like Web Apps to the Home Screen using the Brave Browser side-loaded, but not Silk. I couldn’t do it before at all from any browser. I think PWA Web Apps are the future and Amazon should focus on them for Fire Tabs. Also? There’s now new unread notification badge counters available on the FireOS Tab Launcher icons. They need to overhaul Silk to support HTML5 push notifications and installation of PWA and shortcuts.

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