FCC filing indicates Walmart will release a streaming stick using its house brand Onn

A new FCC filing has appeared, first spotted by @AndroidTV_Rumor on Twitter, for a new streaming stick using Walmart’s Onn house brand. Walmart sells Android powered tablets and Roku powered TVs/soundbars under the Onn brand, but this appears to be their first stand-alone streaming device. The Onn streaming stick looks to be a 1080p device that will run Android 10.

It looks like Walmart will be calling the device the “Onn 2K Streaming Stick.” The device seems to be powered by the Amlogic S805Y CPU that capps out at 1080p playback and is the same SoC powering the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, which has received less than favorable reviews. Assuming it’s clocked at a similar 1.2 GHz as the Mi TV Stick, you can probably expect raw benchmark performance scores to be right around the Fire TV Stick Lite but below the 2020 Chromecast with Google TV. Speaking of Google TV, while Walmart’s device does seem to run Android 10, it’s unknown if it will run the generic version of Android TV or the new Google TV variant that is on the Chromecast.

The remote included with the Onn Streaming Stick is Google’s reference design remote. Similar to how all Fire TV Edition televisions and soundbars use the same remote, regardless of manufacturer, this reference remote from Google will be used by many Android TV devices and has already been released alongside other streaming devices. The Onn version of the remote includes YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max app buttons.

Assuming Walmart doesn’t mess up the device’s software too much, I expect that this Onn Streaming Stick should be a sufficient streaming media player for basic 1080p streaming needs. The biggest question is how much will it cost? Considering both Roku and Amazon have devices that start at $29.99, I expect the Onn Streaming Stick to be at that price point.

UPDATE: Rik in the comments points out that the remote looks like it can control TV power and volume. With that realization, I now don’t think this will be sold for $29.99. Since the least expensive device from both Amazon and Roku that comes with a remote that can control a TV is around $39.99, it’s probably more likely for this to be priced closer to $40 than $30.

  1. Adam says:

    The name (should it stick) with “2k” is my favorite part of this story.

    • TechyChris says:

      Just noticed we are looking at two different versions of the same remote here, the dedicated launch buttons and the navigation button color.

      • The lower remote is the reference remote before a manufacturer has customized it with their logo and choice of app buttons. I’m pretty sure the navigation button color of the reference remote and the one in the FCC filing are the same and it’s just the camera settings that are making the FCC remote seem darker.

  2. RedPenguin says:

    Does anyone know if this may be a good device to get just for the OS?

    I ask because I really enjoy the Fire TV line but Amazon seems to really be stuck in the past using Lollipop, Oreo, and Pie.

    It seems like it’s normally never an issue, but it’s nice to have a newer OS in case Apps start telling you that you are too old now.

    So often mainly with Apple Devices, I see devices with life left in them but nothing will run now because the OS is too old. Just seems like a total waste.

    • mrvco says:

      AOSP version is more or less irrelevant wrt Fire TV devices. With regards to Google Android, if you’re concerned about staying up-to-date with the latest / greatest OS release, then the ‘Chromecast with Google TV’ or an Nvidia Shield is going to be your best bet. Who knows how frequently Walmart is going to release OS updates for this device.

  3. TechyChris says:

    That’s a hard PASS…plus the OCD in me can’t stand it when Tech companies sell electronics that are not uniform colors(mismatched remote and streaming stick)

  4. Y2Bogus says:

    No dedicated vudu button. Man that divorce must have been bitter

  5. Rik Emmett says:

    Looks like the remote would also control a TV and might give it an edge over the Fire TV Stick Lite. Maybe someone with an old TV that isn’t a smart Tv would buy it especially if their original remote stopped working.

    The stigma of owning the walmart brand might be a turnoff for some hipsters. If it can be debloated and or rooted, it might generate sales that don’t generate subscription revenue.

    • Good point about the TV controls on the remote. I just added an update to the article but I now can’t see this being priced like the Fire TV Stick Lite. I expect it to be closer in price to the Fire TV Stick 3.

    • darkheartdawning says:

      The features and price point confuse me. Not sure I understand how this could be better than the 4k firestick or Tivo stick. Unless price is more like $15.

      • Rik Emmett says:

        Right, this device doesn’t stream in 4K. It was compared to the new Fire TV 3rd gen sticks that were released last year, which also don’t stream in 4K.

  6. Adam says:

    I guess these will sell ok just because they’re in Walmart and there are so many people new to cord cutting who don’t know what they’re doing so they’ll buy whatever Walmart sells?

    Otherwise, I can’t imagine paying a comparable price for this instead of just getting a Fire Stick or Roku.

  7. Keith says:

    It’s somewhat interesting but we don’t really need a new streaming stick,I don’t think. This one will probably be cheaper and also hide the fact that it won’t stream Amazon prime. People will rightfully be pissed. I’m all for the competition but doubt this will be around very long.

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