Filelinked utility for bulk sideloading on Fire TV and Android TV goes offline — Possibly gone forever

Filelinked, the Android app and service formerly known as DroidAdmin, has gone offline and there are indications that it has been taken down deliberately. Filelinked, which touted itself as “the #1 Bulk Downloader Tool,” is, or possibly was, a popular tool for sideloading apps on Fire TV and Android TV devices. It was primarily used as a means to easily access a large number of apps, most commonly used for pirating movies and TV shows, which were not allowed in the Amazon Appstore or Google Play Store. This strong link to piracy may be the cause for its demise because the app’s website, and the backend service that makes it work, have been taken down earlier today.

Filelinked allowed its users to upload a list of URLs that lead to files. The entire list could then be accessed in the Filelinked app by entering a numeric code associated with the list. Once the list of files was loaded in the app, users could then select any or all files to be downloaded and, in the case of APK files, be installed.

While Filelinked did not host any of the files itself, the app functioned very much like an app store by allowing its users to easily browse through lists of apps they wanted to install. This, combined with the fact that most of the apps listed were related to piracy, is likely why it was banned from both the Amazon Appstore and the Google Play Store three years ago, back when it was still known as DroidAdmin.

At some point today, Filelinked’s website was taken down and began loading a 404 message saying “Sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found.” While you might think the service might just be having server issues, Filelinked’s official Facebook group, which served as its main forum for user support, has also been taken down today. The official YouTube channel for the service is still up, but that channel hasn’t been updated in over 3 years and still uses the old DroidAdmin name.

Since Filelinked’s website, Facebook support group, and backend service have gone down simultaneously, it seems unlikely that the service is simply having technical issues. There doesn’t seem to be any other information right now, so your guess is as good as mine if the service was forced offline or voluntarily removed. While the Filelinked app itself can still be installed and launched, it is useless without the backend service that converts numeric codes to lists of files.

While this is purely speculation, it seems likely that Filelinked was taken down by the same entities that take down BitTorrent websites. While neither Filelinked nor BitTorrent websites host any illegal or copyrighted material themselves, they both do host lists that help people get to those things. For that reason alone, it’s reasonable to think that the same entities that take down BitTorrent websites may target Filelinked and take it down for similar reasons.

  1. Roger Morton says:

    I hate losing this tool

  2. Rich says:

    This is bull . The entertainment industry makes enough money as it is. If they would lower the prices maybe they wouldn’t force people to piracy.

  3. joel says:

    damn this sucks. I had to wipe my Android phone the other day and I wasn’t rushing to load all my favorite apps back on. anybody know of any decent alternatives need to get Nova and BTV

  4. Vanessa says:

    Help us troypoint

  5. Sinkler Roberson says:

    Well that’s the way things go every time we get something good they find a way to destroy it this is why the world is in the turmoil that it’s in today because people won’t let people or leave people alone or are trying to do the right thing file link did not hurt anybody it was just something for them to complain about and now they think they’re gonna make money other places but as the good book says When one door closes 1 opens up and I strongly believe that the Chinese has an answer to all of our prayers when it comes to the Android world of piracy, All cable networks are a complete ripoff they don’t show anything

  6. Charles Worthy says:

    Great, now what do we do,well we search for another outlet to enjoy.

  7. scott mcvey says:

    Back to downloader !!

  8. Jason Finn says:

    Here is the real BS of it. Many of us didn’t use it to “pirate”. These companies want to double dip left and right. Example is CBS and CBS all access. We already pay you through our cable bill, CBS. Dividing your content between your cable network and your all to double dip is BS. To make matters worse, now you and the streaming devices are all fighting and I can get this app on this one and not that one. So I’m suppose to buy your product twice (through cable and then the damn app) and then have to buy multiple device? Get out of here, you dirt bags. You are the real theives.

    • Harold says:

      I agree with you many of the companies they don’t want to take away their assets away. It is a shame they do that through the cable industry and internet companies Those companies sucks

    • John says:

      Now you’ve got it!

  9. D3vicx says:

    FileLinked never hosted anything so the app itself should be safe from Copyright laws. FileLinked and Kodi are pretty much the same and yet Kodi is still up. These are apps that specialize in Open Source and all devices have Open Source Capability.

    • Rodney Mendoza says:

      Closing file linked doesn’t hurt. Way too many ways to download unknown apps. Just do your research.

      • Russelljr says:

        That is true but people are lazy and want evey thing to be easy or layed out in front of them hell just because it is free don’t mean you don’t got to do some work but in my opinion most people only know about filing or anything like that because one of their friends told them and gave them a code they never did the research and found out how to do any of it and now filelinked is down they are lost because if they’d have been constantly doing the research and understanding they didn’t know there was a lot better ways and easier ways than filinked but I feel that they do come out with something else like firelinks the people that do the research shouldn’t give it to their friends let them do the research and not let everybody find out about it so it don’t get shut down

    • Pawdog says:

      No Kodi and FileLinked are not even close. Kodi doesn’t host anything. You have to actively add sources to Kodi same as you would on a web browser. Plus Kodi is a regular media player and can be used for that and nothing else if you want.

  10. Lou says:

    That’s okay someone will come up with another one they can’t keep stopping everyone they got rid of mobdro but there are a lot of other applications out there more every day

  11. XDA-CoderDB says:

    Filelinked functioned nothing like an app store. In order to access content — files never hosted by Filelinked itself — a user needed to submit a unique eight-digit access code. Otherwise, without access codes, and because no content is hosted, Filelinked was unusable. This is a night-and-day difference in contrast to a standard Android app store.

  12. Russelljr says:

    Just open your eyes there are a ton of other apps as well as other was to get the same content that was on filelinked and it is all free any one that is a true cord cutter would know this I have not used filelinked in over 6 months a am all ways up dating to new apps but I really believe url’s are the new and best way to go !!! On Android & fire and the url’s don’t really need any internal storage so that don’t slow down what evey Android type system you’re using

  13. mike says:

    Whack a mole

  14. Harold says:

    I agree with you many of the companies they don’t want to take away their assets away. It is a shame they do that through the cable industry and internet companies Those companies sucks

  15. Bill says:

    I love all of those comments which proclaim that “we” are all “just lazy” because we don’t take the time to find all the “tons” of alternatives that are so plentiful if we did some “research”. And yet, note that not one of them provide any clue or link to any of their imaginary alternative sources. The fact is, they don’t list these alternative sites because there are none. But they derive some perverted pleasure or sense or superiority in trying to make the vast majority of us are just too lazy to find what they through their superior web searching powers can summon at any time. If you know of these tons of alternatives tell us. That’s what forums are for, where people with similar interests can find others like them who may have answers to community questions. Forums should not be a place for socially maladjusted individuals to spread false rhetoric just to make them feel superior. So prove me wrong, provide one of your tons of alternate sources (not ADKTime or Downloader which are both not only very limited, but if you do your research you would have noticed that the majority of the APKTime links no longer work either). Otherwise we can do without your worthless comments.

    • Scott says:

      I totally agree with Bill. Where’s the proof of these alternatives. Techdoctor did a tutorial that could be used but Filelinked was an excellent staple that most folks used. I hope that is comes back in a useable form.

  16. Larry D. Holmes says:

    Filelink is no longer working

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