Final TWRP custom recovery for Fire TV 1 with looping/blinking fix released


After getting back to work on TWRP custom recovery fixes for the Fire TV 1, it didn’t take long for rbox to figure out the issues causing some first generation Fire TVs to loop/blink when trying to access recovery. A new final version of TWRP custom recovery for the Fire TV 1 has been released, labeled TWRP Image 3.0.0-7. This new version also fixes issues where owners of 720p TVs were seeing duplicate/overlapping menu items. You can download the new TWRP release from the usual XDA thread and use these instructions to install it.

If you’re not having any issues with TWRP on your Fire TV 1, you don’t need to install this new version. When you install the new pre-rooted ROM, which has also just been released, the ROM will automatically update TWRP to this new version. The only people who need to explicitly install this new standalone TWRP version are the ones who could not get into TWRP custom recovery on the Fire TV 1. If you’ve been holding back updating a rooted Fire OS 3 1st-gen Fire TV because of the TWRP issues, now would be a good time to finally update Clockworkmod to TWRP and install a Fire OS 5 pre-rooted ROM.

As always, if you have the means, donate to rbox to thank him for continuing to release updates for the Fire TV1.

  1. jon Ryan says:

    Still can’t get it to work on my box. Made notes on Rbox’s thread. My fire 1 reboots with the new recovery and just hangs, doesn’t load any start menu or anything. Will keep trying!

  2. Bob says:

    I upgraded my boxes to the latest rbox and the 720p issue seems to be solved for Fire TV 1, but not for Fire TV 2…

  3. Phil says:

    I’ve had my AFTV 1’s unplugged for quite some time. They are running a pre rooted rom with Rbox’s boot menu. I’m going to update them because i’m getting tired of my nexus players that are in thrie place, and I was wondering if RBox boot menu was still a requirement

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